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Happy new year!


I haven’t tried the kindle ads, but the amazon ads seem to work and most authors who tried them made money.

PS: I borrowed two books by a Sally Mason on amazon thinking its you, but it’s probably not you :stuck_out_tongue:
They’re romantic comedies, Mr Love & Rent a husband


I saw this on fb and it reminded me of you


Algarve is wonderful. Bit cool at night, but we dressed up warmly when we went to see the fireworks yesterday. Warm and sunny during the days. Haven’t done so many beachwalks in my life.

Took a breather from editing, I did so much work, I bascially re-wrote the darn thing. How do you cope with all the stories you publish??
Anyway, have a great 2019!!



Happy New Year to you! This looks like fun.


That’s the other Sally Mason and the reason why I officially changed my pen name now to Sal Mason. Everything was republished just after the summer (but I hope you still enjoy the Romantic Comedies :slight_smile:


I wanted to read something like Wild Rides :smiley: Those books are ok…But not humorous.


I love it!

Let’s see if I can get a photo up.grumpy

This is Grumpy.


What a lovely way to ring in the New Year!


If that is grumpy I wonder what happy looks like :smiley:



The Cute is Strong with This One.


They are hosting another Open Novella Contest. Is anyone going to join in?


I’d like to - I really enjoyed the one last year and it prompted me to write the longest story I’ve been able to manage for a while. Though, gotta say nothing is jumping out at me right now… despite the large number of prompts. I’ll have to re-read them…


Do you actually WIN anything? Like a t-shirt?


Lol, only fame and glory :slight_smile:


Same here, but maybe that’ll change if I let them sit for a while. At the moment, the time travel one is kind of intriguing, and the one with the get-away driver or the battlefield. However, there was nothing where my fingertips were just itching to get something down on paper. 2K words are not a lot until the end of January, so maybe I’ll still find some inspiration.


It’s just for fun, though I sometimes enjoy stuff like that as an outlet. Reminds me not to take my writing too seriously, lol. After all the editing, I’m also a bit rusty, so this might get me back into the flow.


More like 20 K!


I’m going to Europe for a month on the 19th March so I’d have to finish mine early!
At the moment I’m struggling with writing a blurb for a collection of speculative fiction I hope to publish shortly. (Have I mentioned I hate writing blurbs???.. lol)


Blurbs are tough. I can usually get a tag-line, but my blurbs are terse at best.