• Light Setting (Club Format) Look
  • Dark Setting Look
  • Old Forum Look

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What are you asking us to choose…?


You know the different settings for the forum, I’m asking you to choose one of the proposed on the new forum or the background design of the old forums. I want to see, because I personally find that this new background and design hurts my eyes.


But this new forum has three themes. Shouldn’t you have four options, then?


The light and the club format are not terribly different, therefore I only posted two from this one. The light only removes the orange from the top bar, which personally blinds me, but I’m not really looking at the top bar, therefore I only posted three.


Ohhh, I see what you mean now. Honestly, I just lower the brightness of my laptop for this site.


I do multiple sites at once and lowering my brightness makes some too hard to see, so I just leave it up but I have to take breaks on here, my eyes feel dry and I think I’m gonna get a headache.


You could try getting flux, it’s a program that changes the color of your computer display so it’s less blue but warmer if that makes sense at certain times of the day. I have it and my laptop’s on full brightness and I have no problems. I actually just tried to disable it and it was a pain to look at this site XD Here’s a link: Much better for your eyes.


If someone would just mute it, though, it would be a lot easier than trying to apply all of these external apps, changing brightness, etc. I’m sure Flux is a great app, but the more I install the slower things work on my browser so I try to keep installations to a minimum.


sure, but there’s plenty of other site’s that have the same issues and you prolly won’t be able to get all of them to change their site. So, ye, one more installation to keep your eyes at least a little more protected is worth it imo. It’s not even a big file. Not saying that your idea to change the colours of this site is bad, it’s good and I’d support it, but again, lots of other sites out there so flux seems like a better option


This is still in the feedback stage, however, so I may as well mention it. Wattpad has never been hard on the eyes anyway, so I’m sure they would want to keep it that way. At least I would hope so.

That and plugins of addins mess up my browser.


wasn’t saying you couldn’t mention it, it’s actually good that you mention it. I’m all for them changing this site. I’m just saying that this page isn’t the only one with those problems so if you really want to protect your eyes you might want to consider it if you’re having problems with your eyes


Alright, I see what you mean. It’s a good idea, but again, stuff like that has a history of messing up my browser, but thank you for the option.


I’m fine with both dark and light. cx


I like this so chose light. I did suggest to Lauren (the super lady staff who’s creating this) for background image just to rid this white wall. I can’t remember where I post it but I gave two images as color example. :slight_smile: