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Poor both of them…

But I want to know D’:

Well they’re… Supposed to be. The first two are also accidental so they likely won’t exist (or they’d have to come into the story later) if I’d change things like that because he’s at a point where he doesn’t really want kids. None of them would be affected by the demon stuff either then.


They are destined to spend their lives fighting.


So I guess we’re back to focusing on her period blood then


I’m good how’s everyone here?


Like Kaiba and Yugi.

I might fool everyone else pretending to know everything about my world, but I can’t fool myself.

Maybe… Poor Luna :’) but I mean… The vein blood thing sounds pretty reasonable, and if I separate it into scent for corrupting minds so all blood counts there, while blood from the veins is the only thing that affects the air around her (with the reasoning “dead” blood, or blood that’s soaked/dried into other materials like fabric, doesn’t count as air contact).


No. We will not compare ORG to yugioh characters again.

You can figure it out! One day…

I mean it makes sense to me


Then don’t make them so comparable!

It shouldn’t be too hard, even if I don’t have a perfect reason. Wrinkleface works in mysterious ways :woman_shrugging:

I made a thing mostly for me so I have consistent rules while writing, but it’d be good if it sounds good to someone else as well:

Luna – Corrupter

Untethered form/original purpose: Corrupts minds and holy objects close to her. Thoughts and values initially meant for good turn to the opposite.

Human form: Exorcized and is consequently a human with a demon core. Her demonic abilities are stored in her blood. Her blood has the same –albeit weaker- abilities as her untethered form. The scent of her blood corrupts minds while fresh blood from her veins coming in contact with the air around her corrupts holy objects.

Pros: Can’t die or suffer from blood loss as her blood constantly regenerates at a quick speed.

Cons: Supernatural beings are extra sensitive to the scent of her blood and will lose their ability to think rationally, instinctively wishing to kill her (her being the source of their corruption). As a consequence she can’t roam freely outside, especially during nights (or when the full moon is out).


This is all on you!

Humans don’t need to understand Wrinkleface’s reasons.

I think that makes sense


I didn’t write your characters!

That’ll be my answer if anyone ever asks. “I’m a human, and you expect me to know what Wrinkleface is thinking?”

… Now I’ve started developing Luca’s (the third one) quirks as well… It’s a big mess already.


Omg, what the actual hell is going on in this thread??? I came here to meet other LGBTQ+ writers, and instead I see stuff about period blood, stripping characters, and “hot” children?

…am I in the wrong thread? Lol.


I have got to stop disappearing for this long.

You didn’t. But you’re the yugioh nerd. Also, fight scene has been put on pause because for the first time in like 2 months I’m inspired to write an OEA chapter? I finished catching up to it using the text to speech program and while I found a lot of other first draft things I don’t like I decided to just go with it. Nothing my rewrites won’t get eventually.

We would be fools to think we can understand the mind of devils.

That’s just unfair. Lucius. Luna. Luca and Noah? What did Noah do to deserve being so outcasted in his own family?


Well, the period blood was relevant in a discussion of someone’s character whose blood makes supernatural creatures want to kill her and so discussing what happens when that time of month comes around is important unless she spends those days in hiding and the plot goes on pause every time she menstruates. The stripping also about a character who gets drunk, is an adult, and strips, and alright hot children might be the hardest one to excuse but the character would be a child of her character, and we were def talking about when they’d be an adult.


I think that last explanation was pretty good :ok_hand:


I imagine 99.9% of what we talk about seem weird to outsiders. I will be the thread’s PR.


I tried and failed explaining it because like… I was just lurking and I didn’t know how to explain shit :joy:


I think the first two are easily explainable we were talking about characters (albeit the first one more plot relevant than wanting Frey to strip) and the last one just sounds bad out of context but I could also call Leonides Frederick’s hot child and no one would know he’s 38.


And it’d also be a lie. We all know Argus is Frederick’s hot child.


Excuse you, they’re all Frederick’s hot children.


I don’t think Orland is hot.


That’s just unfair.


We all know it’s true though.