LOL35 Chat-thread for women writers aged 35+ (read 1st post before joining)


Ah, I joined in June. Doesn’t time fly when you’re writing. Or words to that effect. Yes, magic in Attic is all about denial at least in the first story. However, with your comments about foreshadowing in mind I have now written a wonderful (I think) scene where Daisy is ranting and raving and the tea lights in the pub are going nuts.
Not a word of explanation, it’s pure showing but I think it works very well.


Just thinking a bit after reading the last few days posts, about the question of self-publishing… (or indeed traditional publishing for that matter) I think the first thing to decide is: why? what’s your goal? I’m sure everyone of us would answer that question differently!

In my case, I’m not concerned about the need to make a living from it (though some money is very nice!) but my main goal is just the fun of having my work out there. As a result, I haven’t spent much at all on advertising or editing, just what I can get for free from wattpad friends and free ads, which also means I’m not likely to sell heaps of books. But that’s okay for me.

I know there are probably (many) things I could do to improve my books, lol, but my Regency took over 30 years to write from start to finish and I finally reached the point of ‘what the heck am I waiting for’? I don’t want to waste time and effort going through the trad publishing route (and very likely being asked to make my hero more of an alpha male and my heroine more dependent) so I did my best and threw it out there. Mind you, I really wish I had a second one up my sleeve because that one is far and away my best seller… but my m/m and sci-fi shorts are fun to write, so… it’s all good.


That reminds me of the 1944 movie Gaslight


I had to google that. Heh, no rubies under the attic :lhansonauthor:


That’s a great point @SallyMason1! I didn’t even think of that since I’m not published and most of our taxes go through our business, but I guess I’m at the point where it’s worth it to buckle down and figure this all out since I have a tiny bit of writing income now. Argh! One more life “To Do!”

Yep @shalonsims, I think so too. Even the conference fee was refundable, up to about 7-10 days before the event. That’s always my worry because my job can make it hard for me to plan trips that far in advance. But having attended the first one and enjoyed it so much, I had been planning for this year’s for awhile.

Congratulations!!! That’s awesome! And yes, we must celebrate every milestone. :partying_face:

@SallyMason1 - I’m so sorry your success on Wattpad didn’t translate to the same sort of success in self-publishing. Honestly, I haven’t heard of anyone (other than maybe those pushed by WP) who’ve experienced a really successful crossover. Have you considered sites like Radish? I’m encouraged to hear that @TamaraLush is having success there and know of some other authors who’ve done well there too, although they got started with it rather early.

@elveloy - I’m with you. I’m definitely planning on investigating the Radish-like sites some time during 2019 (although probably not Radish unless I come up with something new), but as far as Amazon self-publishing, until I can figure out how to pump out stories–one right after the other-- in short succession, it’ll be just for fun. My goal will be to make, like, five sales in the span of a year or some crazy-low goal that I probably still won’t manage to meet. :laughing:

Totally random. I’m watching an HBO documentary on Killer Robots and while it’s really about the cost of the automation of our workforce and within our society, it starts off with the true story of a robot at a Volkswagen plant that went nuts and pushed a worker up against a machine, trapping him, and ultimately killing him! All this AI and near-future stuff is so scary when you stop and think about it, and it’s right on our doorstep!!


I tried Tapas for a bit, but (like anything these days! lol) you need to be fairly active on the site for anything to happen and I just don’t have the time to work another site (two profiles on Wattpad and two pen names are quite enough already!!)
One of my friends though, has moved to Tapas and is doing well there - she likes comics too which helps! In addition, she won a significant prize in a competition, which was in excess of all the money she’d made to date from publishing elsewhere, so it’s working for her.

I should probably have another look at Radish, although I like to keep my drafts on wattpad where possible, which is the same problem I have with Amazon KDP :frowning:


Oh, cool @elveloy! Tapas is at the top of my list. So, your friend put her novel on Tapas, not something illustrated? And was it Romance, by chance? I have a feeling if I do go over there, I’ll be an outlier as I am here, but I don’t mind. I figure it’s worth it to see what happens.

Oh yeah, I forgot Radish wants exclusivity. :confused:


She writes LGBT romance and speculative fiction - both novels and comics. She also supports a lot of young people there, both financially and other from what I gather :gremlin_guy::rainbow:

And yeah, the whole exclusivity thing is a real pain!


Sounds excellent! Is her name Daisy now? Or you’re referring to her cousin? I didn’t know her cousin had the powers as well, but makes sense since they’re related.

I think of all the people on this thread, Vera, you are the one who has remained the most cool-headed over the years. Sincerely, I mean that. And I think it goes to show that you walk a great writing path. I love this attitude that you’re sharing with us. And look where it got you! 600K readers for someone who is “just throwing it out there, what the heck?” I love it. Great success story! Thank you for sharing your wisdom.


That robot story sounds brutal! I love robot stories. Robots occupy such a strange place in my psyche, like ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM AND SCARED TO DEATH OF THEM at the SAME time!!! I have tons of robots in my stories. I will try to find that doc.


@AnnWrites Could you let me know if you are still using your PMs on WP or just this thread? A friend of mine is about to publish her debut and she’s from India. She has a couple of questions about the KDP set-up and payment and we are wondering if you would mind helping her out and how she might get in touch with you outside this thread. Thanks in advance for any support <3


Replied via pm


I know where you’re coming from…I have written professionally all my life. I remember telling people that the saying “Do what you love and you’ll never have to work another day” is false, as it’s very hard to enjoy writing when it’s driven by customer expectations and deadline pressure and the highly competitive writing marketplace.
I gained back my love of writing when I started writing novels. I didn’t pitch traditionally because I know if I sell a novel (to a trad publisher) they will again set impossible deadlines to complete the next, and the one after…And trying to live up to the expectations of the publisher and the readers will turn it into another high-pressure job, which I don’t want…That’s why I love self-publishing. And I love that I get to keep a lion’s share of my earnings.


Wow you got a bookbub feature? That in itself is a big deal. Most authors submit for months if not years to get accepted.


You can put backlist on Radish. But to get any traction exclusivity is best.

My plan for 2019: release my series of 5 books (category length romance) 3x a week exclusively on Radish. Then pull it and publish on KU.


Unfortunately, it wasn’t a feature (TBH, I never tried since I’m sure they’ll turn me down, especially since I’m in KU now). Bookbub let’s you advertise at the bottom of their newsletter. Those were the ads I ran.


Those ads don’t seem to work for anybody. But I’ve read good things about amazon ads.
KU does hurt your chances of getting a bookbub feature. But I like the reads I get with zero marketing. I also get some sales with the free promo.


Thanks Shalon! That’s a lovely compliment :slight_smile:


Lovely! No wonder these cruises are so popular.


It’s not that bad, really. Although it does take some work. If you’ve only got one e-book put it in KDP, have a 5 day free run, it will get a bit of traction. Especially if you leave it up for 60 then run it 5 days at the first weekend of the month.

Then have a free day or two the first weekend of the month, every month for the next 90 days and repeat.

You can make a couple hundred giveaways and some actual sales a year with that simple formula. Maybe 5 sales a month the first year, but the more e-books you do this way, the better the sales will be.


In KDP you can have 5 free promo days every 90 day period, right?