LOL35 Writing group for women writers aged 35+


You’re keeping your mom’s legacy alive. Just be careful with any mail that seems to be from Wattpad HQ and confirm it with them first. Many scammers are active here.


Congrats! Since you’re the co-author, half the credit for its success goes to you!


You’re right. Which is probably related to why readers pile onto the list of followers when something sticks out above the rest.

The teens have money, but most sensible parents don’t give them free rein with a credit card, which is how you usually pay for things. Make that ‘some teens,’ and probably only from a few countries.

I have not one verified sale from being here. Not exactly the best return on time invested.

I just like to hang out with other writers, because I don’t otherwise find ones to talk with.

And some of those were my first supporters, and let me use their comments for blurbs. I like to pay back where I can.


The size is overpowering. It looks like it’s pained over the image. And tbh, not sure about the title. Something like Wallflower Girls might work better.

Based on what I took away from the blurb, I would probably go with something like this (just a guideline – threw this together on Canva in like five minutes). Then again, you will probably always struggle to see a book with only 20 pages.


Thanks. Will do.


Same here, but many of the ladies in our group bought my book and reviewed it. I’m so glad they were there for me. But nobody else on wattpad did.


I love that cover! Looks very chick-litty to me. I too have a girl with glasses on my Dork book


That’s adorable!

But what about having to use the same font for all the books? I’ve been told the best thing to do is choose a font and stick to it?

If the subject of the story wasn’t an ‘old maid’ in the 1970’s, I’d love to use that cute little girl!


@SallyMason1 You nailed it with your cover. I just saw the original cover. NO, that does NOT work. The title “Girls who wear glasses” sets the expectation of some 'ugly duckling transforming into swan" kind of story (which is typical chicklit fare). But the cover is a diva in sunglasses. Sunglasses don’t come to mind when you read that title.


That cover (which Sally did) is more 80’s fashion and hair…don’t know about that typewriter…


I guess it depends on your definition of “old maid” lol.

The key is too evoke some kind of emotion in the reader. It all needs to bland together.


I’m so sorry.

I have to go, I’m going to be late for something.

I appreciate the help SO MUCH!


That only applies to series. Of course, for my War Bride saga, all the books look the same (man/woman/child always with the back to the reader, looking at something in nature, same font, same style, same everything).

For my other series, it’s different. I use the same font, but each book is defined by very different images and color schemes.

When I posted once a question in my marketing FB group, people totally went on a tangent on how bad the Trapped cover is. I had to disagree. If there is one thing that works, it’s my covers. They were tested with the target audience, retested, got tons of likes on Netgalley, so I don’t usually listen when people say I need to change them. That’s what I mean by cover appeal being subjective. You need to test the waters with your audience. I don’t usually read chick lit or romance, so I’m only going by what would appeal to me if I scrolled through a bunch of covers and I would have to pick one.


That what I meant:

Not all women are helpless Zombie-bait.

Bethany McLeod is the Emissary, uniting the scattered survivors of the zombie apocalypse in an alliance to save the human race.When Clan Davidson calls for help, Clan McLeod answers.

Bethany McLeod leads her sisters Alexis, Dani and Julie on a horseback journey to Fort Chatten, Kentucky, to cement the alliance with the Davidsons. The daughters of Clan McLeod armed with bows ride like Huns, sweeping across a world in ruins. Militia, marauders, and madmen abound.

Above all the living dead stalk the land like locusts, eating everything in their path. Can four women and six horses survive the journey to Fort Chatten?


It says 29 years old in the blurb


No worries…I think Sally’s advice is spot on.
Watch out Sally, now we’re all going to bug you for marketing advice.


Well done on doing lots of testing and sticking to your guns. When I posted my own cover on a group (I wasn’t even asking for cover advice) one romance author started telling me that the girl on my cover wasn’t smiling so it wouldn’t work. I knew it was already working so I ignored her. People have all kinds of subjective opinions and if we start tweaking based on their advice, we’ll burn a lot of time and money…


I think the girl on my cover could pass as a young looking 29 year old :slight_smile:


I use the same fonts for all of my books, regardless of series. It creates a cohesive effect — you can see what I mean on my Amazon page.


Yes, with Mom’s shorts, they are all the same Literary genre, so I used the same font in each.