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OMG! I’ve got two books on #AdultReads at No. 16 and No. 25.

The rest on the list are erotica, but I’ll take it.

‘Collision Course’ is 111 on Romantic Suspense out of 462. I’ll take that as well. That book needs a new cover. Any suggestions on who to go to? I think it would do better with a Thriller cover than a Romance clinch cover. Not enough sex in it for a clinch cover.


I can help out with a cover if you want! I am working on my graphics skills so maybe I could do it for you. You can use it if you like and I do know a few more graphic designers on here who could help. Shall I pm you their accounts?


I’d be happy to have you tinker with a cover for me!

The book is Collision Course - what kind of information do you need?

It’s Romantic Suspense - more of a thriller than a romance, TBH.


Oh! What are they doing with all that money, if authors are having such a bad experience. They have around 70 people working for them, according to another site. So that’s a lot of money, considering they also display ads and get a cut from sponsored stories and agent commissions.


I might be able to offer some insights into featuring and reads. I posted one of my books — an erotic chick lit romance mashup — bit by bit. It was originally a six part serial, so it was LONG. 150K words or thereabouts.

The heroine is 35, the hero is 40+. There’s talk of work life balance, whether to have children, marriage, infidelity, and, yes, amnesia. LOL.

By posting bit by bit, readership grew. Wattpad featured it, and now it has more than 1.7 million reads. I think that book also helped me get into the Next program with an exclusive book, and they just asked me to put a second book into Next, and I accepted.

I’ll probably take the first book with all the reads down to go into KU (I’m putting most of my back list there), but I want to keep some paid/exclusive content here, and on Radish.

So, it pays to update frequently, and I wouldn’t always worry about writing to the average Wattpad age. They might come around, or you might find other readers :slight_smile:




This is really sad that they have even stopped trying to promote quality books, because that’s what the featured list was all about…


It was announcements like this that brought me back around. There’s money here to publish books and make movies and all kinds of things.

It’s happening very, very slowly, but it’s happening. So build up some Backlist and see if you can get it published somewhere where you still own the copyright.

Don’t give up - finish what you’re working on and start something else. If this book doesn’t hit, then finish it and go onto the next.

Every book is different. Some will hit with a few thousand reads and be done. The next might hit with 10k reads, and move up over time.

BACKLIST is your best friend. BACKLIST is what drives Amazon. There are 5 million books on Amazon, I’ll bet 480 million of those are someone’s Backlist.

I’ve got 5 novels that peaked and are now pretty much history. I’ve got 25 short fiction stories, each hit a peak just a few sales higher. But they are still getting pages read on KU and they are still getting a few sales here and there - it’s all Backlist.

Don’t get too attached to any one book. Finish it, publish it and let it stand as Backlist. Because Backlist is your best friend. /soapbox


I can’t stand the new ranking system! Please bring back the categories! I don’t care if I rank 10 in heartwarming lol. It gave me something to strive for, now it seems meaningless.


I hope some of that money finds its way to the authors. I agree with your advice to keep writing more books, you never know which book will be a commercial success…Better not get attached to any one book (except if you’re making money off it, then you should capitalize on it and turn it into a series).


Tags are self-chosen; I kept finding vampire stories in General Fiction. They don’t like their chances in the categories where their story belongs, so they add the wrong tags deliberately - messing up the whole system for everyone.

But I long ago gave up trying to change other people: the question is what to do myself. And I don’t know the answer to that, since the correct answer is moderators, and that takes staff.


It’s not original advice - someone told me about backlist after my two novels tanked and I couldn’t get any traction. Kept me going for a couple very barren years. :wink:


Pride’s Children has 22.7k

Not nearly as impressive when you realize it was first loaded on Wattpad, a scene a week, in 2014, IIRC. It has over 100 scenes (it’s a mainstream novel with 167K words).

And absolutely no sales - or even requests for the full book (my standing offer to people who start reading here and who often can’t buy on Amazon) until ONE, this week - and he liked it, read the whole thing.

Too Late, my very short story prequel to the novel has over 66k reads; it was featured for a while a year or two ago. Most people who put it on their list don’t realize how short it is - take maybe 5 minutes to read it.


Pardon my ignorance: what is Next?


That’s venture capital; someone thinks they may make a lot of money somehow in the future. But offering free places to post your work to mainly a lot of teens isn’t exactly a money maker; most of those teens do not go on to buy from any companies that might buy ads here. Wrong demographic.

It’s money to pay for staff and servers and software to keep this site running.

I think they’re hoping a few blockbusters will be discovered here, but I just can’t see what their business model is. Facebook runs on ads. Here?


I pay on facebook for the same demographic. I choose to show my ads to teens between the ages of 13-15 in US and UK who like some of the authors on my keyword list (that’s the most important factor- they must like those authors/books). I think these people just don’t know how to target and monetize their audience. I refuse to believe that every teen on here is penniless. (After all facebook is free too…And I’m sure they spend more on their software and servers. Wattpad didn’t even host the images uploaded by authors until recently.)

PS: I think the reason why readers cannot find the books they want, and writers cannot attract the right readers, and wattpad cannot effectively monetize their traffic, are all connected. Targeting is near-impossible on this site. So everybody is frustrated, because they see the potential (lots of traffic) but finding your TA is like looking for a needle in a haystack.


He, you’re right. With some general exposure, the audience can find YOU, but it is a bit hit and miss.


Alicia, You can read this article for more info on the Beta Next-


Thanks @Nablai! I was too sleepy to find it last night.

@ABEhrhardt - so sorry I didn’t get that to you. But as you can see, there are going to be more ways for writers to make a little bit of money off our work. It’s not big bucks, but every penny helps!


Um…Hi. Can I join? (And is there some way to message people in community without going all the way back out to Wattpad proper and searching for them all over again? New user here. Sorry!)