Like Switching to SciFi from Fantasy

I am really getting the kicks out of how unrestricted I feel writing SciFi vs Fantasy, no shoulder checks in respect to folklore and preconceptions about history, more interesting situations. I am sure there are tropes, and I just don’t know them yet, but for now I am pretty happy.

Oh I know, I mean to me FF6 and FF7 were art. Plus the romantic subplots were great, and delightfully emo.

I am more of a Mass Effect gal.

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I’m not sure what I am, it’s changed so much over the last ten years.

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Oh, I like lots of things, but I want to feel like I am playing ME when I am writing my current story.

It gets complicated, as I’m kind of wanting to do my own take an an Aerith Gainsborough, but I don’t mean fanfiction. I kind of referenced it indirectly in a novella an abstract collection of personal essays.

But I’ve never quite captured that in a love interest. They’re to broken, and sometimes … well Cyberpunk being a nice way to put it.

Yeah, I do not want a fanfiction either, I want the vibe!

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