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I read the free preview pages and liked her style. But I need to read the whole thing…


Do read it whenever you get the time. I would love to have a discussion on it, although I read the book back in 2016 but I never got a chance to really talk about it before.:smile:


It is an engaging read as far as I remember until she reaches Kolkata perhaps. But I won’t be giving any spoilers and I frankly need to brush up the story myself.


Nila isn’t an ambitious girl, she just wants to escape the rumors of her pre-marital affair by going to Paris. She isn’t looking for freedom or opportunity…just escape. And then she needs to escape her oppressive husband, by finding another man…So maybe it makes sense for her character, idk.


Could be could be, yes. I must brush up and get back to you. I wouldn’t want to quote something wrong in the light of what notions I had of the book almost 3 years ago.
I tend to get carried away and holler way too much haha.:sweat_smile::woman_facepalming:t2:


me too :stuck_out_tongue:


Question. Which is the most problematic book you have read on Wattpad, which funnily enough is also a favourite amongst the masses and has some hefty million reads?


That’s a problematic question. If we name a specific book or author, we could get flagged for ‘abuse’. That said, I often entertain myself by reading the Amazon reviews for After :wink: It’s strangely reassuring to think that other seemingly sane people have tried to read this book and tried to figure out what makes it such a success. (I don’t blame the people who read it because they do like it- at least they have a valid reason for reading it.) But the others…It’s like wondering ‘why did the chicken cross the road’? You have to get into the chicken’s brain to know its motivations and desires and you can’t do that without becoming a chicken yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: I think there’s a masochistic streak in us that makes us want to analyze such books. And too bad we cannot turn that masochistic streak into the next FSOG.


I actually once wrote a detailed outline. The story turned out disastrous since the planning stifled my creativity and required quite a lot of tweaking and rewrites. That’s when I realized I’m just not a planner.

However, what I do plan are some major plot points (like milestones I want to hit along the way) and the ending (otherwise, I lose track of where I’m going). The biggest factor of unpredictability are my characters. There is always at least one whose meant to be a minor side character who pushes himself into the spotlight (and often turns into a reader favorite). I just don’t know how to tame them.


Don’t tame them. Just let them rip. One of my best characters ever was good old Iseret (HerWisdom) who, in her wisdom, just took over the bloody story. I killed her at the end of book 1 but I just had to resurrect her afterwards. Characters like that are just FUN to write


I feel the same way, that too much planning and plotting stifles creativity. I think, if I already know the plot it will be as predictable for the reader as it is for me.


@all What is the book on your bedside table right now?

Mine is ‘Twenties Girl’ by Sophie Kinsella. I’ve read it at least twice :slight_smile:


Same here. But I think having some sort of resolution gives it direction towards the ending (or it never ends lol)


A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. I think it is one of my favourite books; I am reading it for the third time now and it never ceases to tug at my heartstrings.:heart:


My apologies, I didn’t realise that my question may require answers that violate the guidelines for discussion on the forum.:sweat:

Nevertheless, let me make a racket with my applause for your chicken analogy. :joy::clap:t2:

I still cannot wrap my head around how the book has been turned into a movie. It is positively disturbing to say the least. I had read the first two parts when it had initially been published on wattpad over 8 years ago or so and my, my I curse all the hours I wasted doing it. I recall never particularly enjoying it but was often shocked to see the exponential increase in its reads in just a few months and the popular appeal it had. A lot of people I know still are smitten by the entire trilogy.
What can I say. To each his own. Masochism appears to be a raging trend amongst women these days.


That book made me so mad (at the husband character), I had to stop reading it many times…


Yes, all that angst and screaming…idk.


My teenage daughter is into Korean dramas. Basically every one of them has a bad boy who’s super abusive and a girl who first suffers and hates him then ends up changing him and they fall in love. I think they enjoy the extremes, but hopefully it doesn’t carry over to their view of relationships in real life.


I think teens get hooked by the emotional drama and become invested in the story. But hopefully they can spot the red flags in real life.


I liked The kite runner much more.