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No where near but just they’re getting to the end of my uploaded chapters.

Dice. The most important word for a youth to learn. Actually, what is it in swedish?

Lucius needs to be banned from naming children.


Ah… I thought at least some were caught up. Your readers need to step up their game!

Tärning. It’s just been a recurring word with parents who play tabletop rpgs. And he likes rolling them. New for today is also his sheep plushie “Baa Baa” has been renamed “Baa Baa-Wool”… But in Swedish.

Noah: Father, this is my daughter—

Lucius: Lucille.

Noah: No—

Lucius: Lucinda.

Noah: stop


I miss them but I have also failed them unless they want to read the new ORG chapters

Well, I learned one (1) thing today.

Does Lucius spend his days coming up with “Lu” names just in case?


make them

But will you remember it?

In case he’ll need more disguises.


I’ve tried

Most likely not. Foreign languages and I do not mix well otherwise I’d be way smarter.



offer a price

It’s not the most impressive word, and I don’t know how people feel seeing the åäö letters.

Can’t have enough disguises!


I’ve already sold my soul to begin the rewrite

I just know I can’t type them. I’ve looked how but my memory suck so anytime I use such a letter or any letter with some sort of accent mark in my writing it’s just that I have a list of words saved and I copy and paste, which is also why so few of my “fantasy” words have them because I’m lazy.

He’ll be so old tho


No! June what did you do?

That’s a valid reason.

He’ll just disguise himself as someone his own age. You’re never too old to fool everyone!


what I needed to

Everything I do is about convenience.

People will question when Lucius and Lucia die at the same time, won’t they


have my books taught you nothing

we’d need sliiightly bigger keyboards to fit letters from all languages on them…

Maybe, but at that point it’s not Lucius’ problem anymore.


all the cool kids were doing it

Think of how much better my world building would be tho.

…good point.


is Lucius a cool kid

Unless it’d get too cluttered.

: ) it’ll be Noah’s problem


not important

I can deal with clutter. My room is the messiest of messes.

…what did Noah do to deserve this?


answer the question

Don’t do to your writing what you did to your room.

Exist, I guess…


It’s not important

It’s far too late for that.

Noah needs a new family. The Harvers will adopt him.


if Lucius is not a cool kid then the cool kids aren’t selling souls

Oh no

He’s not exactly Harver material, and what would Leonides say?


He’s not the only one selling his soul around these parts

Everything I write has always been a mess. Nothing has changed.

I guess Cidro wasn’t Harver material either It’s fine. Argus is already the butt of all their jokes maybe Noah can slide under the radar.


what is going on over there

At least you’re consistent!

I was just thinking maybe Noah and Cidro would’ve been pals
All their jokes would be about how nice he is and maybe that his skin burns too easily. He’s not a joke target… Oh wait except for the stuff he sees I guess, but then again it’s doubtful he’d see a lot of that in Escan.



That’s the only good thing I can say about me!

well not everyone who likes Cidro winds up dead The skin thing isn’t new to them. They already make fun of every Oskyan/fair-skinned foreigner who comes to court for that reason and Argus gets the “he doesn’t tan” thing thrown his way already so I guess it would be nothing anyone else doesn’t already get. So, he’d be rather alright in Escan if he can take a few tan related jokes


and no one invited me

What about your prettiness?

Luna should’ve given Noah thick skin when it comes to appearances so it’s fine. I think he’d like Escan. Partly because he’ll be free from his literal nightmare existence and also Escan should be brighter than SV so his paralyzing fear of the dark wouldn’t make him suffer as much.