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Hey, y’all. I wanted to ask about Paid Wattpad Stories. Give me the dirt. What’s it like and does it actually work? I mean do you earn a decent amount for posting a full book?

I’ve been prompted privately by someone at Wattpad to apply for the star program, and I’m considering it for my revamp of the Dreaming series, which I believe would do pretty well on Wattpad. It’s not because I want to make a million dollars, but because the first draft is already up here on Wattpad, and it’s going to be a tough sell to agents, so why not just have a readership for the final draft, for which I am very proud. I love that book!

What do you think?

Also, has anyone re-posted a final draft of a book that they posted the shitty first draft of on Wattpad?

Thanks for your thoughts/help!


I would say, go for it. None of us PS authors can give you chapter and verse on the earnings, we are contractually not able to. I also believe, it really depends on the genre, the results seem to differ.
However, I very much like the idea of hybrid publishing and when I see what is going on in Trad Pubbing, WP is making a stellar job in marketing our stories. Took a bit to adjust, but then this programme is fairly new.
I agree with you, the Dreaming series is such a monumental epos, agents are likely to act a bit standoffish. Well, you only know that if you try but there are WP authors trying to find a home for very successful stories and agents just won’t bite.
Why not give it a go. Can’t tell you about the re-posting, Sal might be able to give you a better view, but maybe you can promote it as a “revised edition” or something. Keep the reads and just upload the new, better content. You would need to discuss the strategy with somebody in the programme. They’re very helpful.
I would say, give it a go. You’re not contracting yourself forever either. If it doesn’t pan out, you can still take it down.
PS does NOT count as published to the best of my knowledge, though I would check that as well.
Oh, and just for the records I don’t think your draft was shitty at all… :ghost:


Oh Lina, you are a doll, but it was a HUGE mess. The writing was good, but the structure was horrible. The whole thing was a big mess. It’s MUCH better now. A thousand times, in fact. I’m very proud of the final draft.

So in terms of earnings, is it like a cup of coffee once a week, or a new computer? Just… curious. I mean, it seems strange you can’t discuss it with anyone, since it is very much a reason why someone would choose to consider it as an option. Writers in every other form of publishing are allowed to discuss their earnings. Don’t you find that strange?

Oh, and lastly, I would publish it as an entirely new book. It has less than 25% of the original book in it.

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I posted this elsewhere, but would love to have the convo on our thread.

I have been digging around, and I wanted to add this finding:

On July 18, 2019, Techcrunch reported that Wattpad was #11 in the top-grossing book apps in the App Store.

As of today, they are #9.

This means they are either earning more, or their competitors are earning less than they did only 4 months ago. This bodes well for Wattpad Paid Stories…



Hey there! I echo @lhansenauthor in that I can’t talk about specific earnings, but I can give you some general thoughts about how Paid stacks up to other publishing ventures.

I’ve been traditionally published with a small press (first two books). I went with them because the editor had a great reputation. I sold nothing and made nothing, and my only saving grace was that my agent put a clause in to get the rights back if the books didn’t sell a certain threshold in a certain period of time.

I’ve published on Radish. In 2017 and 2018, that was quite lucrative. Now there are more authors and they are focused on their own content generated in house, which makes sense for them and I applaud them for the idea. I think there’s still money to be made there if you write a certain kind of twisty, telenovela-like romance with high heat.

I’ve self-published. This year I made mid-five figures BUT I also spent majority of my earnings on advertising. It’s a total crapshoot, especially in contemporary romance. Kindle Unlimited is rife with scammers and good books don’t rise to the top. I HATED doing ads and spreadsheets and all the marketing. Someone in a less glutted genre may have a different experience, admittedly.

Personally, I’m pulling all of my romances off Amazon and taking them to Wattpad, a mixture of free and paid. I feel the compensation, combined with the fact that I don’t have to spend money, is worth it. Wattpad gives support like a publisher and the contracts aren’t years-long. I feel a lot of joy here, and I adore the folks at HQ.

My plan is to keep my romances here on Wattpad and try for a traditional deal in mystery.

To sum it up: this year I published on Radish, Amazon and Wattpad. Had I not published on Amazon, not advertised my Amazon books, I would be at the same profit level I am now, with just Radish and Wattpad. Does that make sense? Hope this helps. PM me if you want to chat.


This is great news, Shalom :clap: Stars is by invite only, you can apply for Paid Stories. Here’s the thread: Requirements for Paid Stories
Incoming Changes to Featuring
You can ask Nick any questions and he is always ready to reply and help with anything :slight_smile:

Agree with Lina @lhansenauthor and Tamara @TamaraLush statements :slight_smile: I genuinely see no harm in trying. You have nothing to lose, Shalom. You get a chance to gain the coveted Star badge :star:

I’m sure it’ll do excellent on Wattpad :slight_smile:


No, I found it very smooth and polished. Perhaps if it had been a popular genre you would have had a vast readership.


I agree 100%, this needs more transparency. Also, even if you can’t discuss the amount, at least some guideline should be there as to how the earnings are calculated. For instance, KDP will pay a certain amount per page read.


