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This is a steamy and very interesting conversation about erotica! This is the kind of book talk I LOVE!!

As some of you know, I don’t write any sex. Not even a kiss in any of my stories, but they are… how you say “slow-burn.” There is a hint that romance might be around the corner. but yet-so-far there hasn’t been any! hah!!!

I can’t imaging having to shove sex into my story to make it sell. I have read some romance, and I just skimmed over the sex bits. I do enjoy some of it, but it makes me squeamish. I’m reading a romance right now as a beta-reader for a friend and it’s AMAZING. i wish I could chop out the sex bits, but otherwise, the characters and the plot is so cool.


Better to discuss like grownups - with the pros and cons addressed. :slight_smile:

Just like the vampire craze, erotica has peaked. (I know, sorry)

I’m willing to write some smarmy stuff, but I don’t get graphic. I’m very pleased that the stuff I write as I. C. Talbot doesn’t have any sex scenes. (Mom would have swatted me like a bug if I did that to her stories.)

However, there are folks out there who make money on it, and there’s no reason they can’t.


If someone wants to write Romance, they have to follow the Rules of Romance. There are a bunch and you have to hit them all. Love scenes are part of that.


While Romance/erotica is the top-selling genre, that doesn’t mean it’s the only genre that sells. Nor can we assume that any author can write it and actually manage to sell what they write. The question to ask yourself is - would you still write that book even if it were the least selling genre in the market? If the answer is no, then don’t write it. Chances are, you have no clue what the average erotica reader is looking for and they can spot a fake from a mile off.

Same goes with romance. The simple formula is: boy meets girl- boy loses girl- boy gets girl. But there is no formula to produce the toe-curling, swoony moments in the book, which you can only write if you’re the sort who has a lot of romantic fantasies and who also enjoys reading romance novels.

You have to find something you love writing, which also sells. The easiest way to find it is to note what genre of books you read most. You’re most likely to enjoy writing that genre and to satisfy the readers, because you know what those readers are looking for.

PS: Paranormal is not the top selling genre, but Twilight broke many records. Also Fantasy is not the top-selling genre but the Harry Potter series broke every sales record.


That is per reader. If you have only one reader (who reads only one page) it’s frustrating. If you have thousands, you’ll make a lot of money.


@AnnWrites @KAJordan2 @ShalonSims @lhansenauthor @Sallymason1 And anyone else I’ve missed… got to say I really pissed off with Amazon KDP at the moment. I spent several days formatting my new book as a paperback, primarily just to be able to buy 10 or so author copies and give /sell to family and friends, only to discover that - unlike Createspace - Amazon won’t ship to Australia! Wtf?? I wish they’d never decided to amalgamate - everything I’ve experienced so far has shown me that KDP paperbacks is a far poorer service. So annoying when they change something which works well, to something that doesn’t. Grr.


WTF indeed. That is mad. It’s a whole continent???


They don’t ship to Australia at all or can you get it through the .com page.


Amazon doesn’t ship to Switzerland either… except books, for a strange and unexplained reason. So I could buy a paperback version of the chocolate anthology, but I can’t get guitar strings or a camera lens.


Not at all, unfortunately. Nor is the paperback even available through as a customer.
I understand a lot of Australian writers have switched their paperbacks to another publisher Ingram Sparks (which prints from Melbourne) but you need to buy IBSNs (Createspace was free) and have an Australian Business Number as a Sole Trader - which cuts out anyone who is a ‘hobby’ writer.
I’m still waiting for the formal reply from KDP but I’ve been advised this is the (crappy) situation.


One at a time, I’m afraid. I’ll get what appears to be one person who reads everything in a week. It’s very seldom I get more. So I’m very unhappy with KU’s payouts. What makes it worse is that my short fiction is about 20 to 30 pages.


Oh freaking OUCH!

Doesn’t Australia have their own KDP pages?


I’m so sorry! I have a lot of writer friends DownUnder who are going to be just as upset.


Ebooks are fine, but when I published my recent paperback, I only had the options of amazon. com, uk, de, fr, es, it and jp. An Aussie friend has told me her book eventually flowed through to but mine hasn’t yet. And in fact, when I look at my other paperbacks on Amazon, they are all in the same boat and some of them have been published for years (on Createspace!)

And even more interesting, I’ve just had a look at my book in Amazon au. Apparently I can buy the one and only paperback copy, from Book Depository UK for $21.59. I only hope that includes postage!


This is so frustrating!! The merger should have made things more easier and streamlined, not worse! :frowning: I suppose you can still sell to customers in other countries, but you do need a proof copy


Read this thread:


If there is anything I can do, let me know. You are more than welcome to use my Irish mailing address (links with Amazon UK) and I could send it on, but I’m not sure if the additional postage and potential customs duty is worth it in the end.

And I heard a lot of positive things about Ingram Sparks though I believe you also have to pay to list with them.


I miss Create Space all ready. I was able to get a couple short stories published in Paperback with KDP, but I don’t know how to recreate a book in a series because I don’t know the settings.

Best wishes on getting things straight.

Speaking of paperbacks - I’ve sold 5 short fiction paperbacks this month. How strange!


That’s great, 5 sales in just 10 days! Hope the rest of Jan is also spectacular


Thanks for the link, Ann. Yes there are a few (expensive) work-arounds but it’s still a really annoying downgrade of service on Amazon’s part :frowning: