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I’m only cool until I start asking for favors


you should be able to remain cool after just one favor!


I don’t know how much children can take these days


If you’re still a cool uncle when she’s older she’ll probably be happy if you ask for her help!


I hope to keep my cool rep then. It’s all I have


I’m sure you will.

Any luck on remembering the chapter structure for now?

I’ve tried editing some stuff I realized didn’t make sense throughout the books but it’s pretty yikes. I just kinda squeeze it into context so readers won’t be confused but really the rewrites are becoming more and more necessary… Also I created a plot hole earlier…
Not to mention still being stuck on the chapter. I’ve become more curious about the third Hargreaves kid and it bothers me because they likely won’t ever be in the story so why are they craving so much attention?


Hey um when this thread closes (No clue when.) Could you tag me in that new thread?




I’m remembering nothing other than I wanted Argus and Damaris to have another fight.

It’s hard not to worry about rewrites when you keep feeling the need for one. If it bothers you so much maybe you can take the first step/get the planning for it started so it stops weighing on your mind so much and you can continue working on your current stuff.
And that’s just what extremely minor characters do.


Oh no. About what?

The first book will need so much though. New chapters added (and I still need to figure those out), the problematic Lucius and Anthony situation (which I actually added a note about in the beginning and I might’ve shot myself in the foot? but I want readers to know I’m aware of it and will fix it), and also just… The writing’s awful. Had it only been the last one I would’ve gotten to it immediately but there’s so much. I need everything else off my mind while I do. If not after I’ve finished the first DaN book then at least at a point where DaN could go on an official hiatus. Like after an arc is finished.

I just want to know more about them, and their quirks. But while doing that I started developing the other two’s quirks and that’s where the plot hole was created.


I’m at the part where Argus intervenes and basically takes Leo into his custody and Damaris is mad at that. I want to draw on an earlier argument they already had to expand on this conflict (it was related to Enyo and how people perceive Argus as a person. Damaris basically told him he wasn’t liked) but then I’m not sure where I was going after that.

Maybe you can use this to encourage yourself to at least get through this arc? If you really want to put DaN on hold to work on rewrites getting to a point where you can and promising yourself you’ll give into this temptation might spur you into doing it. At least, that’s how I trick myself.

What’s the plot hole?


Hi everyone!


Were you planning on changing the plot there? I don’t think it’d be strange to add another fight to the already existing plot at least. Or is it to emphasize how their relationship is going?

Maybe… But I’m not really excited to start on the rewrite, I just feel it’s needed.

Now that I say it it’s not a plot hole but it’s… A thing I’ve written about several times that might not work, so I need to figure out how it works, or change a bunch.




What’s up?


just did some minor edits. you?


Same been doing edits and writing stories


Nice :+1:


So I mailed my -now even more shitty- union about my unemployment insurance being way too low and how I should get like, three times the amount I do monthly, if not more

Them: [gives a completely random and irrelevant reason for not giving me my money]

Me, sitting with the document containing their requirements for the full insurance (instead of a basic insurance) on another tab and reading from it while replying: So what you brought up has nothing to do with any of the requirements, and here I’ll list several reasons and proof I’ve reached all requirements in both areas I need to in order to get the full insurance.




It’s been five days since they replied, after having replied to me twice in one day.


I disappeared.

They already sorta fight in that chapter it just cuts short after the reveal of Mel being Dunham’s daughter but I want to cut that part out completely. So I guess the expansion of the argument would focus more on their relationship and how this blends with Argus’ current feelings about what’s happening with his dad and Enyo.

Rewrites aren’t very exciting but if it’s taking up that much mind space I’d still indulge it.

Ah, I can understand that I’ve had similar dilemmas pop up here and there.