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There are a lot of scammers here too, who pretend to be agents


I’m a night owl and my body clock is always set to some other time zone :smiley:
I’m always glad to have some company late in the night.


Haha samee! I think if I move to New York someday, my body clock would finally function the way it was supposed to.:joy:


Quick question.
Can you guys tell me more about how the WP algorithm and ranking works. Also, how do the talent scouts function?


If I lived in New York, I’m sure my clock would be set to India time. I’ll always be a non-conformist.


Use tags to make your story findable.


True though.
Well, at least no one would be able to rob my house at night while I’m snoozing away. Or so I hope. I am always making a racket at night with the radio tuned to the AIR stations. No wonder my neighbours aren’t friendly with me in the morning.:thinking:


What is their problem? I’m sure you never make a fuss about them making a racket in the mornings…This type of time-zone discrimination has to end! Equality for all time zones!


I find that the tags are sometimes really misused. Now I had published a poetry book and I had put the obvious poetry tag to it, but when I’d scroll through the rankings, I’d find anime roleplays and what not climbing up the rankings and the #1 was always some romance novel with an odd 2 million reads; and obviously not a poetry book.:neutral_face:


True, Romance is a highly competitive category, so some authors who can’t make it to the top in romance spam the other categories. It’s annoying! :frowning:


I knoww right! It positively fries my brain every morning when their kids howl and whine about not wanting to drink the milk, not wanting to go to the school and on and on and on.
Like, I can hear everything going on in their house. Good lord please respect your privacy dear neighbours and keep me out of your child’s ruckus.


It really is. I mean there are very few poetry books that reach the 1M million mark. So it is very easy to overtake the rankings under its tags.
And roleplays climb up because they receive a lot of traffic from teens.

Like keep it to your own territory people. :roll_eyes:


If you could get one of your books featured, that helps a lot to shoot up the ranks

Edit: the downside of ‘fame’ is that you get a lot of trolls. One of my books got featured and I got a lot of traffic but mostly haters.


I got it featured under the official WP_Poetry profile four months ago. Is that what you are referring to?


Oh that’s awful. I don’t know what people get from tearing down others. Internet trolls are the worst, functioning behind the walls of invisibility. Cowards.


No, not featured on the profile…there’s some other list, it straight off drives millions of people to your book

Edit: Then all those million people read the first chapter of my book, barely 25% of them read the next chapter, and within the first four chapters I had lost them all :stuck_out_tongue: LOL


Ooh okay.
I am not too big on fame at the moment (though I admit I am tempted by it, I’m no saint :sweat_smile:) because I unfortunately don’t have the time to devote to basking in the glory of it and stuff ( so confident of me to think that I’d definitely become popular :joy: ) , but it’s always good to know more about how the popularity pathways work.


That’s probably because a good reader base devoid of teen fantasies is hard to find on Wattpad.
Not impossible, there are definitely some wonderful mature people around here. But yeah, it is no mean task.


Most of the ladies in our group have gotten their books featured. Wattpad used to have a form that you could fill up to apply to get featured. Then they did away with the form and urged people to use a tag to get their books considered for the list…It’s been years since then, I don’t know how it works now.
If your book has the potential to be popular on wattpad, then getting featured can get you those millions of reads very quickly. If your book doesn’t appeal to the masses on wattpad, it’s a quick way to get a lot of hate and lose all the readers within the first few pages…The latter is what happened to me.


You can read this article for more info-