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Genre: Real Person Fan Fiction- RPF/ Lesfic


Sometimes, Los Angeles and 17 year old up-and-coming starlets don’t fit so well together, at first – Especially when those up-and-coming starlets fall in love with one of their co-stars. Kaitlyn Dever gets a lot more than she bargained for, during her eleventh grade year. She is one year into her contract with Last Man Standing, when she realizes that she has fallen, head over heels, for her co-star, Molly Ephraim. In Real Life, Molly is ten years Kaitlyn’s senior, and to complicate things even more, the pair work together on a fan-proclaimed, conservative tv show. Soon, The teen learns that the object of her affections is just as much in love with her. But will love be enough?


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Hi again! Well, seeing as you and I both like apocalyptic stories, I thought I would link my story below. If you want to check it out, :arrow_down:, and if you want something different to read that may make you laugh, also below! :smiley:

Title: The Tag Bearer
Blurb: Ellie Young is just one of the many children left in the aftermath of a war that has destroyed humanity. Her old life has been taken from under her feet, forcing her to march with countless others into a new way of living. Upon arrival, Ellie is given the grim task of being the designated city Tag Bearer, where she meets the cunning and handsome Matthew.

When Matthew gets Ellie caught up in a feud she desperately doesn’t want to be in, Ellie is taken. On her own she must learn to navigate a destroyed city and the rules of a newly formed corrupt government.

Title: Being Butch Green
Blurb: A file. A boy. A criminal. An illegal medical lab.

All is not what it seems when young rebel, Butch, decides to make a run for it with his criminal file. There is just one problem… he grabbed the wrong file and now he is wanted by the police. On a single chance encounter with the brother he hates so much, Butch never expected his plans to return the stolen file to go so wrong.


Have you ever wanted something so bad it hurt? Then, unfortunately that something already belonged to someone else? Jessie Adams is a sophomore in highschool who cares nothing but to be popular. She always looked up to Briana Bedford a junior and just happened to be the most popular girl in school.
Ever since freshman year she followed her and wanted to be like her and enter her circle. Then, when Jessie finally got to be near her ambition there came Josh Harding. He’s the new mysterious guy and every girl wanted him. Also, a hot new teacher inspired their way.
Unfortunately, things began to get ugly. Girls started to get missing. The worst part was her best friend was found dead. Who could be the culprit? What would happen to Jess’s dream of popularity when everything around her began twisted?


Title: Shire Bottom Chronicles

Summary: A group of young adults try to unlock the secrets behind supernatural activity in a remote Idaho town.



Here’s mine if you’re interested :slight_smile:


Here’s mine. This is a romantic fantasy story. Waiting for your positive response.



I have two if you are interested. The first is a poetry collection and the second a werewolf/romance story.


Title: Images On Paper
Genre: Poetry
Summary: Words and feelings that come to my mind and I write the images onto paper. Most of these will be sad, but hopefully not all.
Link: HERE


**Title: Just For You
Genre: Werewolf/Romance
Link: HERE
Juniper is a sixteen-year-old girl who lives just outside of Casper Wyoming. She’s been moving from home to home constantly in the foster system as long as she can remember.
And just like most other teens in the system, she’s just waiting for the right moment for her to run.
But just when she found her window to do so, her plans had to be put on hold for another adjustment. She was stripped out of the home she had been staying in and was put into with another family in a whole other state. Washington.
She planned on sticking to her original plans of escape. But now something is stopping her and she doesn’t know what.
Little does she know how this change, will make all her plans take a turn for the worse.

o o o o o

This is the first drafting, so please bear with me on this.

#1 IN HAUNTED PAST {3/3/2019}
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#22 YoungAdultRomance {3/5/2019}



Gothic / Short: An unusually warm late-autumn dusk, two teens having a meeting in a deserted cemetery turned playground.


If you’re interested, here’s mine! Just two choaters done so far.
Estella Harmon thought she knew exactly what she wanted: to rebel against her parents. Even if it meant training for the most dangerous job in the Confederacy and becoming a pilot in a war-torn galaxy.
But when she finds out a shocking secret about her family, and that her ambition to become a pilot might have more to do with her parents’ dying wish… her life is turned upside down.
How can a mysterious tutor, a cryptic letter, and a strange new weapon help her succeed in uncovering the truth about her past? And can she save her home planet from being destroyed by her foster planet… Earth?

Title: Melancholy
Description: A collection of memories, and emotions. These were written as a release, and to show others they are not alone in what they are going through.
Genre: poetry


I am getting started with horror writing, please read my story and post whatever honest feedback comes to mind. Thank you!

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Luna was told that she was the world’s number one singer. she was told she had a voice of an angel blessed by God. She was told to speak 15 different languages and learn then fluently.

Be the good girl. The perfect girl. The girl of the male gaze.

she was told to go to a place she was never told of before.

she wasn’t told that she would discover untold secrets or that her punishment would change her forever.

for better or for worse.


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I’ll leave the details of my book, check it out if it whets your interest!

Title: Reborn
Genre: fantasy

Six Houses.

One Crown.

It was game of power, greed, revenge, swords and fire. But in the end, only one would raise from the ashes to sit on the throne of the Kingdom of Kallera.

Blood will be spilled, secrets will be revealed.
Crowns will fall and thrones will burn.
Peace will be forgotten, war will be welcomed.

This is the tale of a Kingdom in ruin.
And its possible savior.


If you have time I would love for you to check out my story :star2:

Title The Academy
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Summary: Adira Parker does not believe in Fairy Tales.

She does not believe in Happily Ever After or Prince Charming.

She believes in Intelligence and Power in order to improve her life.

After being offered one of only three scholarship positions to The Academy, she will stop at nothing to perfect her Pixie given gift of air manipulation.

And no one, not even the Alpha, Jason Dwyer, will stand in her way.



title : craving :3
fandom : the 100
status : posting it everyday / 2 in 2 days
blurb : a book where kady is going to test bellamy in every single way she can.



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I’m not sure if you’re still accepting stories in here, but if you’re interested, here’s my story.

Silent Echoes


What would you do if you discovered that those who you’ve idolized and trusted were secretly responsible for child sex trafficking and Satanic occult practices?

Seventeen year old, Echo Strickland, found herself in that horrifying reality six months ago when she was secretly kidnapped. The other children in captivity with her are disappearing one and one. Fearing for her doomed fate, she must find a way to escape and free the others. When she finds an unlikely ally in the sensational musician, Julian Oliver, she discovers that a horrifying reality lies at the dark underbelly of global society. The two must work together to bring down this magical yet evil secret society and to heal the trauma that Echo has endured.