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The Eagle’s Arrow


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Title: The Last Woman on Earth
Genre: Dystopia, scifi, Post-apocalyptic, fantasy, war novel
Description/Blurb: A long time ago, there was a ‘type’ of human existed in this world, and they were called ‘women’. Our generation will never know what happened. None of the remaining public documents mention why ‘women’ have gone extinct, and it seems the people of later generations have done so deliberately. And I found a so-called last of their kind.


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Title: His Eternal Muse
Genre: Teen Fiction
Description: Katrina Jones is a 16 years old high school teenager with excellent grades and balanced lifestyle. Everyone including herself thought that she has a perfect life until things started to change after her 17th birthday. She discovers the dark truth of her life but what she isn't prepared for is for her former best friend, now an enemy, Shawn Harrison to return to her life after a huge gap of 5 years. Will Katrina be able to accept the truth about her life? More importantly, how does she going to deal with Shawn?


The Voice is a mystery riddled with storytelling, a little bit of thriller and a little bit of adventure. Add some paranormal elements and, voilà! Here is a story you might appreciate.


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Title: The Red Ribbon

Genre: Teen-Fiction

Blurb: It’s the beginning of a new school year as elite junior Ravenna Griselda continues her reign of terror over the student body after the infamously traumatizing events of sophomore year. Thanks to the Inquisitors, an openly secret organization within the private school, Ravenna, alongside her puppets, begin to master the art of real-life chess. As the months progress, the Inquisitors grow not only smarter, but bolder as they take a leap over a dangerous line they’ve never crossed before. So when a revenge plan takes an unexpected turn, deep rooted secrets are suddenly spilled. Through betrayals, backlash, and intricate conspiracies, Ravenna only remains with one last question: which one of them is the real monster?



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Title: Beyond His Green Eyes
Status: Ongoing (16 chapters) Regular updates
Genre: Teen Fiction
Summary: When Sydney arrives at her dream college after a reclusive high school year, she has no intention of carrying the past with her. Enter Noah Parker. The playboy incarnate with looks to match.

Sydney Lewis. Noah Parker.
Sassy girl meets egoistic jerk.
Who hasn’t heard the story before?

But this time, there is a twist.
A secret lies in Sydney’s past. Buried and waiting.

With an increasing curve of chance encounters with the college playboy and seemingly aligned fates, her past threatens to obliterate her future.
But there is a bigger problem waiting for Sydney: she’s falling for Noah. Hard. She knows what it means to go for the win, but getting love means spilling her secrets.

Can Sydney pay the price?

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Title: The World Changer

Genre: Portal fantasy adventure

Tahro Akagi shouldn’t live in two worlds at once.

Yet he couldn’t stop the magic that made him set foot in the lands of his favourite book. Not when he needed a place to belong and found it among the characters he cherished in the continent of Saishuu Riku. And not when he has to save them from the fate told in its pages.

But if a butterfly’s wings can bring thunderstorms, then his every breath is another flap as it flies, his every heartbeat a danger to those around him.

Unwittingly, he plunges too deep into the conspiracy of a witch biding her time against the continent. When tensions rise between the ministers of Saishuu Riku, and children are kidnapped by a man with butterfly-patterned knives, Tahro knows he’s changed too much. Events that should happen don’t, and his new friends are caught in a crossfire he wants no part in.

But if one of the kidnapped children is his friend, can he choose between her and the rest of the world?



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Title: New World

Genre: Fantasy/Action-Adventure

Chapters: 21 (Ongoing, Updates Every Other Sunday)

Summary: One day I woke up with a single thought racing throughout my mind, “Stay alive… Find the truth.”

Follow the story of Anthony, a boy who one day woke up with only the clothes on his back and the name given to him at birth, on a cliffside to a world which he doesn’t recognize; a world in which he doesn’t belong to. Alongside Jay, a cold but full-hearted-mentor. Follow them as they use the unlimited arts of magic to make connections throughout this cruel world and fight to find the truth they desire.


