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Have a wonderful trip Vera, and enjoy the party! It’s so great to have you on the same schedule for a while… I’m going to miss this!


Sounds like a great end to a great trip. Hope you get a bit of time out during Easter!


Which one did she use? The first one? (I’m wondering because the second one was SO much better than her first.)


I love writing that length of novel. I top out at 70k and my stories start to feel bloated, like they are stuffed with soggy popcorn.


Sounds delicious. Have a safe journey!

Same old…Staring at computer screen pretending to write :stuck_out_tongue:What’s up with you?
Ohh…there’s is a good news…After the latest round of revisions people are reading my full book (the second in the Dork series) and not giving up midway. I know based on the page reads in KU.


I bet the 50k word count is going to become the new normal.


It’s interesting when you look up the definition of ‘novel’ on Wikipedia, it states 40K as the minimum word count. And looking at those early books from last century, e.g. Barbara Cartland as mentionned above and even Agatha Christie , I don’t think they were particularly long. This century however, books seem to have lengthened considerably, especially in the genre’s of sci-fi and fantasy.


I think the teens love long works. Look at After, Twilight, Hunger Games…All over 100K. But people over 40 are veering more and more towards audiobooks and shorter works.


The first one. It’s okay, it serves a point and it shows me my writing is actually not all that bad.


Mh, I have fantasy elements so I need a bit more. Mysteries are 70-90K standard WC, and I always end up at the upper end even after cutting out the fluff, killing off darlings and you name it. It’s a relief to plan sth shorter. I read somewhere the trend is for series of short novels, as people have less time, with the odd longer one in between. Suits me fine.

Interesting bit with the teens driving the longer novels, I believe you’re right - even here on WP, the long ones wn the game. People over 40 have less time and need short “naps” between stuff. It makes sense. @AnnWrites. Great to hear people are reading, that is always the key. I said to myself if my novels flop outside WP, I will probably stop. I don’t expect super sales records, just a steady trickle that shows that - well, the writing resonates with an audience. That’s all an author can ask for these days.
@elveloy Yeah, I saw that as well, though there seem to be different interpretations. Some people consider 50K “a long novella”. I don’t agree, for me anything under 40 K is novella. I’ve got a novelette and I will pump that up to 20 in the revisions and put it out as novella.


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Lina, I say GO FOR IT! Just do it and have fun. Fuck the market.

You know, regarding writing romance, this is a bit of a long story but it’s totally related and beautiful, so bare with me!

I was at a panel on mental health and writing at the last conference, and it was SO good. All of the writers had overcome big challenges in their lives and shared how they had ‘bounced back’ from those events to continue on with writing.

In fact, one author on the panel was actually still in the thick of it and had an emotional breakdown during the panel. :grimacing: It was pretty awkward, but also kind of amazing because the panel became like a live-action intervention, and the other panelists and the audience rallied around him.

Anyway, this man talked about trying to write a romance novel in the midst of his depression because he thought it might help get him over his writing hump to write something completely different and something optimistic. BUT, he couldn’t finish it. He just couldn’t write the HEA. He’d gotten stuck.

So anyway, one panelist, CJ Hunt, who is a romance writer, she said:

"In order to write romance you need to believe in true love. If you don't believe in true love, no one will buy your book because they'll be able to tell it's not coming from your heart. In order to write a HEA you need to believe in HEA. And in order to believe in HEA for someone else, like your fictional character, you need to believe in it for yourself. And so maybe what's blocking you is that you don't truly believe that your life is going to change and you're going to get over this difficult time and find your own HEA.

BAM! :boom: It was so powerful! The whole room was crying. And the guy was like, “Oh my God! You’re totally right! I guess deep down I don’t believe things are going to end happily for me. But I want to. Maybe I can write my way into believing it.”

Anyway, that panel really touched me. And I decided right then and there that I need to write a romance. A HEA romance. I have no idea when/how that’s going to happen, but it needs to happen. Because I really am pessimistic about love. Deep down I don’t believe things are going to end well for me relationship-wise. I don’t buy into true love and HEA – I think it’s a load of manure (or that’s what I tell myself). But truly, I don’t want to be that person who is pessimistic and jaded.

Anyway, that’s my anecdote about why everyone should write at least one HEA romance in their lives! And I think a beautiful truth about writing in general. We write what we know, but we can also write what we want to know. We write what we believe, but we can also write what we want to believe.


Ladies! Happy to report that my math finals are over and I passed the course! Not officially, so I’m reluctant to say it out loud, but I know it’s the truth, and you’re all friends, so there it is! It was the most difficult academic achievement of my life, but it’s done! And I did it, with the help of a tutor and basically taking the last month off work to study full time. I’m done math and I’m officially going to start the teacher program in September! WOOT!!! :tada::boom::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Beautiful. It really is touching and rings true. We are held back by many sub-conscious beliefs that work as mental roadblocks.
It keeps us from working on our dreams and making them come true.

I love this! Well said Shalon. And Congrats on the math win!


Congrats! Well done!


First of all :boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks:
You are absolutely FABULOUS!!! Buy yourself tons of chocolates, coffee, champagne, salmon, whatever floats your boat and go on a super binge for you earned it! This is a fabulous story - HEA with maths!
you have my respect, I could never make it work at school, I never will, so everybody who does has my respect.
Loved to read the other story, that is a fabulous point. And true. I’m a softie at heart. I had to don the prickles, as people tend to walk all over you if you don’t, but I truly believe in HEA. I have evidence that it does exist, it just sometimes takes funny shapes.

And this is so true


Congratulations, honey :slight_smile: You deserve your win :champagne:


I hate to be a wet blanket, but the WP books I’ve read have a the length of a trilogy, stretching out the plot of a novella.

I just skimmed the 44th chapter of a book that I quit reading at chapter 22 and the plot hadn’t moved an inch forward.

Soap Operas move faster.

Wait, that’s it!


It’s all about Soap Operas…Hmmm…need to meditate on that. I’ve got one of those.


Math is such a bear! I’m terrified of anything more complicated than Basic Math. I’m SO happy for you!

Which explains my lack of sales. Aw darn! LOL

My paranormal is all about the MC’s longing for true love and it being used against her. It’s the hero who loves her, and she thinks her true love is an evil ghost. I’m just too cynical to write about soul mates.

I watch an otherwise intelligent woman destroy a her life and a family because some married man with a half-dozen kids and a doting wife was her ‘soul-mate.’ Nothing good came of it. The wife left town, without the kids. The kids hated her. Her husband went into a deep depression that lasted for years and my friend ended up dead.

It was a fantastic Greek tragedy. I don’t dare write a word of it.


Your friend? You mean you knew this woman?


Yes, I did. I was friends with all three of them, though I wasn’t that close to him. I watched the whole thing unfold. It took 10 years to play out but it made me a believer in Karma. It was like something out of a Greek Tragedy.


It really is heart-breaking. Neither of them had any sense…Where do people get these weird beliefs about ‘soulmates’.