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I mean, wow that’s shitty is there no one else you can contact about this? At least on the issue of them straight up dodging you?


Aw but would it be as much of a fight then or would it be a fight turning to sympathy on Damaris’ side? At least I feel like she cares enough about Argus to understand his frustration with all that going on.

We’ll see after I’ve finished this arc. If nothing else maybe I can go through the trilogy and do some emergency fixes on the writing only.

In short I used to consider Luna’s blood to only affect things if it’s spilled unintentionally but now it’s pretty much as soon as it’s out of her body (either just the contact with air or the scent), but then she’d mess stuff up as soon as she has her period and it’d affect a whole lot story-wise if she’s grown up with that.


I hope so. I hate calling people though but with Elias being so involved with union work I’m hoping he can step in and yell at them.


So last time they fought was when Argus was drunk in her room and she takes him to Alda (the first time they meet Leo). The scene included a fight where he said she looked like a horse and she went on a rant about how unlikable of a person he is. This one would be a kinda a continuation, as Argus has just used her name to get what he wants and he’ll justify it by saying since he’s already so horrible she should expect him to act this way. But the whole point is of course Argus is taking out his grief over his father dying and uncertainty about his relationship with Enyo out on her.

That might tide you over.

Hm. I mean maybe there’s a loophole? I’ve def seen period blood referred to as sorta “other” in books when it comes to things involving blood or like called dead blood and thus not having the same reaction as other blood so maybe the supernaturals just don’t care as much for it.

I too hate calling people. I hope Elias yells at them.


Does she understand that?

Also feels like a waste if I’m gonna rewrite it anyway but… Something must be done.

I just don’t know why it would be different, and I like to have somewhat “valid” reasons (at least consistent rules) for these things, even if they’re supernatural.

So do I. I’m so tired of them and I want money.


She doesn’t really have to.

I mean I’ve made fixes pre-rewrite and while I haven’t kept all of them having them did make the actual rewrite a bit easier on me. I was at least on a better path.

I guess I usually see people call it “dead” blood rather than the live blood still in their veins maybe because the body is shedding/getting rid of it it wouldn’t be of the same quality as that good good vein blood.

Very reasonable.



Good point. It’d be at least a little satisfying to get rid of some stuff.

Well, that might be fair. Maybe it needs to be blood directly from her veins. But then I’d have to edit it as well because supernatural still react to her period blood. It’s just that it’d be troublesome if she started corrupting holy objects whenever she bled because then she’d destroy her bracelets every month


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Is there any kind of birth control (supernatural enchantment or otherwise) you could put her on so she doesn’t menstruate unless she forgets to renew the enchantment or anything? Seems like something I’d seek out if my periods caused bad shit to go down.

(Sorry I’m not super familiar with your story, just trying to brainstorm ideas)


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Let’s be honest, I think most women would love that option regardless of if they’re period caused supernatural mayhem.


Yeah trust me I’m already trying to arrange it irl haha. It is possible apparently with hormonal IUDs.


Yeah, I mean you can skip them but you do have to have one every once in a while or else you’ll spot all over the place :frowning:


Yeah… maybe I should just get my uterus removed tbh


Honestly, the useless thing


Birth control isn’t really a thing yet for them but I did consider her not having periods at all because she’s not actually human despite looking like it and so it wouldn’t be too surprising if she couldn’t reproduce like humans. Then again her brother has kids and he’s the same as her so it’d likely have to be a personal issue instead :confused:

Would still have to edit stuff though :sweat_smile:


I just want them to yell at each other some more. Every time they do it develops their relationship and gives plot insight.

Yeah and it’ll make you feel better about what you have up until you have the time to really dive into changes.

I mean yeah that would be kind of a pain but I guess the excuse is also because of time period her periods are probably more irregular than a modern one based on diet and other factors so maybe she doesn’t bleed as much in general?


How does Damaris reply to his behavior?

Yesterday I changed the stuff with Lord Carner (the soul selling guy Lucius offs in the first book) because initially he’d sold his soul to Wrinkleface as well but Wrinkly is just the devil of pride and Carner’s thing was envy so I had to tweak it. But then there’s still a “then why would Wrinkleface even care about this guy?” question unanswered, because it’s not it’s area of soul collecting. I guess it could reason that it’s fun as heck to steal souls from envy because it gets so mad and jelly.

like I wrote in an earlier post there’s also the option of her not having periods at all (so like, not a functioning uterus perhaps) but since Noah’s able to have kids it’s probably more of a personal thing than a demon thing. I’m still not sure (and I’ll have to edit away the period issues she’s been having).
Or, it could be that the scent of her blood is what corrupts minds (and supernaturals having a heightened sense of smell react accordingly, and werewolves especifically go feral much like during full moon) but holy objects can’t actually react to scent so the blood needs to be out in the air for something to happen. That’d make it difficult as soon as she removes her clothes during period times though I suppose.
Then there’s the alternative that the blood needs to directly come in physical contact with the holy objects for them to be destroyed, but it’d limit her power greatly and wouldn’t be as cool… :roll_eyes:


She flips around. Sometimes she’s understanding because Damaris is mature and has a sisterly love for him but there are times, like this one, where he insults or infuriates her and she lashes out.

I think that’s a relatively small enough part where you don’t need an in depth explanation for why it happens.

Do Noah’s kids have to be biologically his? That would clear up both of their reproduction issues