LOL35 Writing group for women writers aged 35+


Not sure an instruction manual would help. I presume it would only be more of the do-this and don’t-that stuff and leave us more confused or frustrated.


This is probably extremely accurate!!! :rofl::smiley::rofl::smiley:


You won’t have to wait long, I’m currently finishing the last chapter and then I suppose there will be an epilogue to tie up some loose ends.

I honestly have no idea how the chances for publishing German stuff like this one are. I hear it’s all about “young new voices”, and I certainly won’t qualify for this. Also, I’m not even German, another handicap. There’s no way the few Swiss publishers would pick up something trivial like my ramblings, they aim for literature. Sometimes I wonder if I should try to sell my children’s fiction. There might be a market for it, but then I’d never be able to get an adult novel published after. Perhaps selfpublishing is the way to go. But I honestly lack the time to polish my stories at the moment. I still have that 45-hours-a-week job.


No, I bought that one.

I’m not on that level at all.

I love it though. He’s done all my Horsewomen of the Zombie Apocalypse covers as well.


Your break sounds great and very productive! I bet it will translate into some good progress on your WIP and other goals (I especially like the last one).


I hear what you’re saying loud and clear. There’s always more and more that we “should” be doing but life is the fleeting journey made up of all the moments, even those when we’re not doing those "should"s.

It’s tough to strike a balance! Maybe balance is a myth, anyway.


I think I’ve concluded a “perfect balance” is a myth, that’s why I’m striving for something that remotely resembles balance. Hahahaha


I can relate…I am a compulsive re-writer and big time self-doubter. I can’t make plans, I can’t stick with plans and I always marvel at people who have full-time jobs and kids and they still manage to write…And here I am, at the ripe old age of 45 and I still don’t seem to know anything :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: After nearly two years of struggle I finally managed to finish the second part of ‘Dork in love’.


Preach it, sister! I’m 44 and STILL have no idea what I want to be (or am supposed to be) when I grow up!


You should try your hand at YA chicklit. It’s the right genre for people who just can’t grow out of their teens. (Also, there’s a huge market for it!)


I started 2019 with self-publishing a book of short stories I originally put into a proof paperback for me and Mum.
After some editing, I dithered around for a while then finally got my act together and put it on Amazon this week!. Spent two days trying to reformat… see posts above lol. I had to redo a cover for the ebook and then again for the paperback. Its not as good as the one I had through Createspace… after I order the copies I want for myself, I might actually unpublish the paperback version… still thinking about that one.

As for the rest of the year, I’d really like to do a story for the ONC - I had a lot of fun with the last one.
I’m struggling a bit with balancing the Ambassador work with writing… I tend to do both in the morning when my brain works best… *sigh
And I’m still waiting for inspiration to strike to write another novel, or at least something over 20K words!

Heard a great interview this morning with Markus Zusak - author of “The Book Thief”. He said he really struggled to write the book which followed… it took him 13 years! Which he worked out to be an average of 1.9 words per day (rofl)

However he also said he only really feels alive when he’s writing…
I think we all feel like that… at least, a little bit?


You can publish under an alias. And seriously, German publishers should not have problems with Swiss writers! I mean, US publishers don’t seem to have problems with German writers…
A 45 work hour is bad though. I used to work 45-50 and more all my life but in the last two years I cut down drastically and went to 40. I can’t cope with the hamster wheel anymore!!!
Are you flying back tomorrow? If so, a safe and peaceful journey. My flight back from Seville was the calmest I ever had. Not one turbulence…


Thanks, my flight is Monday evening, will arrive in good ol’Europe Tuesday if all goes well. I’d love to have a bumpless flight. The last one was awful. The seatbelt sign was on more or less for 8 hours straight.

I always get confronted with the notion that Swiss aren’t capable of correct use of the German language… kind of frustrating, really.
Though one publisher of a German magazine who accepted some of my professional stuff told me he liked my writing. So there’s that :wink:


Uaaah… I would have died. I can’t stay in my seat that long for one thing, especially if I’m freaking out. Did they still provide service? Thats usually the sign things are really bad. Had this once when crossing the alps. The pilot suddenly screamed, I mean really screamed “Stewardesses, take seats NOW.” A bit breathless, he added “The thunderstorms from yesterday got stuck over the alps, it will get a bit bumpy.”
That was the understatement of the year. But that was once.
I’ll think of you and magic up some silent skies!
To say a Swiss can’t write proper German would be incredibly chauvinistc. Would not want to be published with such tossers!


Yes, we got dinner, but it was kind of adventurous eating it. Would have preferred a sandwich for once. And the problem was going to the toilet. At one point, I simply ignored the sign and went. I wasn’t the only one.

Most of the time, I ignore these comments and think to myself that the commenters probably aren’t able to communicate in four languages so I better let them have their blast


Super. Well, look at the bright side - you got an experience you can write about. Though, i bet you could have done without…
Re languages - yes. I’ve always admired the Swiss for commanding so many languages from the outset. Two is fairly normal these days, but four? Chapeau.


Fortunately!!! If everybody was grown up and rational all the time, the world would be a total bore. And i admire how you sorted everything out. I’m still sitting in a mess. We all do stuff wrong. The people who don’t have my commiserations. :rofl:


Agreed, that’s what makes us persist…When I finish a book, that feeling makes me realize this is what I was born to do.


Yes, yes–YES! Keep telling me being a total mess is more normal than if my life were put together and balanced. I need this, Lina! I need to know I haven’t failed my dreams and life. Hahahaha. :heart:


I’m in! This contest is my motivation for a novella intended for a summer anthology!