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Spring is unexpectedly expensive. Aaron needed new clothes for outside (so rain coat and pants, boots and gloves as well as some new regular outside wear) and I try to invest in proper boots and gloves and so on to be outside in the snow with him and I’m just. Scared of looking at my bank account now…


well :pensive: looks like Aaron is gonna have to start conning people for money


He does.

It’s me. He’s conning me for money.


People who aren’t you


but how will he con them?


also this is very much what Damien and Lucius’ child would look like



Aaron has the conman trait inherently because Scorpio.


Is this supposed to discourage the Damien/Lucius ship???


I don’t doubt he could do it, I just wonder how he’d do it.

Well… it certainly doesn’t…
I could still use it actually, for the third Hargreaves “twin”(triplet). If Noah can take after his grandma why couldn’t the third take after their grandpa?


He’d stand in a corner and people would shower him with money and gifts.

This one would naturally take their rightful place as the hottest.


That’s not conning, that’s existing!

So hot they’re not allowed in most alternate timelines :’)
or maybe they were three all along but Lucius saw their threatening potential and killed them on the spot


But it wouldn’t work for non-Scorpios!

I hate that theory Lucius isn’t allowed to do that!


So scorpios’ existence alone is a con :thinking:

I hate it too. Rest assured he wouldn’t. Though I can’t promise he wouldn’t be tempted to when they grow older and surpass his hotness, since his looks are his pride and he’s kinda bonded to the devil of pride so…


Now you understand.

but his own child???


Explains Lucius’ amazing luck in fooling everyone with his disguise. Doesn’t explain his poor lying skills tho.

I guess he could argue (with himself) that his children should be his pride as well so it’ll be like “look, I made this” and therefore he wouldn’t want them gone. Instead he’s overprotective af.
At the top of my head though I imagine the universe the twins meet their third in is one where Lucius didn’t survive their emergence and they were raised by Damien or Ethan or someone. Or maybe Eliza…


He didn’t have proper guidance.

Having a hot child is a great victory plenty of children are ugly.
Damien’s parenting skills are already not the best.
I know Ethan gets a daughter but right now I trust Eliza the most for some reason. She’s just so sweet.


He should learn.

Thinking about it Ethan’s not the best choice given Luna’s blood condition, so living with a bunch of vampires might not be a good idea for her. Werewolves are out too. Eliza would give them the most “normal” upbringing, aside from her hanging out with Catherine so there’ll be some weird, not that they could avoid weird anyway. Damien… Is not the best, but they’d be the safest with him, at least Luna.


I understand
My bad


My defining bonding moments when it comes to people seem to be related to either Pokémon or Digimon.

Not saying it’s bad it just. Says a lot about me…



How would I describe the “ground” in sceneries like these?