Very interesting conversation above, everyone! Food for thought :slight_smile:


KU was really good for me, once upon a time (2012). Now it’s a cup of coffee, cheap coffee, a month, maybe.

I’ve always had a Reading Season, Jan to April, for my books. This year I’m pulling everything out of KU and going wide for Reading Season.

Also gonna see if Paid wants ‘Collision Course’. It’s an odd story, so I’m not sure they are gonna want it.

I’m pretty sure that I’m better off bringing my books to WattPad than KU.

Everyone is going to have different results, but I find it’s too darned hard to get sales on Amazon any more. Even Facebook ads don’t work as well as last year.


When I republish any of my edited stories, like I do Trapped at the moment, I publish the final polished draft. I find that you should always show off your best work when fishing for opportunities, and if one of WP employees stumbles across my edited stories, I don’t want them to see an inferior draft.

Of course the argument can be made that it could cut into the profits of my published work, however, my experience in the past showed that readers are more inclined to buy the book I’m reposting. Especially once cliffhangers hit, sales spikes. For those readers, it is especially important to find consistency and not have them open the book on chapter 14 and find a totally different content than what’s on WP.

KU worked really well for me in the beginning of this year until Facebook made all those changes and the ads stopped working. Right now, I’m pulling everything to restart the cycle when I put the books back in KU after six months (you get the limited advertising for 30 days again like they do for all new KU books).

I’ve also toyed with the idea to apply with Trapped for Paid Story, which would also mean I would have to fully unpublish it (I’m planning on rebranding the whole series anyways so that might be a good opportunity). Not quite ready yet to take that step but slowly getting there. I really have to see how things play out with the republishing and if sales improve in the coming months.


That’s a good tidbit of information, thank you.

This interests me. I’ve got my first Romantic Suspense novel, the one that hit the Best Seller’s list in 2011/2012 that I could unpublish. It hasn’t had any sales this year, just a handful of give-aways via KU.

It’s a solid Romance story, and it has it’s own bonifides.

Thanks so much for the Info, @SallyMason1!

When I made the Stars program, I started scratching my head, wondering if they’d made a mistake. I’m starting to get it all sorted out in my head, but it’s been a bit of a paradigm shift.

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I’m totally with you on FB ads. I spent a lot, had some sales, but in the end I wondered what it was all for. And given Facebook’s track record of privacy/Russian interference in the US elections/lying about video ad stats, the more I thought about it, the less I wanted to do business with them.


This is really a factor for me as well. I’m not gonna give them money when they are being stupid and greedy.

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Okay, thanks for clarifying, Nab (btw, my name is Shalon, with an ‘N’, not Shalom :wink: Shalon rhymes with Alan). Okay, I was NOT contacted about the Star Program. haha! I guess that was wishful/delusional thinking. It was an email from a while ago that I didn’t even read because I was in such a state at the time; I barely glanced at it. And then I couldn’t find the blasted thing because… [how do you use the inbox anymore when you can’t navigate past the first page? Do you have to just keep deleting messages?]

However, all that aside, I SUBMITTED my book to the Paid Stories program!!! I’m excited about it. Not because I think they will accept it (I have NO idea), but because it’s a big move for me. It feels freeing! It really is me giving a big middle finger to what other people think. It’s also me letting go of my darling, and just having the confidence to move on with other projects.

@TamaraLush I submitted the story before I read your message – thank you very much, by the way, for the thoughtful explanation – but it reinforced my decision. I’ve loved Wattpad since the start, and I think it deserves my stories. I miss being on this platform.

But I don’t regret a thing. I’m happy I’ve had the last few years to work on traditional publishing. I will continue to seek representation for books I’ve written off Wattpad, but keep my Dreaming Series for Wattpad if they’ll have it. I feel like this platform will really let me do what I truly want with the book (break genre rules, write for diverse audiences, etc).


I was making good money with facebook ads, but my target audience was too narrow so they kept stalling my ads. It’s a double edged sword, if it’s too broad it becomes less effective, if it’s too narrow, facebook doesn’t like it.


It is hard to get it just right.

This is good news! You need to call attention to yourself, in a good way.


I had a bunch of author names I wanted to use as keywords. But facebook had only the top mainstream authors in my genre, such as Meg Cabot. Anybody lesser-known, and they didn’t have it in their list. So there is a huge wasted potential. Facebook did recommend a few authors with mass appeal but they were not as genre-specific as I liked.
I think facebook should be more flexible. They are more interested in a bidding war than in helping someone to find a lesser-used niche keyword and make money off it.


I didn’t think you could do that with FaceBook. I just used ‘Reading, Kindle and Books’ in ads. Maybe I should have gone about it more scientifically. I learn a lot on this forum. :slight_smile:

I’ve looked at Amazon Keyword ads and they are crazy expensive.

Just took down my first Romantic Suspense novel, off Amazon, and started to upload it here. We’ll see what happens.

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That is just too broad! Pick authors of your own genre. I always clicked on the names of users who left me reviews on amazon to check what else they were reading. They were reading (reviewing) Babysitters Club, so I used that as a keyword. Also, when you search on amazon for a specific author, a list of authors pops up (people who bought that specific book also bought)…That list is a valuable resource. I made my entire list of keywords from that list.