LOL35 Chat-thread for women writers aged 35+ (read 1st post before joining)


Hi Kat, great to have you here with all your passion and photos! Welcome to the thread.


Congratulations, Paula, and thanks for the context and background – definitely paints a picture as to what the Watcon is all about. I would love to go to New York just for New York, but going for a convention would make it all that much better.

Do you mind telling me kind of sorta ball park how much the weekend cost you? If you don’t feel comfortable sharing, then please don’t bother. I just kind of want to see what I’d need to start saving for, or if that would even be possible in my budget.

Anyway, sounds like you had a good time, and I’m curious to hear what comes of that pitch session, so please keep us informed. I’m sure everyone else here on lol35 would like to know as well.

Crossing my fingers for you!


Hey all!

So, I got through NaNoWriMo with 26,000 words of my rewrite under my belt! And I’m actually really happy with it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Turns out rewriting is a lot easier than writing. Who’da thunk?

Now I’ve decided to turn December into DeNoWriMo! haha! :joy:

In the last two days, I wrote another 6000, so now I’m at 32,000, which is EXACTLY halfway. Yesterday I stopped at The Turning Point when the Bad Guys Close In. Super excited.

I would love to hear any/all writing successes you’ve had lately. Let’s celebrate our wins more often on this thread! :muscle: :fire: :tada: :dancer:


Don’t mean to clog up the thread with all my posts, but I wanted to share this. It has truly unlocked my writing muse these days, and I hope it will unlock yours!


I’ve got a WIP that has been sitting around for years. I’m gonna finish it in 2019.


Congratulations Shalon :slight_smile: So happy for you =] 26K written words are worth celebrating.


That sounds cool!!! I’m so glad to hear you’re ploughing along like that. Otherwise, I agree with you. Rewriting is easier. The story is there and all you have to do is take it to pieces, muahahahah!
I’ve just done the same with the attic. About 50% of the story is new. Well, not the plot per se, but the way it unfolds. The characters have shifted. Tension and conflict galore. Telling out, showing in. Well, I think so. Now, I’ve started on fixing the language.
But as you say, if one has something to take apart it is SOOOOO much easier.


When I can see it as adding layers to the story, not ripping it to shreds, it’s a lot easier to revise. Can’t always do that - but when I can, it works.


Hey @shalonsims - No, I don’t mind. I got lucky with the hotel and found a pretty good one that was right around the corner and was about $220-$230 a night, which was really lucky because it was Times Square. The thing with New York is they have these crazy, per night taxes and often charge “facility” fees on top of that. All-in-all, that added another $40-60 per night. I think the key is when they announce it, if it’s in NYC, then book a cheap place early and then book often if you have to. Because you can cancel hotels so easily, I booked my first hotel, found some scary reviews on Yelp–after the fact–and then booked a cheaper, nicer place three weeks later. There’s also AirBnB, which I think would have been even cheaper in the end.

Airfare, was sort of the same. Keep an eye out for a bargain on an airline that let’s you use the funds for up to a year (cheaper than buying a ticket that allows refunds.) I think the ticket was under $500, but that was West Coast to East Coast.

Tickets for the event itself were about $110. I can’t remember what food costs.

I don’t travel as much anymore, so I have this terrible habit of not adding up the costs, after-the-fact, for a trip I treat myself to so I haven’t added it all up, but those are the costs I was working with.

Oh, and thank you! I’m not expecting much but it’s fun to think about and it’s a good motivator for me to work on the expanded story. :grinning:


Those type of costs are usually tax deductible as an expense once you commercially publish, so I would try to get into the habit of keeping track of the cost and collect receipts. I could claim back part of my writer’s cruise, and at 40% tax liability, ended up with a nice refund :slight_smile:


Oooh, exciting. Is that the MS that you’re working on with your agent? The work you were lamenting over on Twitter a few weeks ago?

I am really curious to see the changes. I would love to read the next version, if you want a beta-reader.

That’s not too bad – probably $1000 for the weekend, which is a ton of money, but if you prepare for it a year or two in advance, it could be doable.

I go to a writer’s conference just around the corner from me, and it’s also about $1000… I go every year. The conference itself is about $600… It’s worth every single penny. The community is amazing.

I guess it’s a good idea to go to the Wattpad conference while it’s still so cheap. I’m sure the price will be going up every year.


:sunglasses: You’re a wonderful person, you really are. i’m a bit worried, though. Sharon (the editor provided by my publisher) was concerned about tension, conflict and mysteriousness. I’m dealing with witches and an old mystery after all. She wanted me to amp up the spooky parts quite a bit. I’ve done it to a certain degree (I’m not writing a horror novel) and there’s more tension and conflict, which makes the story edgier than it was before. It’s still a cozy but it’s not one of those where you can sit on the quilt and eat cupcakes while the world rolls by. I know I scared you with the cat scene when you last looked at it and there’s now a few bits which are a bit - well, not scary but I think just a tick unsettled. I’ll gladly beta yours in return but I just wanted to warn you. I mean, I find it quite harmless but I can read HP Lovecraft and giggle.


