LGBTQ Kpop stans welcome



hola how are you


I’m alright, what about you?


im good. supposed to be writing but guess who has ZERO inspiration for ANYTHING


that makes the two of us…


what kind of books r u writing? im always starting fanfics but as soon as i write a few chapters i wanna do a different ship or plot but i dont wanna rewrite so i have soooo much unpublished garbage


Yes I have,I forgot to add EXO and Winner to the list!


oh also i know its a little bit old buT did you see the mv for killing me its SO GOOD


I saw most of it!


When I wrote, I worked on an original fiction.


oh nice! i can never come up with enough ideas to create a believable character to write about


omg a mood


oml hi guys im a little late but i write too uwu i have a jackbum story on my pf

and @cookedcream i totally relate when u say you wanna do a different ship or plot after a few chapters.
for me, i just add in everything and like any possible ship :joy:
as for the plot…
i try to add it in, if not i just stop writing :joy:


I’m hopping in a bit late too I guess oops, but while I mostly write original stuff I’ve started to write some fanfic and the temptation to kinda throw everything in is too real :’(

@maybe_g7 jackbum is a++ and I support that


yas i agree :100:


Mooooom. Are you feeling better?


Ooh what happened to mom


Also does anyone have any idea how to add the Wattpad website on discourse?


she had a stomach bug, i think


Hey guys!!

So the old forums have officially closed down like yesterday uwu
Just wanted to say that the old club really gave me a lot of comforts when I needed it and our thread there was really a special place for me

Thanks to everyone who had been in the old thread, especially @Nathaniel9808 and @LollipopXffz! You guys were really friendly and nice! Thanks for making my short time on the old forums so nice and hopefully we can still have a great time here on the new clubs :green_heart:




Our time over here will be even better!!