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Holy sh*t! the pics are really cool! :smile:


“Pillar-like ground, in different levels/height”? :thinking:


Personally I wouldn’t use a single word. It presents a good opportunity to describe with some action & verbs, e.g.

“The ground in this part of the cave was intermittent and jagged, steep cliffs dropping off here and there, unsteady platforms dotting the way to the exit. One wrong move and they were sure they’d fall forever. But it was beautiful, in a way, how the uneven bridges and paths of stone rose up far above the chasm, daring them to cross, to leap, to fall.”

Or something, I dunno.

(Also hi guys, I’m Maddie and I’m new here, hope I’m not intruding :slight_smile: )


Well I welcome you to hel–i mean Wattpad (it’s a joke I use on everyone that are new to Wattpad lol.) lol it’s cool the name’s Michael, wanna be friends?


Haha sure. Technically I’m not new to Wattpad, but I haven’t really been on here since high school and that was before the major renovations to the forum (not sure that I like them all that much, but hey, maybe they’ll grow on me).


same since 2011-12 but I deleted my original account (arrggg!) but the new one was 2014.


So, I had completely forgotten how fun it is to write snarky kids. Someone should’ve told me it was fun so I could’ve done this sooner!


i don’t have anything to say, i just want to drop a cooment,


why do I start developing things to be more thorough only to create my own plot holes and get stuck




But I don’t like it D: or, I like developing things but I don’t like getting stuck and having to work around it. (And the editing… The editing.)


Join me in the screech of the people dying from editing. Because that screech is coming from me.

But seriously, would it help to talk it out?


It’s just kinda spoiler-y… Not sure all of this will ever become super clear in the books though, it’s mostly for me so I know how things work and can write accordingly. But… Some spoilers.


Ugh spoilers

This is the issues with us reading each other’s books :joy:


they’re not that big spoilers but it’s also just… a lot to explain x3 and I don’t know where I’d begin and how much is necessary to mention


I’ve started listening to t.A.T.u’s music again. They’ve given me some great prompts to the Japanese lesbian couple I’m writing about in one of my books. :slight_smile:


Dammit. Sorry I can’t be of better help but emotional support and virtual cookies I can give! :cookie:

@chloboshoka Hah, t.A.T.u! I used to be obsessed when they were big :smile:


Has anyone played Corpse Party? Seiko is by far one of my favourite characters. I’m just sad the love between her and Naomi never got a chance to blossom. <3


I’m gonna spitball with Elias who’s as spoiled as can be, and if I still have nothing I might spill the spoilers here anyway :’)


Haven’t played it ^^’