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Hey hey hey, my name is Angie and welcome to my Little n’ Lovely thread! I’m offering completely FREE covers for anyone and everyone! All you have to do is read the rules and fill out the form. :slightly_smiling_face:


1. No thread hopping
2. Be patient
3. Fill out my form
4. Password is January


Illumina1%20(3) Copy%20of%20Untitled%20Design%20(1) 21%20PM

SUBTITLE: (optional)
AUTHOR: (username or real name)
DESCRIPTION: (keep it short please)
MOOD: (colour schemes, vague ideas, atmosphere, etc.)
IDEAS: (any ideas you have of something you would like on the cover, give me at least 1)
ANYTHING ELSE: ( [optional] anything else I should know about)

Covers permanently deleted after accepted by client.

Title ~ A Shopaholics Tale
Genre ~ Teen Fiction
Author ~ The_Girl_In_The_Box
Description ~ Talia’s parents are one of the richest families around. But when Talia comes back home having spent 100000 dollars on clothes and makeup her parents have had enough. Her parents are done and force Talia to join a normal high school and leave behind her lavish lifestyle and elite private academy.
Password ~ January

Title: The Shipwright
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy
Author: BlueStreamJett
Description: In a world with no trees, Crimson lives a humble life as a shipwright in the sea town of Nari. Even though money is scarce and Mupon lights even scarcer, he lives in content until it is revealed that his real father is a pirate. And not just any pirate. His birth father is the famous Joe Lamont who is known as the worst man alive, with a bounty of over a billion.
Password: January
Ideas/ Mood: exciting and adventurous. Maybe a pirate ship sailing the high seas or an epic sword battle or someone seizing the crown to symbolizing overthrowing the government.

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Title - Illumina
Author - Sarah Daneen
Genre - YA, Urban fantasy, Paranormal
Description - On holiday Iva’s life is turned upside down when her past comes to haunt her. But it is also here she meets her Illumina; her other half and a hidden society is revealed.
Their love was doomed from the start as the past clashes with the present. Someone wants to make sure Iva never lives long enough to form a bond with her Illumina.
Iva doesn’t know who to trust as secrets are unravelled.
Will she be able to trust those she calls friends? And will she be able to be with the guy she has come to love.
Mood - it is a bit dark. This is all about power, jealously and betrayal. But it has also a light mood since Iva is the light to Sebastian darkness.
Password - January

TITLE: Scandalous
AUTHOR: Genoveva
GENRE: Romcom with crime
DESCRIPTION: The story is about a famous actress who falls from grace due to the release of an unknown sex tape and forces her to take a job as a secretary at the Santa Barbara Police Departement
Mood: Maybe black, white, golden and red or similar colors that represent the crime aspect and the classy Hollywood glamour at the same time. Preferably without photos of real people if that is possible.
IDEAS: I have no idea to be honest. Maybe a silhouette of a man and a woman, red lip stick, a Hollywood star, a gun or things like that. I hope this isn’t too vague.
ANYTHING ELSE: That you so much for doing this. I’m so glad I found someone who makes such beautiful covers. The password is January.

@The_Girl_In_The_Box I’m sorry but I’m going to have to deny your request. I wish you luck, though!

@BlueStreamJett I’m gonna semi-accept your request and see what I can do! :slightly_smiling_face:

@SarahDaneen Hey! Do you have an idea for a symbol that represents the Illumina?

@genniefromtheblock Also semi-accepted! Let me see what I can do! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you!

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Thank you!!!

TITLE: Krv Nije Voda (The tittle is on Serbian because it’s written on that language if you can’t copy-past that as a title you can write it in English: ’ blood is thicker than water ’ )
AUTHOR: Aleksandra Jovanovic
GENRE: Fantasy/Vampire/Romance
DESCRIPTION: The Byron family from Victorian era are Energy Vampires that moved into Elizabeth’s hometown Black Hollow also the hometown of Supernatural encounters, a sweet town with population of 1,520 people. After they move next door they start a search for a nanny for their little girl Margaretta Byron. I need for a bigger allowance, Elizabeth excepts the job not knowing she is babysitting a Vampire.
MOOD: (colour schemes, vague ideas, atmosphere, etc.) color one color two color three color four Atmosphere: Mysterious, romantic, fantasy elements involved…
IDEAS: (any ideas you have of something you would like on the cover, give me at least 1) - Can I send you PM with some photo ideas along with this? Since I’m new here I can’t post images?

Ideas: A girl with long, red hair with eyes glowing blue holding a red ruby necklace in her hands. Her body is kind of glowing in look color two in color sheme. Behind her is a mansion in the middle of a forest.

Ok. I would send you a picture of what I want, the only problem is it does not like it here. I have tried changing the size, dragging the picture, coping it but it still doesn’t help. Can I send it by email? I send you my email privately.

Thank you so much for trying! Take your time :slight_smile:

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That works! Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
Have you tried by pm?

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Hey @BlueStreamJett I’ve finished your cover! I made two samples for you to take a look at! Let me know which one you like, if you like either, and I’ll post just the cover! Or if you’d like any minor changes. Thank you for requesting!


50%20PM 21%20PM

Edit: soooo I realised it’s actually hard to read the title on the Previews so if you’d like, I can post just the cover so you can see the title more clearly.

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Hey, I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to deny your request. However, I wish you goodluck finding the perfect designer for you as well as luck on your story!

Hey! I’ve tried a bunch of different designs and layers and outlines, and I can’t seem to find anything that looks good or works.:cry: I’m so sorry, but thank you for requesting here! :smile:

First book cover as some inspo


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yay! thank you so much!! i’m excited to see how it turns out :smiley:

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Yeah the title is a bit hard to see, if you could please post the whole covers for me. They look awesome! I’m going to have a hard time deciding which one