LOL35 Chat-thread for women writers aged 35+ (read 1st post before joining)


Hi! I’m based in Florida, in the U.S. I kind of do write as a career — I’m a reporter, so I write news, and sometimes long-form journalism!


I want to know more about the alpacas!


Well, I got started with the alpacas because I’m writing a Zombie Apocalypse series and I wanted to know how to spin wool and flax into yarn and thread. So I learned about wool and I learned to knit.

Then I found out that there was an alpaca rescue organization - and I could get rescue animals for a lot less than at the breeders. So I got my first two boys. Then I lost one, and got two more. So here are my first 3 with my horses.




Then someone gave me 3 more and April surprised us all. These are my three guys after they were sheared. I left them in the back yard for a few days because there was more shade.



Thank you!


Those alpacas are the cutest things ever! To think you knew at 12 what you wanted and even started saving towards it - wonderful!
We city slickers become over-dependent on shops for everything, but making things with your own hands can be so satisfying…Plus it’s a healthier and environment-friendly lifestyle.

“I’ve learned to spin my own yarn” made me think of fiction writing, that’s the only yarn I can spin :smiley:


They are soooo cute. Even more than Llamas, It’s these chubby faces I think


Hey Kat :slight_smile: Nab here.

Nice to have you here. The alpacas are adorable :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing these lovely pics.


Yes, it’s pretty unusual, but I knew I wanted a farm and horses even when I was a kid. It’s a LOT of work, but right now I don’t want to be anywhere else.

When April was born, she was Too Cute For Words. I took photos and videos and I was worse than a first-time Granny.

I also knew that I wanted to write, so I got started when I was in my teens, like a lot of the young people here on Wattpad.

I like young people, even though I know they have their own language and culture, but it’s fun to interact with them.


LOL I can imagine :smiley:


The videos! Oh the videos!


Excuse my ignorance in advance… but could you tell me the difference between lamas and alpacas?:llama:


Mostly the size, the fur and how they are used.

I think there are 4 species of these camel-family animals in South America: Llama, alpaca, vicuna and (runs to look it up…) guanaco. I don’t know anything about the last two, except they are rare and wild.

A llama is a very strong domesticated pack camelid that weighs about 130 kg to 200kg or 400 to 600 lbs. They have a thick double coat, two claws on each foot and a heck of a kick. They spit when annoyed.

An Alpaca is small and delicate, 120 lbs, maybe 50kg, but semi-domesticated fur-bearing camelid, oh the fur! An alpaca is kinda like a sheep with a long neck and legs. They have two claws on each foot, but no power to back it up so they spit - a lot. It’s gross.

I shear them every year and make yarn from the wool. Soft and warm, it takes up dyes like a dream. Right now it’s a luxury fiber and really expensive to buy. I sell all the yarn that I spin.

They aren’t very friendly animals, they don’t bond with humans much.

I’ve had horses since I was a child and I’m used to large animals that bond to humans and become very socialized. My horses know their names and respond to my voice. We have a relationship.

Alpacas…not so much. I’ve got two who will come looking for food from me, but other than humans as a food or water source, they aren’t much interested.

Hope that helps. I’m not an expert, or a breeder. I just keep them so I can make stuff like this:


Really interesting! Thank you :slight_smile:


Welcome! I can burble on happily about yarn and fiber for days. I love it.


@AnnWrites - I’m guessing the plan was to have more industry professionals participate (and thus the expensive NY location,) but maybe it was a bad time of year, or they didn’t get lucky this time around? I’m not sure. The professionals who were there definitely see the value in Wattpad (one of them was the St. Martin’s editor for the Wattpad story, White Stag, which will be published in a few months.) And I don’t think the fanfic mantle was an issue either. I’m getting the impression that’s going away as an assumption among various professionals, at least the ones familiar with the site. But given the push to New York, I’d just assumed bringing industry pros into the mix was going to be a bigger factor.

@shalonsims - Sorry, I forgot it was sort of a late addition to the conference. They sent out an email to attendees saying they were creating a session for people to pitch to Wattpad Studios. You had to fill out a pitch form and could pitch as many ideas as you liked via the form (whether it was something you were working on or were just thinking about–which I thought was really cool.) They picked the ones they wanted to hear in person and you got a 5-to-10-minute session with them. It was positioned as a fun, come get to know us and let us hear your cool idea sort of thing, but turned into a full-on pitch session with lots of follow up questions about your story (each person got to pitch to two execs from Studios.)

I pitched an extended version of my short story which won a Watty, which was cool. It was a great exercise to fill out the expanded pitch form (which I think is similar to the Talent Scout form) and put a pitch together. But because my story is a Watty winner, it’s already on their radar and in the mix, so I’m not sure what their endgame was (i.e. if they’ve followed up with other folks to do something with their stories or just wanted to get writers used to pitching.) In any event, it did get me thinking that this sort of thing is a standard part of big Book and Film & TV conferences, so they really ought to look at expanding it for Wattcon.

Welcome @KatJordan! Your alpacas are adorable!

Welcome @TamaraLush! :grinning:


Those colors are so beautiful and I love the shine. It’s too bad Alpacas can’t bond with their humans, they’re so cute and they look friendly :frowning:


Mine are rescues, so there might be others that are friendlier.

They are lovely, as is their fur - I used Koolade for the first two years to dye the fiber for spinning. This year I branched out to acid dyes and got some lovely colors.


It sounds great! I would love to go to Wattcon one day. I was going to take my daughter, but she’s kind of lost interest in Wattpad right now because of school and homework.