LOL35 Chat-thread for women writers aged 35+ (read 1st post before joining)


Congratulations on reaching the 600K reads milestone :slight_smile:

@llwritestuff A warm welcome, Lindsay :slight_smile: Nice to meet you.


Congrats!! A million reads will be the next milestone :slight_smile:

And wouldn’t it be nice if those successes translated to sales. If only 1% of my readers bought trapped, I’d have close to 5K sales. One can only dream…lol


Welcome. It’s great to have you join this thread.


This. I can relate to this HARD. I should probably go talk to your person, too. :slight_smile: I have “that” story, the one that’s stuck in my head–the intertwining story line that spans a practically impossible 11 books. It wasn’t too long ago (this summer, maybe?) when I realized that story (which I’ve attempted to write several times on Wattpad) was merely thought therapy for me to deal with the realities of my life. Storytelling can be powerful on so many levels.

Yes! Yes, yes, yes! I hate everything I create and I’ve (falsely) convinced myself that the only reason people force themselves to read my stories is so I will read theirs. It’s an awful and destructive mindset to have. Writing would be so much more enjoyable if I could tear that wall down. BUT–it’s somehow comforting to know I’m not alone in this–so thank you. :slight_smile:

@shalonsims --seriously! We need to have a slumber party. December 22-January 6. When are you freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? :smiley:


I think I’m 5 chapters from writing the end. But I polish as I go, so the rest of the manuscript is in fair shape.

I’d be glad to join forces. I’ve got a bit posted, getting feedback and working on the weak parts.


Congrats! :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


And know all those doubts only too well. Yes, I did find some readers here, a very few, and I’d really love to hear what they think about my work. They keep on reading, so it must be interesting enough for them, I think. But as long as no one leaves a comment, I heep doubting and wondering. Ah well, probably I would keep this up even if they would comment :wink:
Insecurity is practically my middle name…


And I’m sure you had tons of comments from readers assuring you they’d certainly buy the published book…


Naw, I always just got complaints for unpublishing. One reader actually made an Amazon account to leave a one-star review, lol

I did sell quite a lot of copies when I republished the whole thing and got to the cliffhanger chapters. Mind you, the book was discounted to $0.99 at the time, but it was nice to see some interest.


The #pitmad tweet about my death penalty story just got a like from a erotica romance publisher :joy::rofl:


Yes! So true!!!


Yes, I can totally relate. And I do think that Wattpad has helped me out of those times I feel like what I’m writing is crap. Someone will ask for an update or compliment my work and I’ll think, “Well, it really is pretty good.” Of course that confidence never stays and I fall into it again, but it’s helped tremendously. I was never able to finish a story before Wattpad.


That one reader must have been seriously pi$$ed. I guess the self publishing road my well be paved with disappointments.


Let’s say: If I had a Harry Potter time turner and could go back to January 2016, I would decide against self-publishing. It would have saved me a lot of heartache, tears, disappointment, and a truckload of money. Holding my books in my hands was ultimately not worth the effort.

Now I’m too far in to just back out. I’m changing strategy next year and will also query two of my books. Let’s see where that takes me.


Even with an Amazon’s bestseller? Wow, I’d have thought this would push the sales.


There are thousands of books being published every month. Getting the Bestseller Ribbon (or the hot new release one) isn’t that hard since there are so many categories on Amazon where you only need to sell a dozen of books to get it. Yet it is incredible hard to stay on top. You have to constantly advertise, work the social media, and keep producing more content. Without a proper backlist, it’s even harder.

All my books are now in KU and the page reads are which is what keeps me afloat. My return is about what I spend in advertising, though if I can keep my page read level up, I will have around 100K pages this months which will put me into a plus for the first time. But then there is the editor, cover designer, proofreader and the monthly subscriptions.

All in all, it’s a lot of work, but what’s the worse is that I lost my spark. I despise editing, but it seems that this is all I’m doing these days. I haven’t produced any new real content in months. It’s not fun anymore, so my hobby I once enjoyed is now a stressful budget drainer. Hence my changes in strategy. If it works, fine, if not, I will probably call it quits.


This last line made my heart sad… but I get it. Sometimes you just need to step away for awhile to reset yorself and see where passion pulls you.


You’ve invested so much time and money, and if the return is like that I’m not sure what I would do. From what I can see it’s all about getting that magical balance where you produce enough to keep the backlist filled but yes, with the editing, it’s a beast. I love editing but there comes a point when it is just to much and the next double colon where it does not belong can make me VERY cranky. You’ll get there. It’s 5% talent and 95% hard work they say. You have both. You will make it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is really sad to hear. But I can relate. I know firsthand how disillusioning it is - or can be - to make a job out of a hobby.
At the point the boring and administrative tasks eat up all the time it becomes tough to go on.
I hope this works out for you and wish you luck!


It doesn’t last, you can hit a best seller’s list a couple times, and never hit again.

@SallyMason1 are you using Amazon ads?