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You may be onto something! Drama is addictive.


Wow - I’m just finishing one of those. I’ve called it ‘the Monster’ because I over-plotted and to me it looks like a mess.

Best wishes on getting it finished.


Yes, true…the extremes/drama make a good story.


Some of my books are like that…I put a lot of effort into them, they send me through hellish phases of self-doubt and the finished book isn’t great either. During the writing I keep telling myself that everything will fall in place and it will be worth it…But I’m not sure. I think the books that are easier to write are more enjoyable to read as well.


The billionaires in romance books aren’t realistic. They’re just like regular guys…In fact many of them act like teenagers :smiley:
When I was younger I was more materialistic, but now I prefer someone who is kind and sweet. You live only once, it should be with someone who makes you happy.


My Monster is the last of my Romantic Suspense novels. From here on out I’m writing Literary Fiction under my mother’s name.

It sells better.

I’m glad I’m getting my Monster off my to-do list. It’s sitting in time out until I can get some distance from it.


I understand that completely! I had to marry a soldier - now I wish I’d married my childhood sweetheart.


LOL That’s a good idea. Monsters constantly demand to be fed…Better to save your creative energies for a more fulfilling project.


I’m going to get away from writing and start spinning yarn again. It will give me time to plot the sequel to ‘Luck of the Draw’.


If you’ve read Kris, and you still want traditional, you know what to be careful about - and I wish you luck. You might also want to run potential contracts past an attorney. Kris is loaded with information she is generous to share - it’s almost too much for new writers!


I have no idea how to market indie literary/mainstream fiction. I need to learn from you how to sell better!


I’ll get an attorney if I ever get offered a contract. But I’m 100% DIY and not querying publishers. I’m not interested in getting an agent.

Right now the only contract I’d consider would be here at WattPad. There are Talent Scouts floating around - if you win a contest or get short listed for the Wattys you might hear from a couple. They are actively looking for professional level writers, and from the number of reads your work is getting, you might be on their radar.

I’m hoping to get the numbers needed to get into Next. It’s gonna take awhile. But I’m out there plugging.

I’m re-reading KKRs blogs, getting ready to publish another Romantic Suspense that I just finished a month ago.


Good morning ladies!:sun_with_face:


It’s been a very long time, 2012, since I hit any lists.

I got caught up in family stuff after my mother passed in 2012 and this is the first year I’ve been actively trying to market my work. Meanwhile the entire industry changed, and I’ve got to start over.

I’m looking into mailing lists and wishing I had a thousand addresses.


Hey sunshine!

I’m on the other side of the world and getting ready for bed. Gonna be here a bit longer.


Oh how I hate the time zone differences. :persevere:
Really glad to have met you! Shakes hand excitedly:smile:


Same here! Hope you have a great day.


This confused me. I get very few reads - did you mean a generic ‘you’ or me in particular?

I’m not sure anyone trolls Wattpad looking for adult writers - I think they are hoping to get someone young with a lot of followers and readers. It would be nice to connect - sometimes internal validation is scarce - but I’m not sure I’d be good with the kind of rights-grabbing companies are doing now (as Kris says).

So I just want to get my nose back to the grindstone - and finish the trilogy I started in 2000. Maybe now that we’re settled in sunny California, I’ll get the time I need to write.


The industry is constantly changing. What worked yesterday is by no means a guarantee to work again. It’s frustrating and gets harder every month.


WP works of several algorithms and popularity is by no means the only criteria. I know Stars that were approached with little reads and a small following and of all my works WP has shown an interest in, my most popular work was only marginally effected. In the end, any work has a chance as long as they check certain boxes (which are publicized).