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Not sure it was ever fun. Well, maybe in the 1950s and 1960s. If you were a man.



That is SO true.


:dog: Bugger, now I need to get my act together. LOL. I do what I always do - get a book on the subject. It’s actually very succinct and fascinating. - How to write a Swoon-worthy sweet romance by Victorine Lieske. It sounds a bit cutesy but she’s great.


I “know” Victorine from Kindle Boards back when she had the first $0.99 Indie Hit Romance. She had a knack for writing Sweet Romance. Nice lady.

I’m done writing Romance/Romantic Suspense now that Collision Course is finished and the ending posted here. I think I’ll put it in for the 2019 Watties and forget I wrote it. It’s a good story, it just came about at a bad time. I’m skipping off to the next project!

4 boxes of paperbacks are coming from Amazon today! It’s Festival Time and I’m gonna do some FtF selling. I’ve got a book-signing in May! I’m so excited!

Romance has always been very trope driven, right now very erotica driven. :nauseated_face: I just can’t write the stuff. I’m too much of a prude. I stopped reading Romance long before Dinosaur Porn, but I can say I saw it coming…er…sorry. :rofl:

I’ve had a few things fall into place this month, (like my favorite beta reader and my favorite editor moved in together), so I should be able to work on some SciFi as well as my I. C. Talbot books.

At least it can be a seasonal grind. I don’t have to be chained to a desk all year. If I get several e-books ready for the Fall Reading Season I do okay for a few months. Summer is slow, but that’s okay.


I hear ya, sistah! (That’s me in my Maine accent). When I was young oh so many moons ago, I loved the “dirty parts” of romance novels. Mostly because I was inexperienced and wanted to learn something. And you know? I think reading romance was GOOD for me. I know people say they create unrealistic expectations. Okay. For me it created…yes, expectations! And I wasn’t gonna settle for some tool who didn’t think at least about me as much as he thought about himself, in bed and out of it. I also had some clue about what to do in said bed thanks to those series books. HOWEVER, I’m way past needing an education…and I’m not interested in branching out into S & M in my reading or real life. More power to those who like it, but I’m just yawwwwwnnnnn. There is more to our lives than what’s between our legs. I’m more interested in what’s between our ears. Okay, old lady rant over.


What I’m actually fascinated by is how all those literary writers in the 30s 40s 50s were writing erotica to pay for typewriter ribbon and paper–Anais Nin, Henry Miller (well he was pretty dirty anyway), Colette, etc. I guess it’s a noble tradition, lol.


Does anybody remember/has heard of the “Angelique” novels? They were written by Anne Golon, a French author, i believe in the sixties. My mother read them and was mortified when I found them at the tender age of 12 …They are historical romance and not really naughty (not by modern standards, but they did have a slow burn)


Sooooo…an advertisement for a retirement living resort popped up while I was reading after this comment I made. Coincidence?


I don’t remember those. I read English Regency Barbara Cartlands.


Just looked them up. Wow! They actually look interesting. Like an epic novel broken up into 13 books! I love the French Acadian connection.


John Jakes did that, too. Historical novel series.


I think so, there were at least 20 of them.

There was another series, written by…Barbara Cortland maybe?


Another old lady rant… Travelling with my tablet, I tried to log out of this account and then login with my other one. After several anxious minutes, I ended up with the App… how do people stand it, lol. All those ads and weird formatting… let me get back to my laptop!!! Plus half the info seems to be missing…:scream:


I saw the movies. LOVED them as a teen, though my favorite will always be the Crimson Pirate.


The WattPad app? Yeah, it’s a big odd after using a laptop. I don’t see why anyone would use it to write on a phone. But hey, use what you’ve got, I guess.


The ads drive me crazy on the app. Hardly ever use it for reading – and I hate the inline feature (so user unfriendly)


Half the info has beeen missing forever on the app. Sometimes it gets really annoying.

How is Italy?


Thanks for the chuckle. Another old lady here.

What’s between the ears you can use all the time.


I’ve read that book by Victorine. I didn’t like the book she used as an example to explain the thinking process behind her writing (it’s one of her own books). Out of all the wonderful romances she wrote, I don’t know why she had to pick something so contrived. I’ve read at least five of her romance books which I loved, which could have served as better examples. I told her my views btw.


Barbara Cartland Regencies. I read all of them in the Bangor Public Library. I wonder if anyone finds them anymore. Probably not:(