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Title: Mist of Doom

Genre: Action, Adventure, Urban Fantasy (with a dash of sci-fi)


Mysterious mist hangs over Central Billion and is slowly spreading to the other regions in the state. It drives people mad, and those who enter the affected region never come out.

Mankind has built windmills across the state of Billion to blow away the mist, but it proves to be a temporary solution: a dragon destroys them and then returns to the depths of the mist. When the authorities set a bounty on the dragon’s head, eighteen-year-old Mika Asagi sees it as a free entry to the prestigious Metaslica Faculty of Science and accepts the challenge. Despite knowing the infamous tale about the mist and Central Billion, Mika goes on a journey to slay the dragon with her one-eyed undead guardian.


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Daughters of Fate
They say that the Tear of Earoni is a part of the Great Goddess Earoni herself. That it fell one night from her great eye when she cried. And that to possess it gives one the power of a god.

For centuries, the all-powerful artifact has been lost. Hidden away in the mountains behind magic and stone to keep it out of the hands of the last remaining Blood Lord. A man who has sworn that he will have it, even if it costs him his last undying breath.

Over those hundreds of years, the Hitithe Rebellion has fought to bring down Lord Hedric. But to no avail. Now they are on the verge of collapse and defeat. Desperate and failing.

Even the gods themselves have grown restless. The Fate of Chaos and the Fate of Law have both played their hands to attempt to sway the direction of the world. But, as with all things, the will of the gods is not enough. For mortals are notoriously difficult to control.

Sheala and Cassandra, twin sisters, find themselves on opposite sides of the war that rages to settle the fate of the world. But while one rushes to meet her destiny, the other is running from what the Fates have decreed.

In the end, both will have to make choices as to which side they are on and what they are willing to sacrifice.


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Crimson Ice Slayer

Ever since Annemie saw Antsje Pluk, the fairytale figure who supposedly eats children for dessert, she’s known that the witch will come for her. Now that she’s no longer a child, the forest doesn’t scare her anymore. One night, she sneaks out. But instead of returning safely in the morning, Antsje Pluk curses and captures Annemie, bringing her to a cottage hidden deep in the woods.

Girls have been disappearing from their village for years, but Aleta, Annemie’s twin sister, won’t let her become one of the lost. In order to save her sister, Aleta must face her fears head-on, find a magical flower, confront an evil witch, and break an age-old curse. Luckily, she has the guidance of an old friend, but the other girl is not what she seems, and there are secrets hidden in the woods.

Sprinkled with Dutch lore, this retelling of a neglected fairytale is filled with witches, moss maidens, and shape-shifting, but it all comes down to some very human traits: bravery, sacrifice, and most of all, love.


My book is called Fake Me To Church. Click here to check it out!

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Quick Summary: Steven Hall has never once doubted his status. The son of esteemed Pastor Marcus Hall and his wife Evelyn, Steven was born atop the tentative peak of public opinion within his Ecclesiastical city of obsequious religious devotion. And when new adoptee and Muslim-turned-Christian Ahmed Heavenstate enrolls in EdgeWay Academy, the social domain over which Steven rules, the two boys are immediately thrown into conflict. But no schoolyard rivalry, personal or otherwise, can prepare these warring adolescents for the discovery of a brutalized corpse in the school’s main building. As the passions and prejudices of new acquaintances begin whirling throughout their town of cryptic stares and decades-old secrets, Steven and Ahmed will discover a truth more terrifying than anything their paragon of sacred laws and tradition would dare allow them to believe.


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RoboNomics 2




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Jeen and her brother, Roman, are being hunted. What started as a journey to find their mother became a fight for survival against a radical group that’s kidnapped them. A peculiar stranger helps them escape, causing more questions than answers.
Who were they? Did they know their mother?

They’re on the run, and danger is not the only thing that follows them. Whispers of a project named after Roman becomes known, scaring Jeen and making her question everything she once knew. Just how much had their mother hidden from them and can they save her before it’s too late? Or will the secrets of the past overwhelm them?


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