LOL35 Chat-thread for women writers aged 35+ (read 1st post before joining)


You keep trucking, Lina, and we’ll all be watching and admiring your verve! I know that I do, that’s for sure.

The best part about PitchWars is that it got me back on Twitter again, which I’m really enjoying. There is a great writing community on there!

Good luck with your writing!


Sally! Congratulations on being a bestselling Amazon author!

Don’t undercut the achievement by telling us it was easy.

You know what story I heard recently?

Picasso was scribbling on a napkin while at a cafe. As he left, he was going to throw it out, but then a woman asked if she could have it. He said it would cost her some crazy sum of money. She said, “But it only took you a few seconds to scribble.”

To that, Picasso answered, “No, it took me almost 60 years to create that scribble.”

And so it goes with that seemingly “easy” bestselling author achievement. That it took a lot of knowledge and skills than just knowing how to categorize your book.


Hey Ann – do you think it’s some kind of conspiracy? I don’t know… could be, but seems unlikely. I have scoped out the profiles of all the mentors I subbed to and they looked like real genuine people. And then there was one mentor who I spoke to quite extensively via dm and even email because I really liked their editing advice (from the pitchwars blog), and that person was very much a real person and writer.


I find that so distasteful that people DM me offering editing services on Twitter because I subbed to pitchwars. Really over the top, especially since it’s commonly understood in the publishing industry that you DON’T pay an editor to work on your MS. It’s considered a type of fraud/scam. So they really are taking advantage of naive, inexperienced writers who just want a shot. Yucky!


Sorry, I was completely clueless about how PitchWars works. I’ve educated myself by reading their website. I had mistaken it for another conference that Shalon and I were talking about, many months ago :stuck_out_tongue:


Alas, if all the takeovers on this beautiful planet would be done by emus and wallabies, we might live in a better world
*stares dreamily into the distance


It is! At least for me. And the more serious the project, the more of my heartblood I’ve allowed to flow into it, the worse it gets.


Correct about twitter. I’m not tweeting like mad but i check it out regularly and yes I love the open community. It’s a step outside wattpad and gives me a peep into the wider world.


No, I’m from India, Shalon :slight_smile: I was aware that my entry wouldn’t be counted for a prize. The chosen entries from non-Canadian countries get shout-outs from the profile. Saw no harm in trying. Gave me an opportunity to try something new :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m in India too!


Nice :slight_smile: I’m Nab, btw :slight_smile:

I’m from Ahmedabad, Gujarat =]


A few years ago I queried a few agents and one of them asked me to buy their book with model query letters :stuck_out_tongue: On top of that they make it seem like a social service.


I’m in Pune, Maharashtra.


I’m originally from Mumbai :slight_smile: A Mumbaiite to the core =]


Wow…that’s pretty close (geographically speaking). But much more fast-paced than Pune


Agree with you :slight_smile: Pune is beautiful and peaceful. It’s like life slows down and nature takes over… With the lovely ghats, hills and it’s so dreamy… Had been to Pune to visit my younger brother a couple of years ago


Everything is changing…Everything :[ Hills are being razed, ghats are garbage dumps…As an environmentalist and cyclist I just think I don’t belong here anymore :[


Still much better than Mumbai, or maybe I’m just imagining it.


I could think of a thousand ways Mumbai is worse in environmental terms. But it’s my city- the one I was brought up in. Remains close to my heart. Is a part of me.
I’m still considered an outsider in Gujarat. My language gives me away :stuck_out_tongue:


True, Mumbai is much worse especially during the rains, it was literally crumbling. Pune gets lovelier in the rain- the air is cleaner, the hills are greener…and people go on long drives and treks and feel like they’re in paradise. I went on many rides with my cyclist group and soaked it all up…

I lived in Gujarat for a year in my teens…Gujarati is so easy to understand, especially for someone who knows Marathi. The food was also so similar. I liked Gujarat more than Maharashtra, to be honest…


It seems like a grave injustice, Mumbaikars are so hard-working, and they have to risk their lives commuting during the monsoons, you see people drowning like rats from a city that is the highest tax-payer.