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Welcome to the fifty fourth thread! Feel free to share your ideas, get writing advice of all kinds, goof around and be friends! Don’t be shy, jump into the fray and introduce yourself!

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I didn’t even notice it was getting closed there.

I realized it just now and rushed xD

Hahahahah, comforting to know I’m not the only one caught completely off guard! I thought I had accidentally closed it or something :joy:

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Another thread. And surprisingly we’re not starting this one with talk of characters stripping.

We can soon turn it into that if you want? Quinn strips and it’s glorious.

Now what will newcomers think of us!

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That we’re a good and fun crowd who likes stripping characters?

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I’d almost forgotten. I need to draw Frey stripping.


Tell us more about this Quinn stripping.

how could you forget something so important???

He’s been busy with TB and maybe moving and stuff.



How about this?

“You like my thighs?” I asked and pulled my shirt out of my trousers. Islo’s eyes widened as I started unbuttoning my shirt. “How about my chest?”

He swallowed hard. “Y-yeah, that’s… It’s nice.”

I slid my shirt off my shoulders and it dumped down on the floor. “How about my arms?” I slowly lifted my hand and slid my fingers over my shoulder and down my bicep.

“Yeah,” he said and cleared his throat, shifting a bit in his seat.

I smiled halfly and went for my belt, unbuckling it. “It was my thighs you mentioned right?”

He exhaled loudly and nodded slowly.

I pulled my belt out of the belt-hoops and dropped it on the floor too. Islo’s eyes became hooded and he was looking down at my legs now. I undid my trousers as slowly as I could. I was only standing in my undergarments then, feeling chills make the small hairs on my body rise


But I drew him so recently

But literally everyone wants a drawing of him stripping though.

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What would Frey say if he heard this?

I mean, he wouldn’t be surprised, but would he want to strip for everyone?

I’m disappointed in him

I would say yes.

Amazing, wonderful, awe-inspiring, perfection

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