LOL35 Chat-thread for women writers aged 35+ (read 1st post before joining)


I’m using mostly Facebook. I heard that Amazon ads aren’t working well at the moment, so I’ve been shying away from them since FB is working for me. Tried Bookbub with mixed successes and newsletter lists like Bookdoggy during free download weekend.

Thinking for adding Instagram, but I’m still trying to figure out if it’s worth it.


Facebook hasn’t worked for me in the past, but I’ve got a regional short story that got some interest last time. It’s about life up near Cleveland Ohio and I did get a few sales off the ad.


So sorry to hear that, Sal! How disappointing after all that work - fingers and toes crossed your new strategy will pay off big time!

I bet you’d do well under the Wattpad Next program if it gets rolled out to more authors :slight_smile:


Self-publishing is tough. I totally empathize with what you’re going through.


I’m self-published too. It’s tough and it’s addicting. A few sales and I’m hanging on by a thread, hoping for the next sale.


Indeed. I have a pen name that does better than the “real me.” Honestly, I do great on Radish. And it’s why I jumped on the chance when Wattpad asked me to do the Next beta.


Yes, I’m regretting using my name on this account.


@shalonsims WOW! I’m digging how much you can relate–those are some creepy cool coincidences indeed!

I can relate to your realization about writing as a way to find purpose and meaning. I feel like writing IS one of my purposes in life. And, the story I’m working on hits close to home on that front, too, because it’s about a character dealing with the loss of her life’s purpose. It seeks to answer the question, “what do you do when you can no longer achieve your dreams?”

BTW, therapy helped me a lot, too, when I was going through a divorce.

I love your motto! Perfectionism is tough and I’ve struggled with it but have gotten much better by constantly reminding myself that perfection doesn’t exist. Prioritizing and embracing failure as a learning opportunity helped me, too.

Yessssss, time to finish those stories! Is any of yours posted to Wattpad yet? I want to read it!

Thanks for the warm welcome. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I just moved into a new condo with a balcony so maybe I’ll get some succulents and a pot of rosemary or something that can grow in the desert. :cactus: :smile:


Thank you @lhansenauthor :slight_smile:

It’s good to hear what you have to say about Wattpad being a friendly place to share work. That makes me more excited.

You’re so right that it definitely takes courage to share one’s creative labors with the world…or with anyone. It’s such a vulnerable position to be in! But I think it’s a great way for us make the world a better place (as idealist as that sounds). You never know how your writing might impact someone else. Even if it just entertains them for a few hours, you’ve done some good.

I’m looking forward to reading your stories!


Thank you @Nablai

This seems like an awesome group.


You’re definitely not alone @MarilynAHepburn !

That writerly self doubt is a doozy!


Oh, this is so good to hear! Thank you for telling us that!


That’s so me. And I still check my KDP board at least three to four times a day. And then you see your ranking climb up. That’s amazing, even if often only short lived :slight_smile:


YES! One of my WP readers left me a comment. I’ll quote it here

“I work three jobs. I have three kids. I cannot pay for books. I have no time to go to the library. Wattpad is great, because it is free but so many of the stories are not so good. When I read yours, I can forget about my shitty life for a while. Thank you for writing.”

That made me tear up!!!


I’m still part of Futures, but for reasons I don’t want to get into, I won’t take up any new opportunities with WP. And I strolled through the comments of some of the Next programs authors and they seem to be getting a lot of hate. Not something I’m eager to deal with on top of everything else.

It’s a balancing act. So far, WP has not proved to be an effective sales platform. I come here to chat, help younger authors, and get some feedback when I try to test a new crazy idea. I enjoy making friends. But from a commercial perspective, it has never really worked for me. Even those signing up for the launch team are mostly in it for the free book. I didn’t even get one review from my WP ARC readers the last time around. So my expectations of what I can get out of WP have totally changed.


Wow, what a great comment :slight_smile:


@llwritestuff @shalonsims

My very first completed project was also SciFi – a Dystopian with time travel. It’s something I had in my head for a while and when I wrote it, I was so wired up that I got up every morning at four and wrote for a few hours before going to work and then when I came home, I wrote until late into the night. Lived on caffeine and four hours of sleep a night for six months until it was finished.

The end result was a 180K word monster (the first in a planned trilogy, I might add) which was so poorly executed that I binned it. I did learn tons and have fond memories just the same. If I didn’t hate editing and rewrites so much, I would probably even pick it up again and totally revamp it. Not sure if it will ever see the outside of my computer, but it will always hold that special place in my heart of being my first completed novel.


I noticed that too. I feel so sorry for them, most of it seems negative.


This is a beautiful comment :slight_smile:


It’s 4am right now–and I’m up writing before work!