No, I’m down! I don’t mind a bit of horror. It’s just when I’m not expecting it. Come on! You’ve seen my stories… they can be quite graphic.

I think it was just that it was supposed to be cozy. As I recall, I was more concerned about the random appearance of magic that hadn’t been foreshadowed enough, as I felt personally. It just kind of felt like it came out of no where.

Thanks, Lina. I’m so grateful to have you on my team as well. You’ve been there for me through so much strife in my writing and personal life over the years. Jeesh! Can you believe it’s been years?


That’s definitely something to be proud of.

I never get anywhere near that.


Hi all! Newbie here. :slight_smile:

My name is Lindsay and I’m new to Wattpad and this group, but not to writing. Currently–and for the last 10 years or so, haha–I’ve been working on a sci-fi novel. I’ve also dabbled in fantasy, historical fiction, romance, and erotica.

This sci-fi novel is one I keep returning to, though, and I need to finish it and get it out into the world once and for all. I’ve lost track of its many iterations and drafts, but it’s finally getting closer! Anyone else have a WIP like that?

I’m 36 and live in Las Vegas, NV sans boyfriend, pets, kids, and even a single plant. I work full-time in financial services but am also a part-time student studying psychology as part of a big career change.

One of the most important things I’ve learned about being a writer is that writers (and other artists, too) can be really poor judges of their own work. Maybe it’s because we get too close to it or because our idealized concepts of what we want to create differ from what we actually create. It sucks to spend so much time on something only to hate it, but someone else may love it and get something unexpected out of it. Weird, but kinda cool, too.

One of the reasons I want to share my novel on Wattpad is because I really love it and am curious if at least one other person will love it as much as I do. My secret: it actually scares me how much I care about this story and its characters. I worry I can never do it justice.

Can anyone relate?

Looking forward to getting to know all of you!


Me too! And same! 2019 is the year.

How close are you? I’m editing but constantly uncovering things I need to tweak.

Maybe we can cheer each other on. :muscle::+1:


Hi Lindsay,
Great introduction, and welcome to the thread! :hugs:

I can TOTALLY relate to you. OMG!! it’s actually kind of creepy how much I can relate! I started off on Wattpad when I was 36 (just turned 41), and it was also because I really wanted to share a science fiction story that I’d been working on for 10 years!

Is that crazy??? Also no pets, no bf, no kids. But I have four plants! :seedling::evergreen_tree::herb::deciduous_tree:

I can totally relate to how much you care about your story.

I’ll be honest. I’ve been in therapy lately for… well, stuff. Lots of stuff, ranging from stupid shit I did as an adult, to stupid shit adults did to me when I was a kid. But anyways, recently came to the realization (with my therapist’s help) that I’ve used my writing, and particularly THAT story as a coping mechanism. It was a way for me to feel purpose and meaning in my life. It’s a fantasy world where I retreat to when things IRL aren’t going so well. A place where I’m in control.

Anyways, none of that is bad, and in fact has been essential to my mental health over the years. However, I’m ready to ditch that story now. I’m ready to be DONE. For me that means embracing my new motto: Perfection is the Enemy of DONE. :comet::muscle::zap:

Another discovery: I’m a perfectionist. Who’da thunk? Not me, never. But turns out, I am. And so one of my other sneaky, underhanded, subconscious habits is to just keep working on the SAME story FOREVER so that it’s never finished and I never have to face rejection by submitting it. :thinking::unamused:

So… what all these self-discoveries have brought me to is that I have made a firm, resolute, deep-in-my-soul commitment to be finished this book (the one I’ve been working on for 15 years now) by the end of December. This month. I’m DONE. Done as a doornail. Finito.


Talking about writing successes… I’d like to celebrate my latest writing success here… achieving 600K hits on one of my stories, so exciting after 7 years on wattpad, lol. Now if only they translated to Amazon sales… haha… which they never do, at least, not in my case! But still, I’m super happy :rocket::rainbow::tada::champagne:


You had a panic moment when my protagonist thought the cat was dead… :scream_cat: Eh, that’s one of the key principles, never kill a pet.
The story I’m revising is “In my Attic” not Frankenstein’s Guide, which is a bit more subtle in terms of shocky moments. The magic in the attic is so clearly foreshadowed, the darkness creeps in. Yours are graphic, yes, but I work with anticipation and the unforeseen. Those are elements of horror. And yes, we’ve spent the best part of what three years at least? on this platform??? You know, this is so great. That’s why I love Wattpad. I would still be sitting there scribbling away in my room and never getting anywhere without you all!!! :hugs:


Oh yes. Especially if you spent a lot of time with one work you are in your world and it becomes hard to judge objectively. It takes courage to place the story you spent so much lifetime with out in the open. On Wattpad, at least you can be guaranteed you will be “judged” kindly. People are wonderful. When I started out I wrote a NA fantasy adventure. the thing was wild, in some parts it might have been brilliant but in most parts it was not. I got feedback and rewrote and it still isn’t brilliant. Wattpad very kindly gave me a Watty for it because of its originality. With that motivation behind me, I kept on writing and things are slowly getting better. I think. I still need people to tell me where the fabric gets too thin.
Welcome to the ladies!