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Yes - you can dole them out one at a time, or all in a row.

For me, it depends on the time of year. January through March is Reading Season, so I want to have a good lead up, if I’ve got something that has some traction.

This year I did something different and created paperbacks of my best-selling short fiction. So far, so good.


Hey everyone – hoping to finish my rewrite today. I have two and half scenes to write, so I think it’s possible. Please send me your good vibes! Working hard!


Wish you luck!


All the best, Shalon :slight_smile:


Sending you smooth rewrite vibes!


Sending tons of vibes. They need to cross the big drink. You can do it!


Sending good vibes <3


I’m actually trying my first Kindle Countdown deal the week after Christmas. All my books (except the reader magnet novella) are now in KU, and I’m discounting them all down to $0.99 at the same time (at 70% royalty).

The free downloads don’t work as well as they used to in the past. The freebie hunters download every book they can get their hands on and most never even open them. I can tell with the Bookfunnel promotions as well – at least 25% of are repeat sign-ups who either don’t open any of the onboarding mails or unsubscribe with the first mail (and they couldn’t have read my books or they wouldn’t download five copies of it). I have them now on a special blocked list where I don’t even bother adding them to my newsletter.


That’s true - I used to get thousands, then 1k downloads now it’s 1 or 2. I can’t get a PermaFree to take hold and I’ve tried for 3 months.

But now that I’ve got more e-books, my sales are rising as opposed to freebies, so that’s not so bad.

Do you have all your titles in the back of the e-books? It’s hard to get sales as it is, so having your catalog in the back is cheap advertising.


It was great! I’ve actually started plotting out a story based on parts of the documentary. Since I write (or have written) largely YA, Romance and Historical Romance, I FINALLY have something my husband might read! He’s already sent me five links to stories and videos about killer robots for research purposes, lol.


Thank you for this! I’m bookmarking your post. I waded a little into the KDP world via the Kboards and it was such valuable information, but it’s gotten SO complicated and so sophisticated that I quickly got overwhelmed. I figure if I keep my expectations low, maybe I can wade in slowly with what I’ve got and then write, with the goal of self-publishing, once I’m more comfortable with it all.


This year, since there isn’t a blockbuster, my sales are starting to rise a bit as people look for something to read and take a chance.

Kboards – it used to be you put an ad there and sit back and collect the cash. But I didn’t find the place until those days were already over.

Just remember that it takes time and January to March is Reading Season. After the holidays - though if there’s a blockbuster like 50 Shades, you can kiss January goodbye. This year should be a good year.


Yep, I put every other title in the back of the book with series sequels featured more dominantly than the rest (some have first chapter reading sample). I also have a separate chapter for my reader magnet novella where people can sign up to my newsletter to get it as a free download. And of course I’ve added the request for reviews.

So far, my backlist consists of two different series though one series is comprised of stand alone books with different heroines, but the main characters from book I are recurring side characters and there is a minor subplot that carries through the books. The read through rate for that series is not as high as for the one where all books are connected (and where you have to read them in order).

Putting them all in KU proved beneficial. I had to pull my big hitter off WP which will reduce any potential Futures revenue to peanuts, however, after the ranking changes, reads have been steadily declining so I wanted to give KU a chance. It turned out to be a good strategy since the book got close to 60K page reads since late November and has turned into my bestselling book on Amazon at regular price. Giving any more books away for free besides my reader magnet is no longer an option for me.

TBH, I think the days where you can attract value readers with freebies are over. The ones who are actually spending money on books frown on them (they often don’t even like books that are permanently $0.99 since they feel those are of lesser quality though they do grab them if they’re on sale) and the freebie and bargain hunters – if they read the book at all – don’t want to spend money on the full priced sequels since there are plenty of books out there they can read for free. The market is over saturated and even thousands of downloads during free download days don’t guarantee any noticeable read through (at least for me). The only way to find traction is through ads. Maybe in the future, someone figures out a new secret formula that will work wonders the way permafrees books did in the past until everyone gets sick of it again.


That’s awesome and encouraging to hear @SallyMason1!

Having gotten my very first Kindle last year, I have to say that I was shocked at the number of free books on Amazon. It felt like the whole permafree model had completely “commoditized” the book market. But I hate to admit it, having a Kindle also made me a bargain hunter…well, that and the fact that I’m a writer, more so the latter. As a writer, especially, I have to. So many books I grab classify more as research than they do as good candidates for a Sunday read, that I have to bargain hunt or else I’d go broke! Now, I do regularly buy Wattpad authors’ books in support, especially new releases, and I stay away from the Big 5 books until they go on sale so I have more to spend on Indies, but I am now one of those folks.

This whole experience has really put me in the head of the bargain-hunter and freebie shopper and it’s rather scary, tbh. I seriously have a hard time paying more than $2.99 for an eBook because I collect so many of them. But the market also offers so much choice in that bracket and below, it’s hard not to.

Now before you throw a shoe at my head, know that I often get the Audio upgrades too when they’re priced right, so for many of these authors, they’ve gotten more from me than they would have if I’d just paid for the book, but I now know how these bargain-hunters think and…brrrr…(Insert terrifying shiver here.)

What has worked for me, as a reader, to get me to pay for an eBook is KU, to a certain extent (10 books is just not enough slots!), or getting a free novella that I really enjoyed and being able to buy the first book in a series for $2.99 or less. I’ve done that on several occasions, although I’m getting less inclined to do so nowadays because the last two times I did it I LOVED the novella–the writer’s voice, the characters, the initial conflict, everything!–and then was so severely underwhelmed by the first book in the series that I stopped there and didn’t buy any more.

I’m not sure what that next magic formula will be, but you gotta have some easy lead-in these days but figure out how to do it without giving away the farm for free.


Yeah, it’s mind boggling. I don’t care about prices but I want value for money. I pay 7.99 or more for an established author I love (having got the first in a series for free and the next two reduced). Paying 1.99 for rubbish is too much. I select very carefully. Don’t like KU at all, I want to own my books (Shades of Gollum…). But I can see it being a good lead in. the only real way of gaining traction is firing stories out there. Not sure how I can convince my publisher to speed up… I’m now thinking of linking the luanch of FG (self-pubbed) to the attic.

I don’t read novellas (I want to have as much as possible to read once I’m “invested” in a world) but again I can see their value. So, I got a Novelette with the backstory. But that needs to be timed carefully as it might take away some of the tension.

So not easy!!!


I’ve downloaded a lot of free kindle books and 90% are garbage. Some made me buy a KU subscription so I could read all other books by the author.


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas for those who celebrate, and Happy Holidays! Drive safe :slight_smile::clinking_glasses::gift::christmas_tree::tada:


I second @elveloy’s message! Happy holidays everyone!! :partying_face:


Ditto! Am travelling again, so might be AWOL for a while. Have a great time :christmas_tree::heart::lhansonauthor:


Happy Holidays to everyone who is celebrating. :christmas_tree::zzz::gift:


Love the zzzz! Have a very merry xmas! We travelled to the Algarve yesterday, salmon and veg in our luggage. Bubbly we bought at the airport and it was very nice.