LOL35 Writing group for women writers aged 35+


Ahh… Okay.

That’s just wonderful how almost all the members of this thread have been featured on the lists.:smile:


Yes, this group is seriously cool.


Oof, that’s a scary prospect. But like I said, the reader base can be largely oriented to certain types of genre and cause hate on the ones that are amazing in their territory but different to what they are used to read.


Thank you very much.:smile:


It was satirical and the little girls couldn’t get it. They would take everything literally and start screaming at me. Mind you, it was a children’s book.


One good thing I did on internet lately is stumble upon this group. Thank Lord. :pray:


I’d love to read it when I get over with my exams and stuff. What is the title?


I took it off wattpad, but it’s on Amazon. “The ImPerfect Kid”. It doesn’t sell much.


So much for all the internet memes, people don’t really get satire.:woman_facepalming:t2:


It’s been soo long since I’ve bought any book.:persevere:
Lemme check it out on Amazon! You just found yourself a new reader.:raised_hands:t3:


I’ll do a free promo and send you a link to your email Id.


I’ll pm you my mail. Hold up.:running_woman:t2:


I love the blurb I read on the website. Enlighten me Danny.:joy::raising_hand_woman:t2:‍♀


Not anymore. The effect is negligible. The last time I had a story featured, I don’t think I gained 1K reads during the feature period – in the good old times, I raked in 100K just in the first couple of weeks. Those times are long gone.


@IvoryInklings You used to get a lot of traffic if you were on top of the hot list when there were only a few categories. Trapped gained most of its reads by being #1 in Mystery/Thriller for close to two years. Then WP came up with all those different and new categories that are driven by tags which has turned the entire ranking system meaningless.

On top of that, the mistagging leads to stories ranking in the wrong categories and there are not enough resources to police that. Hence romance stories rank in poetry or werewolf might rank in romance. It’s a big mess now. Personally, I can’t find anything anymore and have stopped trying. Stalking author friends on here and see what they read is often my best bet.

Finding traction with anything new I post is even harder. I don’t even have 500 reads on my Open Novella submission and that has been posted for weeks – I used to get that many reads on the first day (they used to announce to your followers whenever you posted something new which I believe has stopped as well).

Announcements don’t work neither. Truthfully, I have stopped trying. The stuff I post on here now is just for fun and I don’t care who reads it. It’s a real issue that WP will need to address eventually since most of us who are serious about their work are slowly starting to tiptoe away.

Add the security concerns about the downloader sites that are still around and I don’t post anything I’m intending to publish, so most of my new stuff I would usually post on here for initial feedback never makes it up. It’s sad since WP readers used to give me very valuable feedback and it was a lot of fun to interact with them. They helped me shape my stories. Now, I rely on offsite beta readers since I don’t have the time to network non-stop on WP to make my stories stand out. The changes WP made in the last two years didn’t work for me.


Maybe I’ve confused you with someone else? I get so many notes on my newsfeed that I get names confused.

Still, Pride’s Children has 22.7k - that a LOT of reads.

Nick said the threshold is 8k. So they start looking for books to put into Next at 8k reads, you’re well over that.

I’m trying to get 8k reads on ANY of my works here so I can get a shot at Next. I’d love to have HALF the number of reads you’ve got!

I’m not good at marketing.


Oh, I know! The first time I put a book in Kindle Select I had an International Best Seller in 3 hours! Now I’m thrilled to get a dozen downloads.

It sucks!

I’m working on building a news letter.


I got a note that my book was going to be featured, and nothing happened. It was my first month here and I didn’t know what was going on. I still don’t understand how things work. (sigh) But now I have all of YOU to help figure this out. :smiley:


Thank you so much for this, I agree, a lot has changed in the last 2-3 years. I made my account in 2016 but was fairly inactive until September of last year.
When I returned, the changes with Wattpad had been so radical, I felt completely disoriented.
It really is so tough to find a good read, the tag system is absolutely bonkers and defunct in my opinion. It’s almost like they are trying to promote the trashiest stuff to the top and limit the readers from finding anything but the overused stories.


You spoke my mind.:smile: