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Hey ladies! looks like you’re having some adventures over the holidays. I just caught up with the thread – been awol, but I think I’m back to normal life now.

I gave myself all of Nov & Dec to put my writing first. And I did. I absolutely did – I shoved everything else off my plate. :open_book::fountain_pen::woman_technologist:

But now that it’s 2019, writing has to go back down to #4 or #5 on my list of priorities… Which means I’m back to writing only on Sundays. :woman_shrugging:

Good news: I finished not only rewriting my book from scratch, but also managed to finish two rounds of edits! Woot! This weekend I’m hoping to do the last edits after my friend gives me her feedback, and then… I’ll be sending off queries in the second half of January!

I’m pretty excited. :muscle::blush::pray::purple_heart:

My goal for 2019 is to kick this story out of the nest to see how it does in the real world. I’m going to submit to about 30 agents, and if it gets picked up, great. If not, then I’m putting it away. Indefinitely. No more piddling about with the same story forever.

In the meantime, I’m outlining a new story about a kid who wakes up on his 16th birthday and can see monsters. I hope to have a first discovery draft of that done by this summer.

Those are my writing plans for 2019! Oh yeah, finish the first discovery draft of Dark Star, which I am STILL posting (at a snail’s pace, to the chagrin of my readers…).

:zap::cyclone::boom:What are your writing plans for 2019???:boom::cyclone::zap:


The books which were already formatted for Createspace and published, all transferred across to KDP without any problems. But The Hen Thief was still in ‘proof’ mode. I think all might have been well if I’d published the version I had on Createspace, but I ran into trouble when I tried to load a new document on KDP with the previous (Createspace) cover. Maybe. I’ve yet to try making a KDP paperback from scratch… something to look forward to!!


Sounds like some exciting plans there, Shalon :slight_smile: 2019 will be a busy year!!


Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:


Ah - covers are WAY over my skill set. I’ve got two books in a series and I’m terrified of trying to format the 3rd one to match the other two.


Ooooh, I’m excited reading about all your plans. You will keep us posted, yes?

I’m like you in that writing is soon to slide down the list of my priorities. In December I met my goal of writing for at least an hour a day, but over the next several months I know that kind of time won’t be realistic. Another semester of school is about to start for me and other goals will take priority.

My writing goal is to spend 3.5 quality hours a week editing the current draft of my novel. That should take me through March. After that, I’ll attempt another draft with the goal of completing it and beginning to post it here on Wattpad by the end of the year. It’s going up no matter what. I second the “no more piddling”!


I had a friend (from Wattpad!) do some of my covers for me for a very reasonable cost, and some I did myself using the Createspace template - which had many more options than those I see on KDP! As long as you have a good photo to use…


I’ve had some wonderful people here on WattPad give me book covers for my Short Listed book.

I’ve got a guy from Vancouver who does my major book covers. He’s pricey but I get good covers. I do the short fiction covers myself.


I admire the way some people can manipulate images. I can do a little bit, but not this level.


Looks cool!
I was going to load one of mine but it came out ginormous so I’ll leave it lol


That’s lovely!

There’s nothing like a good cover to catch the eye.

When it loads up, there’s a couple number like 500x900. You just drop that number down to like 200x400 and it should be okay.


Thank you - I deleted the image (too big!) but glad you spotted it first :slight_smile:


It’s fairly easy to resize in paintbrush. Paste it in paintbrush, hit the resize button and it allows you to tweak the % size. So if you want the resized image to be 30% of the original, you just enter that and viola!


I need to get the War Bride Saga done and dusted. I’m so sick of the characters, I could scream. At the moment, it looks like it’s at least one more book, but if the series takes off, it could be two. Plus spin-offs. I have to see.

I would also like to finish my death penalty story and I’m planning a series of short reads (25K a piece) in the second half of the year with a new release every month (kind of like a TV show). That type of concept is on the rise at the moment.

Otherwise, I want to query my romantic suspense, finish my Werewolf story here on WP and complete the Living With the Choices trilogy. My daily writing goal is 1,500 words (or 6k words a week, 25K a month). If I don’t get distracted, I should get it all in.


Cool cover. Did you use Canva to do it?


Sounds like you got a lot on your hands!!!. Once I’ve sent my copy back to the editor (I got enough betas, so I did not bother you) i might have some time on my hand to beta-read yours if you still want to.
My plan for 2019 is to a) wow my editor (haha), b) prep the sequel(s) for publishing and convince the publisher to take them on as well (rofl) and finally c) write the third instalment of the literatours mysteries (double rofl)


Writing plans? You all are making me envious. I’ll be glad if I finish my current novel in a week or two (the one that won a Watty, I’m obliged to finish it soon…). But then I’ll be glad if I churn out a short story each month, I guess. Somehow, my days always seem too short.


I’ll wait until it is finished, then I can read it all in one go. I still think you could get that one published, it really is very good


I’m nearing the end of my two week Winter Break. I had HUGE plans to get caught up on a ton of reading and slam out a couple chapters for my current WIP.

Uhh–nope. Didn’t happen.

Instead–I found myself…

  1. spending more time with family
  2. finishing the redecorating/remodel of my home
  3. decluttering my wardrobe.and adding new clothing items that compliment my body shape (after much research! hahaha). My “I’ve given up” fashion wasn’t a reflection of my true personalty.
  4. cleaning like I’ve never cleaned before (I think this is the cleanest my home has ever been!)
  5. testing new types of food in hopes of slowly weeding out unhealthy foods in exchange for healthier options.

I think doing the above has helped me immensely. This may sound so simple and random–but the other day I was in my car bobbing my head to the music and blowing bubble gum bubbles. I can’t remember the last time I was so happy just sitting and doing something like blowing bubbles. :slight_smile:

In any case, I’ve gotten to the point in my current WIP where my lead needs to find herself again. I suppose there was something inside me that felt writing had to be put on the back burner over the Winter Break so I could find myself again–clean up my outer environment so my inner environment was less cluttered–be able to look in a mirror and say, “Oh, there you are! I missed you!” Hard to write a character finding herself again if I don’t know what that feels like.

GOSH! Sorry. I’ve taken the scenic route in regards to answering this question, haven’t I? Hahaha
My 2019 goals?

  1. Finish my WIP (I’m over half way finished). This will likely be my last novel for awhile–unless circumstances change.
  2. Write shorter stories 10,000 to 12,000 words to give my creativity an outlet.
  3. Live a richer and more adventurous life in the physical world to give me more things to write about! :wink:


I think your winter break was a total success – I’m jealous. I might have caught up on some reading and writing, but I feel I would have been happier doing the things you did.


Daaaawh… thanks, Sal. I need to hear stuff like that–truly. Because sometimes it feels like I’m doing everything wrong–and when I try harder, it seems I do stuff MORE wrong. :slight_smile:

I joined Wattpad almost exactly 4 years ago (OMG–has it been that long??), and finding a balance between my dreams and the reality in front of me has ALWAYS been a major struggle struggle for me. Always.

On the one hand, writers are told: "If you want to be successful as a writer you need to write X words a day, update often–no, update even more than often–and network, network, network! You need to create a brand for yourself!!! You need to make sure people are only reading your near polished works!!! You need to read more–and then some more!!! You need to support the works of others!!! You need to show your followers you’re a real person–and you have a life outside writing!!! You need to pay attention to trends!!! You need to ___!!! If you want to be successful you have to ____!!! Try harder!!! Do more!!! You’ll never reach that dream unless ___!!!


It’s another full time job! No–scratch that. It’s at least another two full time jobs (writer, marketer, reader, editor, graphic artist, etc.). And if I don’t do all that stuff–I’m not fully honoring and/or committing to my dreams.


But then there’s this thing called real life–the physical world–the reality I can hold, see, hear, smell and taste. The life that’s right here, right now. A life that’s passing before my eyes because my focus is on some moment in the future that may or may not ever arrive.


I’m such a mess sometimes–which, ironically–gives my writing a unique voice. I’m just not equipped to handle 3+ jobs (figuratively speaking). Unfortunately, I’m also not ready to let go of my dreams and/or abandon the life in right front of me.

Why doesn’t life come with an instruction manual??? Hahahaha