LOL35 Chat-thread for women writers aged 35+ (read 1st post before joining)


Yeah the nauseousness sucks!

My tactic is to try to catch it in the earliest possible stages. At the first little blur, or twinge, of dull ache, I make sure I take meds, drink some water, use some peppermint and then have some coffee.

Once it really takes hold, then it’s a full day battle… and sometimes I go to bed with it and wake up with it, which is the worst!

Hope you feel better soon!


We definitely need some more options to react to a post! other than the little heart:::face_vomiting::sleeping: :exploding_head:


Oh my gosh–the struggle is REAL! And 40 is when the weight struggle got super real for me. Sometimes I don’t even want to leave the house anymore because I’m embarrassed by the way I look. If only writing were a more active hobby!


Mine are 3-day affairs. I so wish they were shorter. Last one was even longer 4+ .
Yes, catching them early is better, but most of the time they hit home on the second day at latest anyway.
Well, as strange it may sound, it makes me feel a bit better that there are others with the same problem.
How do you cope with work on these days? I try to call in sick as little as possible, as I have to see a counsellor if it’s more than 5 times a year. Unfortunately, a year has 12 months and thus 12 migraine hot zones.


I hope it goes away, it sounds so painful, just suffering for days together :frowning: And the side effects of the meds seem really bad too. I hope they find a cure for it, or at least an explanation for it. Medical science is so clueless about a lot of things.


Now that you mention it, I did get a lot of writing done when I was more sedentary (and totally obsessed with writing, to the point of forgetting all else). Now I can’t seem to get any writing done, but I’m much fitter. Why can’t I strike some healthy balance where I can be fit and get some writing done? :stuck_out_tongue:


You are really brave, to show up for work with that pain


Yes, and yet so advanced in other things. They are able to replace almost every body part, but at the same time there’s still incurable cancer and Alzheimer’s…


I work part time from home so I manage. But when I used to work full time, outside the home, most of my sick days were migraine related.


I suppose you’ve already considered going on the pill? Would that help?


I never even thought of it. Hmmm.


Or autoimmune diseases. I have a choice between poisoning my body with some stuff that’s used for chemoterapies (diluted yes, but still…) or take biologicals. They in turn clamp down on the immune system… So, I refuse to take anything but anti-inflammatories when it gets too bad. My doctor thinks I’m mad. For me it’s about staying in control as long as I can.


Hi ladies, I also have optical migraines, but not usually the migraine that follows. Must be pretty common, I feel a little better because no one I know has experienced them and I wonder sometimes if I’m having a stroke. Being a nurse doesn’t help my thinking the worst :frowning: sometimes I think it’s brought on by bright sun or florescent lights. Happens more so at work, so it could be stress too. I can commiserate with you all :no_mouth:


Sounds awful. But I can relate with your decision, I feel the same. The more we rely on meds, the darker the outlook for the future (in my eyes).
And @Scarletletterheart, be glad you have only the optical part. I’m sure fluorescent lights make mine worse. Bright and flashing lights in general. Driving in the night on a stretch with many tunnels (think the motorway from Genoa to Monaco, for the Europeans) often triggered mine…


Very happy today! My daughter has just come home after 16 months working in Canada :slight_smile:


@MarilynAHepburn and @Scarletletterheart

Seriously, I so totally agree with this one! I think that’s why people have these standing desks, so you can at least bounce back and forth on your feet. Maybe a treadmill would help! :joy:


Hi @Scarletletterheart ,
Welcome to the thread!

You’re more likely to get a warmer welcome if you share some details about yourself, including where you live, your family life, your job, what kinds of things you like to write, what your name is, or what we should call you, at least, and anything else personal you feel like sharing. What you’re comfortable to share. I find that is the way that people can relate to you, and it helps us get to know you.

We’ve all done this–it’s a LOL35 tradition!


Hello there everyone, you can call me April. I live in Michigan. I’m a registered nurse who works full time at a local Health Department supervising STD,TB, and HIV programs. (Very interesting stuff and also very stressful). I have three kids 16, 18 and 20, a husband and a mini zoo: 3 dogs, 1 cat and two birds (I think there’s a fish hiding around here somewhere too).

My daughter introduced me to Wattpad a few years ago. I kind of messed around with it at first, basically to vote on her story. Then I got more serious because, truly, I’ve always loved to write.

I would absolutely love to write for a living. I’m working on a couple of stories right now. And a shout out to Sally Mason, because I saw she was also on this thread. She took me under her wing, gave me some great advice and really helped get my first story recognized. Thanks Sally :slight_smile:


Cool, sounds like a crazy, busy life! Where do you find time to write with so much going on?

Like most of us here… I sometimes wonder how I have any time to write at all…

Right now I’m considering cancelling a writing retreat that I had planned for next weekend. I really don’t want to, but I’m not sure if I have the time… ahhh…


Ohh a writing retreat, I’d love to do that. Where do you find those? But yes, it’s hard to find time, although for me it’s a good stress reliever (most of the time)