LOL35 Chat-thread for women writers aged 35+ (read 1st post before joining)


I think a writing retreat would stress me… I work best when I’m in full control of what I do. even if it happens during madly busy work weeks. Writing or editing in the evening is relaxing I find. Editing even more than writing. Sounds odd? Editing means I have something to work with. When I write I’m frightfully targetted with a wordcount per day. That’s due to the fact I hav edeadlines i.e. when work gets mad so I won’t be able to write. Having unfinished novels lying around makes me nervous. I did it early this year between the R+R for the Attic and getting out the draft of my Watty Winner. I HAD to write that story, there was that little demon in my head lashing me on. Now I have spent a frantic two weeks trying to get to grips with my editor’s comments I’m actually happy. Well, I have just sent a sample chapter back to her. Let’s wait what she says… :roll_eyes:


I’d love to go on another writing retreat. I went on a writer’s cruise almost two years ago and really loved it. Lots to learn, some meetings with agents where I could pitch my work, good food, nice company – my problem is that most of the retreats are in the US and having to add a flight makes them really expensive. I was going to go next year February again onto the same cruise, but work had other plans. Sending me to Dubai instead, lol

Welcome to the thread, @Scarletletterheart . Good to see you here :slight_smile:


Thanks @SallyMason1! And @lhansenauthor, congrats on the Watty win!


It’s a pleasure to meet you, April :slight_smile:


thank you!!!


So, @shalonsims, I was reading your blog last the night. The inner critic and writing block is so real. I struggle constantly with my horrible, brutal inner critic, sometimes to the point where I just want to quit. There are times that I need to step away from it and reread again later, and then I think “oh that’s not so bad.”

But sometimes I have to force myself to just keep writing and ignore that horrible voice that says, “this is :poop:


I find myself wavering between total bliss “Cor blimey this is so great” and utter desperation “stop writing now, it’s all :poop: and you’re wasting everybody’s time.” Even after winning the Wattys I thought, yeah they did it because they like you. The only person who truly believes in me is my husband. He keeps me going. Told me I would find a publisher, would win, will get through the edits, get published and will sell. What he can’t predict is how much muahahhahah

The only thing I can say - keep writing. When editing my third novel I’m basically going OMG the whole time. But I know how to fix it and I couldn’t have done that even a year ago. It will all pan out. Somehow. Sometime.


I was never able to complete a story until Wattpad, so that’s been a good thing. I used to start a story then just start a new one when I got frustrated or questioned myself.


That’s not true Lina. I totally believe in you too :slight_smile:

And the part about ’ blimey that’s great and this is poo’ - Yup have that all the time


Hi @Scarletletterheart Nice to see you here. I haven’t been here for a while. It was @SallyMason1 who told me to join this group :slight_smile:
Hope everyone’s doing great. Welcome to the newbies and congratulations to @paulapdx and Lina for the Wattys. Great work Ladies


That’s correct. You are one of those people who keep telling me it’s going to work out. All i have to do is bow to better wisdom. Somehow, I find that difficult…:cookie:


Thank you!! :yellow_heart::blue_heart::heart:


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I just got back from the Surrey International Writing Conference, which is one of the best genre/commercial fiction writing conferences in the world. I swear to god, I had the time of my life and I was literally floating on a cloud of bliss the entire time.

Not only is it just plain fun, but I learned SO MUCH!!!

Here’s a goofy photo of some friends I made there last year. This is our group reunion photo from the first night, which was a Halloween costume party.


@Scarletletterheart @lhansenauthor

Someone read my blog! Yay! hehe…

Yes, writer’s block and the inner critic were both huge stumbling blocks for me. I’ve mostly moved past them at this point in my writing career and I’m up against an even bigger nemesis, namely: fear of rejection.

Writing that article on my blog was a turning point for me in that time in my life. I think shortly after I discovered Wattpad, and that has pushed me from a sometimes writer, to a regular writer. My inner critic rarely stops me from writing anymore.

Beyond that, I’m the same as Lina: sometimes I’m on top of the world with my writing (like at the conference this weekend, Michael Slade told me my writing was excellent and definitely publishable [Yay!]), and then alternating to complete and utter hopelessness (like when I didn’t get a request from a mentor during an online contest that I submitted to a month ago. I actually felt depressed. haha!).

But, I think this is all part of the learning process. We aren’t meant to be perfect and have perfect confidence in everything we do. Failure is normal. It is de-normalized in our culture. We’re supposed to feel happy, satisfied, and confident ALL THE TIME. Anything uncomfortable is equated with abject failure.

I’m trying to see these personality defects (major insecurity, fear of rejection) as challenges to be overcome in my path towards realizing my potential as a writer and a human being, not as signs that I’m not meant to be a writer.


Why are all these writing conferences in October??? Why can’t they be in the spring?? Hahaha.

I’m close enough to go to one in Surrey if it’s on a weekend next year…


Yes! You have to come next year. It’s always on the weekend. It is seriously the best ever. The presenters (writers, agents, editors) who come there rave about it being the most fun conference they go to. It’s a lot of fun, and lots of stuff to learn. It’s sells out within one day, so if you want to go, you need to set your alarm clock to make sure you buy your tickets as soon as they’re available.


This sounds like fun! And Surrey is so close to the border. It wouldn’t be that much of a drive. :smiley:


Has anyone gone to Wattcon? What’s that like?


I’d love to go to Wattcon some day–but because I work with young children (who need lots of consistency in the first couple months), it’s frowned upon to take time off at the beginning of the school year. :frowning:


Too far away for me… would be fun though, I’m sure!