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Humanity is up against a living nightmare, a nightmare they are trying to fight.

With no memory of how he got there, Forest, lost and alone, finds himself awake in an unknown place. Cold and wet with Zombies approaching, he needs to find a way out.
Brandon, a scavenger, finds Forest and offers his help, to get him to safety. Is he offering help or satisfying an ulterior motive?
Will the offered escape route be safer for Forest than his current situation? Can Forest trust Brandon to get him to the safe destination or is he walking towards a greater danger.

Together, they must unite to see the nightmare through or both succumb to a worse fate.


Thanks. Looking forward to seeing what you think


Holy flep, just read the description and I already love it. I’ll go read the story now!


If you dont mind me asking what kind of stories do you like?


Anything that’s action, adventure, sci-fi, but what i love most is apocalptic-type stories. I’m trying to get interested in more than that, though,


Hi, I’ve just finished writing my story and am posting the last few chapters, so I’d appreciate your thoughts on it! It’s called All The Things We Lost and it’s a romance. If it’s not something you’d normally read, don’t force yourself and prioritize the ones you do instead! You should only take your time out if this is up your alley.

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That’s okay, I’ll still check it out! : )


Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for this offer :slight_smile:

The Turing Test

Ronnie is developing controversial AI, engaged to the CEO, and having dreams from the perspective of a mass murderer.

But just as the company is about to take its famed personal assistant, Carlos, to the next level, those dreams begin to infect Ronnie’s waking life, too.

I guess it includes a little sci-fi? Not sure if it will have enough action or science-ish pieces though.


Hey Duck,

Do you want to review my fantasy novel?

Amethyst & The Secret of Eviona

Genre - Fantasy
Status - Weekly Updated
Link -

“The young elf-woman Amethyst finds out the truth, the truth that can save the once magical Eviona from its downfall.”

Many years after the disappearing of the fairies in the kingdom of Eviona, a young elf-woman named Amethyst finds out she is not like the other elves in her region, Highland.

Seeking for answers, Amethyst finds out a lot more than why is she is different from the other elves.

Could she save the once magical kingdom of Eviona?


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I’ll definitely check that out! : )


Heya, Tana! Thanks for sharing! I’ll check it out in a bit


Thanks buddy, I’ll see you in ‘friendship’ again :blush:


I have a Star Wars piece that I’m always happy to get comments and feedback on. It’s fan fiction which I know not everyone likes but I’m posting it here anyway! maybe someone will see it and give it a shot :stuck_out_tongue:


On frontlines across a thousand worlds, the Jedi and the Sith cross blades in a devastating war. Lorian Anders was born into that conflict. Taken from his home at birth by the Jedi, he has spent his entire life learning the ways of the Force. He has seen it’s potential for good and evil and learned one thing: the Force is not a gift; it is a terrible curse.

Fleeing the conflict and entering exile on a backwater world, Lorian is content to live a simple life away from the war. But when an old friend thrusts a new student into his care he learns that no matter how far you run, you can’t escape your past. With the Sith closing in, the galaxy needs a hero; it needs a sentinel to stand guard against the coming darkness.

It’s set in the Old Republic era so anyone who’s played the Knights of the Old Republic games or the Old Republic MMO should feel right at home.


Okay well I’ll give it a shot anyway.
So it’s an action romance with werewolves but I promise it’s not full of cliches.

Rowan had never cared much for rules. It was just as well then that her very existence did not fit within her people’s traditions. As a natural born female alpha wolf, she has more than enough hardship ahead of her.

Under the watchful eye of her father Rowan sets out to change not only the history of her pack, but its future as well.

With all four packs fighting for leadership, war is an ever present threat. But for Rowan, the greatest threat of all comes in the form of a male; Triston.

As the next Alpha in line to lead the Sun pack, Triston’s entire life is focused on a singular goal; obtaining power. As the leader of the strongest pack in history, his sole purpose in living is to furthur his family’s legacy.

But when a wolf with hair like smoke turns out to be his mate Triston must decide which is most valuable: the love of his people or the love of his mate.

Rising Sun


I’ll check that out! thanks!


Looks great! I’ll make sure to check that out


Hii I’d be happy if you could check out my story :slight_smile:


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