LOL35 Writing group for women writers aged 35+


Daaaawh! This is magic. Truly–words can be more powerful than we realize. :slight_smile:


Wow - that’s a doubled-edged compliment, isn’t it?

Well, there will always be a lot of stories for people to read. Writers put so much time into their work, they deserve to get something. Even if it’s only a dime here and there.


Embracing editing - it makes a huge difference. I started editing as I go, so the first half of a book is pretty well polished by the time I get to the end.

But I have to admit that I edit best on paper. I get out a set of highlighters and colored pens and go crazy. One set of colors for characterization, another set for pace issues. Pink for cut, yellow for re-work and orange for ‘wtf was I thinking?’

The paper goes out to the barn for chicken nesting material, but they eat it, too. So it all becomes fertilizer.


Where is that forum?

I’ve also seen where a bunch are getting ready to jump ship. There is a new ap that pays authors and they want the visibility that comes from being first adopters, among other things.


Here’s the Next thread, Kat :slight_smile:

Another thread-


Thanks, I’ve seen the first, but not the second.

I’m still trying to figure out if the coins are BitCoins, which would be handy, or WP coins that don’t buy anything outside of WP.


I think that latter holds true, to be honest. The coins are valid only on Wattpad.


If they’d adopt bitcoins, this would make tremendous sense, and as long as Bitcoins were cheap, it would be a huge win/win because everyone would be using the new currency.


Magic. As usual, you found the right words!!!


Yes, people seem to be annoyed they did not get chosen and now they are lashing out. Not nice at all.


They’re not bitcoins. It’s much like Radish, or Candy Crush, in which you buy in-app “currency” and can only spend it in app.


Congratulations on the 600K, Vera! As I mentioned, you are on your way to the stars!

And thank you for sharing your success with us here on the thread. I do want this to be a place where we inspire each other. Small success and big success. 600K is a BIG success!

Right, sorry! Crap, i forgot. I think that I also got a bit creeped out by the magic “In My Attic” – If I recall correctly. It WAS foreshadowed, but I felt that there should have been some instances of magic right off the bat (but perhaps the protag dismissed them, denial).

I think it’s actually been over 4 years now, btw! I joined at the end of 2014.

I think you’re really brave for giving that story up (for now :wink: ) and moving to projects that are more manageable, but still JUST as meaningful. You are such an inspiration to me, lady! Seriously. I am breaking my back right now to finish the rewrite of my book (while also working on the 5th book in the series…), but come January, I’m DONE with writing for a little while, and I sincerely hope to get into your latest book.


I saw one of your pitches yesterday, Sal, and it looked like you got some interest. Congratulations. Are you going to pursue any of that?

@jinnis and @SallyMason1

Yes, BEWARE – readers on Wattpad get really pissed when you pull down a story. Even if you do it ‘secretly’ – they notice.

I was planning to pull down my whole series once I’d finished the first draft and even announced it. Nobody commented.

However, after I decided that the first draft I’d posted on Wattpad really was a meandering pile of … poorly written first draft content (trying to be nice to myself here), then i figured there was no point in pulling it down.

I announced that I’d be keeping it up, and people came OUT of the woodworks to say “Yay!” and they even started reading my story again! it’s crazy!


This is a hard lesson, and I thank you for sharing so candidly here on the thread. I agree with @MarilynAHepburn – once you take a break, you might find that you’ll regain your spark again when you give yourself the freedom to just write for fun again.


I do have stuff up–it’s the first stream-of-consciousness rough draft of my series. :grimacing:

I recommend you stay very far away! hahah!!! (oh gosh, my therapist would be scolding me right now. I’m not supposed to put myself down).


I found a secret formula to get tons of retweets and added a bunch of followers, but the likes were unfortunately from normal Twitter users who didn’t realize they weren’t supposed to like the tweets. Just one bite from a publisher and that was some small shop from Arizona that specializes in steamy romance and erotica. Don’t think my story fits into their portfolio, lol (and thanks for retweeting)


I just pulled Trapped down again with tons of warning. Readers also had the opportunity to download the book for free for two weeks prior to unpublishing during a special Bookfunnel promotion I used to build my subscriber list before enrolling the book in KU. No hate this time. A couple of whiners but no hate.


That is an interesting strategy! Were your Wattpad readers open to subscribing to your NL and downloading your book? I haven’t had much luck in getting WP readers to join my NL, but that could be genre?


Some of the hardcore fans said they did. All in all, I’m not sure since the link I gave them was the one for the official promo, so it’s impossible to separate them. In hindsight, I should have given them a different link but didn’t think of it.


Hi LIndsay! Welcome to LOL35


I got some subscribers by posting chapter updates to a blog three days before I posted to wattpad. But these people typically don’t buy books. You can build a better quality mailing list by offering a free book on Amazon.