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Honestly - Some of those e-books are short stories that my mother I. C. Talbot wrote and I edited and published. She left me a collection of over 300 short stories. We were working on them when she passed, and I clean up and publish one or two a year.

I’d LOVE to take credit for being a Big Fish, but it’s only in the last two years I’ve gotten any $ales at all. I got a tiny bit of traction last year and after publishing 3 short stories this year, one has taken of regionally, and has sold 20 paperbacks!

The BEST part is that I’ve got a lot of cheap short stories for them to read, so reads and sales have finally risen to more than $5 a month.

It’s been a slog, I’m hanging in there like a hair in a biscuit and am hoping for a good winter season.


Winter is supposed to be the best time of the year. Short stories are harder to sell than novels, but you can package them to look like a series with some kind of common theme tying them together. I’ve heard of other authors doing that and it’s worked for them.


I usually follow up the price-match request with a mail. Important is that you acknowledge that Amazon is not required to make the book free, but that you would request the price-match at their discretion, and most often, they comply.

One thing I learned in my course it that the starting price matters. If your book was $0.99 for a few months before you request the permafree, it’s easier than when you sell it at full price. Series are also easier (you could add in the mail that it’s a promotional offer for book I in order to push the sell-through for rest of your series).

Ultimately, it’s a business decision. Amazon gets no value out of free books (to the contrary, it costs them money to deliver the content), so they will only do it if they perceive a benefit. For free books, the price matching feature is also not automatic (it says somewhere in their T&Cs) but totally discretionary. But it’s easier to convince a life person to jump onboard than a computer that follows programming rules, so sending an email that explains your strategy is always a good idea.


Reading Season starts in January. I’ve had a really good fall, so I’m happy!

I’ve got the first collection assembled and I’m going to publish it as a paperback. We’re going to try F-t-F sales of the paperbacks this summer. I’ve got 8 paperbacks, some very thin! So we’re better prepared than ever.


I’ve got the page open in another window and I’m looking for the address.


I think it’s this: kdp-support-mailbox[at]





Or you could fill out this form


I checked again…I had written to kdp-customersupport1[at] and the reply came from kdp-support-mailbox[at]

So please send a copy to both email addresses…


Thanks! I’ve done that. Here’s hoping this gets it done.

It would be lovely to have this series take off.

Thank you so much for the information!


The book I want to go free is the first book of my Horsewomen of the Zombie Apocalypse series of books. Most people smile or laugh a the title, which is fine, I get it, but I can’t get any traction.

I’m giving perma-free a shot. Two years ago I put everything into KU and just used those free days to advertise. My other pen name, I. C. Talbot got some traction, but my own stuff fell flat.

So here I am, experimenting to see what will work and what won’t.

Thanks (both of you!) for the information - I can’t hope for much on a Sunday night, but tomorrow - who knows?


I like that title. “Horsewomen” conjures a powerful image in my mind. Maybe people smile because of all the ‘zombie apocalypse’ memes floating around on the Internet…but it’s a real (sub)genre and many people are into it.


@elveloy So you’ll be the first here to ring in the new year! :slight_smile:
@all Happy new year a little bit in advance :smiley:


The title works for me as well. I find it kind of catchy.

I noticed that the first book is very short, so the permafree will probably work well to get readers hooked. Have you considered a box set? That might also work if you price it at something like $3.99 or $4.99.

So far, my Kindle Countdown promotion is working (at least by my standards, lol). I sold 123 books in the last three days at the discounted price (all books are currently discounted down to $0.99 at full royalties) with the promotion running another four days. Both series first sit at the #1 spot in their category in the UK and Trapped even jumped in the #2 spot in the US behind John Green. I’m definitely not going the free Kindle days route again for a while. Ads budget has been steady at $200 the last few months, but I’m thinking of increasing that a bit for Q1 to build on the momentum.

Are you running ads? I might try Kindle Ads in the new year, though I’m not sure if they work.


Happy New Year to all (und guten Rutsch @lhansenauthor . How is the Algarve treating you?)



I’ve got some lovely covers!

I decided when my husband got into the Walking Dead that a woman on horseback with a bow could survive and thrive, and went for it. I’ve got three horses and they are scrappy, they’d fight their way out of a swarm.

However, I didn’t want to get caught up in the movie tropes, so I don’t watch the movies. I just wrote them for kicks.


123 sales in 3 days is phenomenal! Congrats on hitting the #1 spots! That has to feel divine.

Amazon’s $100 minimum is out of my budget. Facebook is $10 a week, which I can do and consistently, too. Maybe I can work my way up.

On Facebook, for another book (Mazie’s Diner) under a different pen name, (I. C. Talbot) I’m actually selling paperbacks! I put several together using short stories to see what would happen and so far I’ve sold 20 copies of Mazie’s Diner since Halloween! It’s amazing!

I’ve closely targeted the Cleveland Ohio area for my I. C. Talbot stories and it’s paid off. There are references to different local businesses in that one, so it has a lot of regional appeal.

I’ve been thinking about Radish, so I applied to put my ZA books on Radish. Maybe I can get some traction there. (The Emissary got a read and votes last night, the first time since I published it here, in 2012! Boy was that a great thing to wake up to!)

I’m trying to ease my way out of KU/Select. I’ve got a lot of short fiction that I sell for $1.25 to $1.50 so I can’t do a Countdown. I got a few sales on B&N for my ZA books, but two sales aren’t gonna feed the horses.

I’ve got to look into Boxed Sets, I’ve got several short stories that might work well, as well as the ZA books. Amazon sells the 3 ZA books as a set for a discount. I haven’t had any ZA sales in months.

January begins Reading Season, so Best Wishes!


@SallyMason1 From your rankings it does look like you’re doing great! Congrats!


Happy New Year, everyone! The photo is from the party at my friends’ house last night. We all congregate in the street to sing Auld Lang Syne :slight_smile:
(It’s morning here and I’m ready for my third cup of coffee… moving a little gingerly this morning!)


You can stop the ads anytime, well before you’ve spent even $50.