LOL35 Writing group for women writers aged 35+


She’s adorable!


Did Amazon run the paragraphs together again? I’ll go through and check tonight.



So how does this look?


Go for a dorky girl with glasses. That’s what your blurb indicates.


I played with your book cover…IMG_5056


I went for a very 70s vibe for the first one. And then just retro Polaroid for the second.


I like the first one. But the three parts could be distracting…I think the typewriter depicts 70’s/80’s and her duties, so the phone is not necessary.


I just took a Canva template - it had 3 slots, hence 3 70s-esque photos :joy:



What??? (We definitely need some alternative responses to the heart icon! lol)


Once again a fascinating conversation, ladies!


I know, right?? I too start reaching for the heart icon in a show of concern and then I’m like, wait…!


I like it! The dreamy look works


I like the dreamy-look model better, and I did like the 70s feel of the three image one, but I’m also not a fan of the phone. The problem I have with the current model (the one with the toned glasses) is that the model looks too sexy. It definitely doesn’t match the impression I got after reading the blurb.




Titanic ahead!!! :orange_heart:




I decided to make another one just for fun!:yum:



I agree.

The original image of the woman is very 1950s pinup/vixen looking, not 1970s “old maid” secretary.