LOL35 Chat-thread for women writers aged 35+ (read 1st post before joining)


Congratulations Shalom :slight_smile: I believe that you can win NaNo this time =]


Wow. That’s amazing! Keep writing!


Looks like everybody is busily writing!
@shalonsims how are you enjoying Nano?


Editing!!! Madness! I’m 25 chapters into a 32 chapter novel. And then I need to edit some more


Can only wish for the time to write (or even edit). Why is end of the year always so incredibly stressy at work?
Rhetorical question, of course. Can’t wait for this to be over.


I’ve got an exciting project I’m just about to start, doing a beta read for an online friend who’s a published author :slight_smile:

Still got a mental blank for my own writing at the moment :frowning:


As in coming up with plots or continuing an existing story?


Think of palm trees. Whispering breezes, the warmth of a benevolent sun on your skin. Soon you’ll be there!


Yay… another three weeks to survive :palm_tree::desert_island::volcano::lizard::turtle::crab::tropical_fish::octopus:


Cool Emojis. Here are mine :sun_behind_small_cloud::ocean::fried_shrimp::wine_glass::rabbit2::fish:
Seven more chapters and i will be through with the rewrite. Then it’s - more editing! Checking whether what I wrote makes sense and then copyedit. Then it goes back to the editor in the new year. No doubt, she will have more edits.
Why am I doing this exactly???:thinking:


Sounds like a rhetorical question :wink:
You’ll get through this and be a proud published author soon. We will all look up at you in admiration… :heart:


Write the synopsis if you haven’t already, it might help you break through it…


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I’m usually using the app on my phone and I don’t think this option is available.


I’m on the app as well and it is possible.


Ahhhh thank you!!! This has made things so much easier!


Weird. I AUTOMATICALLY go to the last post I read in the thread. Never have to scroll.


Thank you! I finally figured it out with your screenshots and steps :slight_smile:
I use my laptop…


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Just a guess…