Like TeenFic?

Looking for a Beta Reader/strong critiquer for my finished novel, Cuddle Application. Genres: humor, teen fiction, romance. It’s not quite the light and fluffy story it may sound - trigger warning for sexual assault themes.

Blurb: Three girls, a Jack Daniels bottle, and a game of Truth or Dare: the recipe for disaster.

And if you add in a website, a Cuddle Application, and an incredibly attractive boy named Oliver, the recipe gets a little tastier.

But what if a silly joke, like submitting a Cuddle Application to find a hug buddy, becomes something so much more?

What if it slowly transforms into love?

It’s here on Wattpad, if you want to see further details: I know it still needs a lot of work. I wrote the story over a 5-year period, so my skills evolved throughout that time, leaving the beginning of the story pretty sh*tty.

DM/comment if interested!

I would totally be interested in being a beta reader for your book. It sounds really good!

I’m more than happy to help if you need someone! Story sounds great

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