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Enjoy your vacation and I hope the weather won’t suck this time.


He, well it’s 12 degrees but I did not expect much it is winter. Sun is shining all is well How’s Ireland?


Happy season to all of you too! Wherever in the world your celebrating!


About 10 degrees and the sun is shining. Taking the dogs to the beach after lunch :slight_smile:


I’m thinking the days of ‘magic formulas’ are gone. It’s a slog - I had a hit with the first days of KU but that was years and years ago, and in the UK when I’m in the USA. 0.99 doesn’t work, permafree isn’t easy to get, I’ve waited a year to get a book to go free.

But having a catalog of e-books (29) has done more for me than KU does these days.

I’ve made some sales with ads, but we are on the cusp of Reading Season (January to March) so we’ll see what happens in the next few weeks.

@AnnWrites - I don’t read free Kindle books anymore. So many are really bad, and since offering a book for free doesn’t get many downloads, KU is losing it’s usefulness. The Pages Read part of KU has been taken over by scammers. It seems like a small catalog author can’t get a break on Amazon because of all the scammers.


Went for a swim today… only got to 37C…


Vera!!! That’s not fair! :sunglasses: On the other hand, it is probably too warm already. I read Sydney was way over 40


We are in for a bit of a hot spell, that’s true! The car told me it was 44C outside on my way to the nearby town for supplies yesterday… cooler today though! And we went fishing this morning so that was lovely out on the water with a breeze :slight_smile:)
Here’s a photo of all the tractors lined up on the beach having launched their boats (the houses on top of the cliffs are all newish-builds, and near the sea! so no trees yet)


Yes. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head @KAJordan2. And I am doomed! LOL. I’m trying to learn to write faster but it’s not going well. I’m writing more consistently (so there’s that), but not faster. In any event, a deep catalog is your best momentum-builder it seems. At least, for those who are prolific, it’s something that’s still under your control. :slight_smile:


So, I’m watching this series on Netflix called Tidelands. I was very reluctant to check it out, but it’s really quite good! (You’d like it if you liked True Blood with a little bit of Game of Thrones mixed in.)

Anyway, I was trying to explain my initial hesitance to my husband and it’s because I have this aversion to water-based stories: I’m not into mermaids, or pirates, or any YA story where the teenager is into water sports. It’s weird (especially since my family is from the Caribbean.) I can’t explain it other than I guess I don’t like being wet, kinda like a cat :smiley_cat:, so it’s always in the back of my mind and turns me off.

But it also got me thinking about environs and settings we’re personally drawn to or repelled by when it comes to storytelling. Like, I like stories set in extreme environments, more so extreme cold than extreme heat, but both are fascinating to me. I have mixed feelings about mountainous settings. Settings like the Rockies/Swiss Alps, I’m neutral on, but add some fog and rainy weather and I’m all over it! Appalachian-set stories, not so much. The flat-lands or great plains (farms, ranches, etc.), yes, but only when the land deeply influences and affects the characters and the culture. Not so much when it’s a superficial setting and just used as a default. Rolling hills and vineyards–yes. Jungle-set stories–no, no, no! All I can think of is giant spiders, leeches, and snakes!

What about you guys? What are you drawn to, don’t care for, or are turned off by when it comes to the natural environment as a setting for stories?


I’m fairly neutral on the settings (I do like extreme weather), though I recently developed a liking for international travel of my characters and taking them places where I traveled to. My new short read series will be set in metropolitan cities around the world. Same with mountains/water/jungle. It really depends on what the plot needs – one of my stories is set in the Andes in South America, the other one in a rural area in Maine. Others take us right to New York City.

I do think it’s easier to write about places I’ve been to, though I can get around it with some research or virtual online tours. What I’ve noticed however, is that I’m not as flexible when it comes to jobs and hobbies. Most of my characters either have ties to the law, are medical health care professionals, or have a military or law enforcement/investigative background (unless they are still in school or college, studying these things). I never had just a regular plumber or baker. Same with hobbies. The daring ones are usually health nuts who like stuff like scuba diving and bungee jumping – I never had just your ordinary soccer, rugby, or tennis player (or a surfer, for that matter). As I write this, it is kind of odd. I have to think about just adding an ordinary rugby playing electrician to my next story.


44?? Oh yuck. We had an incredible summer but even then we barely made it to forty. Mind you, in my suntrap of a garden temperatures rose to 55 which is no fun. We’re now thinking of getting aircon installed. Which will guarantee the next summer is going to be cold and rainy. Right now, we’re on the Algarve. About 17 degrees during the day, feels warmer in the sun. As soon as it goes down, things get nippy though. House has got these fan heaters but you turn them off and brrr. Went to a curryhouse, no heating on. Ate hot curry to compensate.


Being consistent IS faster. lol 500 words a day will get your work out there a whole lot faster than 500 words a month!

I write short books, 60k range and short stories. I’ve been DIY publishing since 2010. I try to publish at least 1 per year. I got 4 short ones published last year.


Yes, definitely knowing a city well adds so much more to what you can do with it as a setting. I’m dying to write a story set in Portland, OR, but I haven’t found the right one yet.

And as far as professions, that’s a good thing @SallyMason1, trust me! It drives me nuts to read stories where the characters work in either entertainment or technology and clearly the author has no experience in either. Honestly, I’m not a only “write what you know” kind of person, but it just falls flat for me when that happens and makes the characters seem too unbelievable.

No, you’re right…you’re right. Unfortunately, I’m in a rut right now and hovering at about 250 a day, consistently, but 500 a day seems feasible! Hey! New 2019 writing goal!! :grin:


It’s your summer isn’t it. Our max temp is around 31°C in the daytime but the minimum has dropped to 13°C. Winters are too short here in Pune.


Still a good number of words per day. I’ve got one posted here that I’ve ignored for years. It’s coming along, finally, but I only get a couple hundred words per day out of it. The point is that I have rump-in-chair-time.


How can that be? From what I know, you just hit the report button and paste a URL of another site where you made it free…And amazon used to price-match it.
I did it for another author and her book became perma-free, but that was about a year ago. Isn’t it working anymore? Did you write to Amazon and ask what is going on?


Three of us have reported it free on D2D - it’s frustrating. Maybe I should drop them a complaint. Never thought of complaining. Thanks.


Yes, do that. A lot of issues are being addressed that way.


You are really prolific, with a catalog of 29 books. I’ve heard that every new launch hikes the ranking of all the books.