Life imitates Art

“Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life” had Oscar Wilde say one of his characters in “The Decay of Lying”. Not sure whether he meant it, but:

A few days ago, I published a little story in which a certain president of a certain South American country called a certain young environmental activist from a certain North European country a “brat”. That was not nice of him, but he wasn’t supposed to be a nice guy, quite the opposite, so I thought it was very much in character.

Today, I accidentally noticed that a piece of news is going around the world: yesterday, a certain president of a certain South American country has called a certain young environmental activist from a certain North European country a “brat”.

Okay, probably not a big thing, but still…

Has anything like this happened to anyone of you?

Has anyone of you written something that you thought could totally happen — and then it totally did?

I’ve written a scene before and about a year later I saw the essentially the same scene in a movie. But besides that, can’t say that I have.

That’s kind of funny, though!


That is still so awesome, I can’t believe it. :smiley:

I have not written anything prophetic that I know of, but that could be just because I mainly have written fantasy novels not based in the real world, hehe.


I haven’t written anything prophetic, but ive definitely had some dreams that came true…and some nightmares…


I can’t say it has happened to me, but I still can’t get over how many things The Simpsons have predicted and that people laughed about at the time, but that came true later.

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Are you a medium?! :flushed: #lol :sweat_smile: :grin: I guess Oscar was right!

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Depending on the scene, that might be not special — or a very rare coincidence. Maybe share more details?

It is somewhat funny, indeed! :smile:

Ah, nearly missed the “not based in the reals world” part, because mine is a fantasy story too!

Uh-oh. Personal nightmares or general ones?

I haven’t seen much of The Simpsons, but the makers have a keen eye on things happening and hide more references in it than I could ever spot. They aim for funny, and driving insane little things to the extreme is funny — until it really happens.

I’m not well done and in many respects not very rare, so I might be medium, right. :grin:

But probably it boils down to that I’ve got the character pretty much right, and that’s even more important for a writer, isn’t it?


I’ve never seen the scene since.

The scene is a teacher trying to push the buttons of a student. Unlike the movie, no one realizes how smart the student is except the teacher. He pushed the student until the student pushed back, showing everyone in the classroom how smart he really was. Also unlike the movie, the teacher was on the students side. But his anger issues and stoner mentality made everyone assume he was stupid. This was the teachers way of forcing the student out into the open and proving his true worth.

I wrote that scene in 1997 and in 2000 Finding Forester came out with an almost identical scene.

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So a teacher pushing a supposedly stupid student, who finally pushes back, revealing himself to be pretty smart? With in your version the teacher knowing beforehand and aiming for this result while in the other version the teacher being as surprised as everybody else?

Sounds vaguely familiar. I’m not much into school stories, though, so I have no idea what I might be thinking of.

I’ve never seen Finding Forester.

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I wrote it back in grade school. A very, very VERY long time ago.

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Finding Forester was a great movie. I think the second to last movie Sean Connery did.

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Who is well done actually?! We’re all weird and rare! :grin:
And I think you’re right for the character realness importance as a writer, so congrats! :smile:

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Don’t remind me how long ago things have happened…

I thought “no way” - and found it to be true. Somehow, I’ve missed Connery has retired. Guess I’ve missed many movie-related things since the turn of the millennium.

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You sound very far behind.

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Don’t know - ask your local cannibal?

That, of course, is true.

Thanks a ton! :smile:

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Didn’t I remind you not to remind me? Remind me, someone! :wink:

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personal, buut it still came true…