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I like both of those. Now - why does the box in a box work so well when you do it? Is it the colors?

When I click on it, I see the Polaroid snapshot look and like it even better. The reason I’m so into the 70’s Vixen is that I paid $20 for the photo. LOL - Pure financial.


Not sure.

But I definitely went for that 70s feel in picking colors - avocado, harvest gold, orange…

The eyeglasses also are a very 70s silhouette. The cat-eyed frames you have on the cover now aren’t.


Well the images I used were free ones on Canva - so you won’t lose anything if you switch.


So where can I use it? And what can I do for you in return?


I don’t need anything in return.

As far as I’m aware the free images on Canva are like any free stock photos - you can use them anywhere you like.


But if you want to use the 70s girl in the Polaroid style one, there’s a tiny line that I need to tweak out of the image


You should look into Canva and play with it a bit for your future cover needs.


Is that the name of the website -

I really like all the covers I’ve seen. Y’all are so talented!


It’s an app. That’s the site for info about it.


Canva’s the best. I make a client’mockups of about ten choices for covers in it so we can figure out what s/he likes the most before sending it on to Fiverr to get it finished out properly. I have so many unused ones now!


That’s about the right proportion for success; up until you have success, everything’s under water.


Canva is FABULOUS. When I got into NEXT I needed a new cover. I searched around and found something free and then manipulated it with Canva. With a couple of tweaks that even passed the eagle eyes of WP HQ…And the feedback I’m getting now on the covers is super positive.
Heh, that makes me quite happy, I have to admit


I always worry that they might move the free images to paid, or it might have some fine print tucked away saying you can only distribute so many copies for free…


I like the dreamy polaroid!

Now, here’s a couple questions - don’t I have to use the same font for all my covers if I want to have branding?

And why are the author names so small in all the new covers? Even the ones HQ sent me, the names are so tiny. Why is that?

I went with Century Schoolbook because it’s classic and a serif font.


I’d say yes to the same font if you’re going to publish on amazon. I don’t think it matters as much on Wattpad. I try to stick to the same two fonts on my book covers and graphics, but that’s an indie author romance marketing tactic.


@BridgesTunnels Can you do the polaroid with Century Schoolbook so I can use it on Amazon? Please?


Yes, that looks about right to me too. Lot’s work before you get to success!


Consistency of font would matter more in a novel series. Disparate titles by a single author does not need uniformity of font.

The chosen font should gel with the overall aesthetic of the novel cover. That aesthetic should support the themes/tone/mood of the novel.

I would worry more about attracting readers to pick up a single novel before concerning myself with branding.

If they get that novel in hand and love the story, then they will seek out more by that author.

Your content will be your brand, not a font.

So you have to think like an agent/publisher in one respect - their goal is “get that first novel in the reader’s hand/e-reader”

“Bird by bird” as Anne Lamott says.

As far as the large name thing.

Giant names on covers are more the realm of hugely successful authors that churn out tons of bestsellers. King, Roberts, Patterson, Steel, Grisham…

These are the authors whose books are sold at drugstores and newstands, because they can sell on name alone.

A newer author’s name splashed across a cover as big as the title means nothing to readers.

More and more readers are influenced by visuals - mood boards, Pinterest, Instagram. Capturing the spirit of a novel to appeal to these readers is easier without a huge name across the cover.


What is a mood board?

I have SO many question?


It’s kind of a collage of images that inspire people.

Lots of designers (like clothing designers, interior designers) will use these to communicate the “mood” of a project. They can then use it to show clients. Use them for themselves as a sort of vision board.

A lot of people will use them now when they plan a party, etc.

Pinterest is sort of a mood board app.