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i couldn’t leave the farm for a month. I’d love to go to Europe!


Luckily we only have 2 cats plus a stray to worry about, and our daughter will be able to take care of those :smiley_cat::smiley_cat::smiley_cat:


Nice! Where are you heading?


We’re taking a Viking cruise down the Danube from Budapest to Bucharest, then we have a few days in Zurich before heading to Milan and Turin and catching up with some friends. (All places we haven’t been before!) A friend is having her birthday party in a small town outside Turin, which has set the date (and place!) for the adventure :slight_smile:


Sounds like it’s gonna be a great trip. Too bad you’re not coming up to Ireland or we could have met.


Ah, sounds great. Shame you’re not popping up into Germany. Could have shown you Castle Frankenstein…:scream:


Zürich? Not far from my place… it’s one hour by train to Bern (where I work) and another half hour from there… tell me if you find time for a visit or a guided tour! Bern is well worth a visit and if you find time for a stroll around the capitol and/or dinner I’ll gladly show you around!
(We also have a guest room…)


Thanks so much for the offer, Jinn :slight_smile: We already have accommodation booked for Zurich and we were thinking of maybe a day trip to Luzern but I’ll keep Bern in mind. The river thing is a tour but the rest is just us, though we are locked in with our dates *sigh. Wishing now we had a bit longer!

And @lhansenauthor we have a small tour booked from Bucharest to see “Dracula”'s castle in Transylvania… couldn’t resist!


okay, vampires beat monsters any time. Well, once I’m retired I still want to come to Australia, so we need to meet there. If not Europe, another continent should do!


Looking forward to it! If you enjoy Australian wine, I can take you to some of my favourite places:)


Luzern is certainly nice and one of the tourist magnets for sure. But then Bern is nice too, the historical centre made it to UNESCO world heritage. Talking about wine, it’s a pity you stay in Zürich - I happen to live in one of the Swiss wine regions. And our tiny medieval town has a particular charm…
Well, think about it - the offer stands! I should be around March/April.


Pathetic as it sounds, we chose Zurich because of the flight options from Bucharest - it was the shortest most direct flight to somewhere near Milan, lol. Plus we hope to get the train from Zurich to Milan and see some scenery (Also neither of us have been to Zurich though I visited Bern back in 1984! Had a wonderful meat fondue there as I remember - not a cheese one)

PS hmmm… wine region eh? might need to reconsider Luzern… :grinning:


It’s too cold and rainy in Luzern for wine. You’ll have to come to the west for this. If you’ve already seen Bern, then it should definitely be Murten you visit. I could pick you up in Bern, it’s only twenty minutes by car…
March/April is probably too early to have the boat on the water, depends a bit on when you come.

At this period of the year, it’s best to make the program short term, depending on the weather forecast.

Fondue chinois, or bourguignon - the best is vigneron, though, where the meat is cooked in white vine.
We normally stick with cheese, though, the traditional version.


I just checked our bookings - we’ll be in Zurich from 4/4 - 8/4 so we’ll have three complete days in Zurich … one day each for Zurich, Luzern and Bern? Will definitely consider! :slight_smile: Look like it’s going to be too early for some of the mountain trips - and the weather might still be fairly wintry too! We’ll see :slight_smile:


Early April, we still can get snow, so yes, definitely not ideal for a mountain trip. It’s still skiing season, then, for most of my friends (haven’t used my board for years, though, and my skiing days are definitely over).

But I’m sure we will find something that’s worth a visit in any kind of weather! I’ve noted the days - we’re normally working the 4th and 5th, but the weekend 6th/7th is all yours!


YES!!! That sounds great. :wine_glass:


@lhansenauthor We should try to meet up again this year. We are getting a new computer software at work, so I’m gonna be in Essen a lot for training and I could stay on a weekend and swing by your house and then go home via Frankfurt.

Or you could finally use some of those many vacation days and come to Ireland :grin:


I would LOVE that! keep me posted!!! We’re planning of going to Cornwall, I must meet up with Anu. if the Brexit really bites, we might have to detour. But I want to research the locations for my next instalment in the literatours series - Daphne DuMaurier country!!!


So I had a paper back book formatted for Createspace (originally just for me and Mum) but I’ve since decided the stories are pretty good lol, and there might be some other people out there who’d like to read them. However… Createspace has since been absorbed by Amazon (previously it was a sub-branch) and so I spent all day Monday reformatting my paperback as an ebook for Amazon - which seems to have worked okay apart from a pesky typo on the description (!) which I’ve since corrected, and then trying to replace the text document for the paper back with my new improved and edited version. Seemed to work but now I’m told there is a problem with the text size on the cover spine. As the cover was created via Createspcae I don’t actually have a file of the cover to modify…*sigh. So now I’m reformatting the text with 1.5 space between the lines in the hope it increases the page numbers and the spine-text will now fit. Cross your fingers for me!


That sounds like quite a project! The DETAILS of putting together a paperback. It’s nerve-wracking.

I’ve had to learn how to transfer my paperbacks to KDP. I’m pretty good at taking short stories to paperback, but I have to tackle an anthology and a novel.

I’m a bit worried.