LGBT+ Writer's Group!


Yaaass. I hope he can help! :muscle:


I haven’t gotten much done lately. flops into thread I think I sorta began forming an idea for the new structure of one of my ORG chapters but then I had to babysit and I forgot like 90% of it. On the bright side, my niece thinks I’m the coolest


Your niece owes you a chapter structure then.


nothing so far :’)


She’s 3 I’m not sure I trust her


Have some faith in the younger generation


I try to but she threw my phone in the closet yesterday and I had to fight her to get it back.


Hey again!


That’s a good sign.






She can already fight an adult. She’s a promising child. I’m sure a chapter structure will be a breeze.


All she did was flail around and hit almost hit her head on things!


you said you fought, so I’m counting it!


I still don’t think that qualifies her to outline the framework for a complex chapter!


fine, she’ll just owe you one and you can demand it when she’s older


won’t I lose my cool uncle privileges?


not if you’re a cool uncle


I am the coolest


then it shouldn’t be a problem