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Congratulations! :grinning:
My paperback sales tend to be few and far between… but now I understand why I don’t get any from Australia!!! Who’s going to pay over $21 for a small paperback?


Thanks so much for the offer, Sally! I’m still mulling over my options, but I’ve taken the plunge and ordered just 2 copies from Book Depository in the UK. One for me and one for my local library - everyone else will just have to be happy with the ebooks for the moment.


I’ve read some of Alexa Riley’s stuff and I can see how they can crank out three books in a month. The stories are often super short, a lot of insta-love so no slow burn that takes time and words to build. I read/skim them in an hour and am amazed they sell as well as they do.


Me too. I’ve had a great run for Maize’s Diner and I hope it keeps going.


I’ve heard wonderful things about Ingram Spark. So it might be good to check them out.


Romantica is notoriously short - because there’s not a whole lot of plotting.


On the paperback front, Ive discovered Lulu will allow you to self publish paperbacks for personal use only as an option (for free) which means you don’t have to have a registered Business number or pay for IBSNs. Obviously this won’t help with commercial sales in Australia or elsewhere, but it will allow me to order just a few for family and friends. (They do have other options, eg to make the books available for sale but I haven’t explored that path yet)
The books cost more than author copies used to for Createspace but the postage is far less … I can order some for about $9 ea including postage - far better than Amazon’s channel via UK of $21 ea!


Hm, i could order some copies of your book and you pick them up in April?


Thanks so much Jinn - I think i’VE GOT IT SORTED FR THE moment… uh… trying to write in the evening without turning on th e light…


It’s morning here… but not much light either. No worries, we can still do this short term if you need more copies :smiley:


I hope you’re not snowed in!!! Snow Switzerland still seems to be okay.


Nah, the snow in our garden is almost gone now. But we had about 10 cm yesterday, which is quite a lot for the plain. How about you?


Oh, we must have had 0.2 or something yesterday. Big deal. Now it is raining. Grey. Dark. BAWL. I want to go back to the beach! I’ve got a massive cold as well and struggled through the week with fever but yesterday I threw the towel. First sick day of the year. Great start


Hope you’ll feel better soon :sneezing_face:

Weather so far has been unseasonably warm in Ireland. Yesterday morning, when I took the dogs out for their walk, it felt like Spring. Today has a slight nip, but it’s still warm enough to go outside without a jacket for short periods of time. It’s gray on gray with little light, but overall, I’m not complaining.


Hello, everyone! So excited to be a new member of this group! I’ve been told to introduce myself, so here goes!

Feel free to call me Liz, though I’ll be upfront that if you search for me outside of Wattpad, you won’t find me. Liz Lane is a pen name I’m using on here. I write full-time for a living and am traditionally published with four books on shelves (under my real name, lol) and am also married with three amazing kiddos. I joined Wattpad about a month ago for the main purpose of experimenting with a new genre - something very, VERY different from what I write in real life. The appeal in doing something like that here, under a pen-name, is that for once I was about to share my writing completely free of any expectations. No deadlines. No contract requirements. So, about three weeks ago I took a deep breath and uploaded my very first contemporary romance novel.

I’m not sure what else you’d all like to know about me, but I’m excited to get to know you all so I’ll be swinging by your profiles and following today. Looking forward to building some new writing friendships :slight_smile:


Also, I’ve been trying to scroll back through the conversation to get to know all of you a little. I realized many of us struggle with similar things - balancing life (kids, obligations, etc.) and writing. For years, I worked a 9-5 job outside of the house and only wrote in my spare time, which was tough because with three kids there really isn’t much spare time. It took me years to find an agent. . . YEARS. Then it took me longer to sell my first book , which was to a small publishing house. Honestly, why I look back at all of it, I realize why writing is so solitary. It’s hard, and introspective, and the odds feel perpetually stacked against you. Anyway, my last book came out from Simon and Schuster, so there’s a happy ending to this whole diatribe, lol, but just wanted to toss out that I get it. The struggle is real. Being a writer is not easy.

Again so happy to have found you guys :):smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Welcome to the thread and I’m looking forward to getting to know you and to supporting each other. I just self-published my sixth book yesterday and building my platform, so I’m not spending as much time on WP as I used to, but I’m usually around a few times a week to check on news.


Ahh, hi there! Sixth book - that’s incredible. Nice to meet you!


Hey Liz,
Nice to meet you - I’ve a ton of books on my Wattpad account but nothing really published except two short stories in anthologies on Amazon. (And well, some professional stuff under my real name, but that’s hopefully as far from fiction as it should be.)
Not that I ever seriously tried the traditional way, although @lhansenauthor keeps telling me I should. But I think I’m afraid of all the rejection… guess I’ve sent too many job applications in my life. The rejection letters still hit me hard - sometimes I don’t even open them anymore to spare me the feels :wink:
So Wattpad it is, for the moment. At least till I find the time to start self publishing, I guess.


Awww, I know how you feel. Rejection is hard to handle, and unfortunately it doesn’t end even once you have books on the shelves traditionally. I still get rejections all the time and just have to remember that publishing is subjective. What one editor loves, another might hate and that’s okay. It’s never a reflection of your ability. Just . . . personal taste. And there’s so much of publishing that’s truly LUCK. You can write a brilliant book, but if it doesn’t end up in the right editors hands at the right time (market trends are challenging) - it won’t get picked up. Don’t ever let that fear stop you though. :slight_smile: