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It’s not they share equal hotness.


Now see, that’s just unfair to Argus.


Argus is attractive and good at making himself alluring but not necessarily hotter than the others.


Imma side with Leo here, and he says that’s not true. Argus is way hotter.


We are all joking if we truly think Leo is not attracted to the others.


He might be - but let’s be honest. Who really compares to Argus?


The only truth here is Leo is attracted to bratty attitudes and that’s why the others don’t appeal to him (as much)


I knew Leo was into that


Argus: is attractive
Leo: …
Argus: is an annoying asshole
Leo: Oh…oh no.


Leo: :slight_smile:
Argus: is annoying
Leo: :smirk: hey there :smirk:


Oohh that’s great you’re feeling a bit more motivated. Has it been two months already?

The only accurate way to write Wrinkleface is to roll a hundred sided die for every action.

I dunno, his hair is also the wrong color. He’s just not Lu material.


Leo got exactly what he asked for so really, everything is his fault.


He does have a self-sabotaging streak. At least Argus isn’t that bad.


It at least feels like it’s been two months…I’m too afraid to check my planner and confirm my failures.

I will be disappointed if that’s not what you’ve been doing.

Justice for Noah.


Same. I just uploaded the last chapter without looking at the date of the previous one. It would hurt too much.

I’m pained to say it’s only been a twenty sided die so far.

I want to say he’ll get it but I’m not sure.


he’s not but he’s certainly the most annoying.


We won’t think of the past.

: (. I am very sad about this.

What did Noah do to deserve this?


It’s hard not to, but on a bright side one of my fave readers caught up almost immediately when I updated.

I’m trying to improve. This is what the rewrites are for.

Well, isn’t he the evil twin/triplet?


Ah that’s good! I’m not sure where some of my old readers are but I know a new one is getting dangerously close to the “end” and even tho I am writing who knows when I’ll update.

The people want the dice.

He still doesn’t deserve such mistreatment.


How close to the end are you?

They always do. On a related note Aaron said dice today (but in Swedish). A lot of words are popping up recently.

Maybe it’s the opposite.

Eliza: You should name them.

Lucius: Ok… Well I like Noah, so this one can be called Noah.

Eliza: And the others?

Lucius: … Uh… Lu… Luna?

Eliza: And… The third?

Lucius: Lu–

Eliza: You’re just thinking about yourself constantly aren’t you?