LOL35 Writing group for women writers aged 35+


I have a bunch of Women Archer photos. So that makes sense.

On the font size, if you look at Amazon e-book covers, they are so small that it seems like a 36 font for the title and a 10 font for the author is radically disproportionate. Wouldn’t a 36 font and a 24 font make more sense?

Oh and PS - these are short stories and novelettes, nothing with I. C. Talbot on is novel length. She wrote 2k and I expand them; not that it makes much difference in marketing.

I REALLY appreciate the information!! Things are always changing and it’s always good to get fresh insight!


Canva doesn’t have Century Schoolbook as s free font unfortunate.


Ah bugs!

How about Century? Or something in that family?


No Century. There’s a version of Times New a Roman.


Okay, I like the second one. Thanks ever so much!

How do I get it from you?


You can PM me your email address and I can email it to you.


If you’re a woman over 35, then you’re welcome to join the thread. The way you do so is by introducing yourself. That includes, where possible, a name we call you, what you like to write, your age (if you care), your family situation (married, single, kids etc.), what you do for work and where you live (in the world, not necessarily the city).

We are a close group of women, so we prefer to be personal in our communication.


On that note, Ivory, I know you’ve been enjoying the thread the last few days since our diversity in fiction conversation, but there isn’t much diversity on this thread. It’s only for women who are 35 and older, so I hope you can respect that and stop posting here.

I also hope you’ve made some friends along the way and maybe you can meet them around here on the other boards in other locations. I still very much look forward to reading your Call Center chicklit and I hope you let us know here on the thread when that time comes.


Hi! I’m Xi. I’d love to join the conversation.

An introduction… I’m 50, married, two dogs, and three and a half horses. I’m currently living on a small horse property NW of Pittsburgh, but my husband and I really want to return to western Washington state, where we lived for the first 20 years of our marriage. We’re homesick (though less so right this moment while they’re getting schlocked with snow)!

I work as an instructional designer, and I love my job. It pays well, I’m loved by my manager, and my hours are super flexible. I also work from home and have the freedom to live anywhere. My husband also works remotely, but he, sadly, has to work in the US. We lived in central Mexico for a while, but his company made us come back. That’s how we ended up in Pennsylvania.

I am traditionally published in nonfiction, and I’ve had one script optioned and one come a semi-finalist at Nicholl. I’ve never pubbed a novel. I’m working on one – mainstream fiction – but I’ll tell you a secret: I’m tired of it. So I haven’t worked on it in ages. It hangs on my like an albatross. There are a couple other mainstream fiction books and an urban fantasy series waiting in the wings, plus a werewolf novel I tinker with occasionally.

Nice to meet you!


Ladies! Gah, I go away for a few days, and it’s gone CRAZY on the thread. I love it! i miss your ladies. I miss Wattpad in general. I’ve only been on this one thread for the last few months. Barely actually take a look at my real Wattpad account…

Speaking of books (I know I’m late to the discussion) I’ve actually found that my rankings have improved recently. With the new ranking system I actually slipped completely into oblivion and I wasn’t in the mood to figure out how to crawl out of that pit. However, I just checked my book ranking this morning, and I’m ranking decently in Adventure tag, which is a ok tag to rank in. All of this without having even updated my book in two months!!!

So has anyone else noticed a recent change for the better recently in ranking system?


If we can try to double up on our posts, that would be REALLY Helpful. So if you respond to more than one person, you don’t need to create a new post for each person. You can just put their @name in the box and adress it to them. They will get a notification that you have responded to them. @AnnWrites (you know I love you!) – you are particularly the culprit of this, with over 100 message in the last few days!!!

PLEASE everyone, try to double up where possible!

BTW, mostly this is a problem with the function of the threads, which aren’t meant for this type of discussion. but whatever, we just do the best we can.

END PSA :purple_heart::pray::boom::drooling_face:


This is great news, Shalom :slight_smile:


Great to meet you here! Can you explain how half a horse looks like? :racehorse:


LOL! I have a mare who is on permanent retirement board in eastern Washington. I will make sure she is happy, healthy, and well cared for for the rest of the her life, but she doesn’t live with me. (For her comfort – she itches HORRIBLY in anything other than a desert climate.)


Hi, everybody! I go by Linda. I’m 50. I write about emotional and relationship problems and mental illness … but, for entertainment purposes, it comes out dressed as police procedurals, fan fiction, and dystopia. (NOT all in the same book, though!) I’m a veterinarian in Richmond, VA, and I live alone. No family … few friends (most of them writers!) … no significant other. Widowed.

It’s kind of a sad life. I’m keeping myself company writing and trying to make a go of my writing. I’m into astrology.


My husband and I wrote a screenplay together once. I knew we had no way to get it noticed, but it was the one thing we worked on together before he got sick.


Oops! Sorry…I’ll try to respond to everybody within one post. I always forget that others are using this on their phone. On the laptop it makes no difference.

@PDReaderfiction Welcome to group, Linda. I’m also quite fascinated with mental illness and the way the human mind works (or doesn’t work)…Sorry you lost your husband. Hope you make some good friends here.

@XimeraGrey Wow it’s wonderful to have some flexibility in life, to be able to live where you want and to choose your own working hours. That’s interesting about your half-horse :smiley:


Thanks for the feedback @lhansenauthor. I think it’s awesome that you got picked for the program! And I agree that audience fit will be crucial. I just wish we had a better sense of the demographics of the folks spending coins. But I suppose that’s part of what they’re trying to figure out. I know I’m super excited by the prospect of Next, since I’m one of those rare birds who’s not interested in getting traditionally published. And since I don’t have the bandwidth to self-publish, this would be my ideal. I’m disappointed that I don’t have anything to submit at the moment, though.

@KAJordan2 - Oh…that’s a really great sign!

Wait…HQ sent you covers? How does that happen?? I’ve encountered it a few other times and I’ve interacted with HQ before, but no one sends me covers! I hate making covers!! (Well, I’d love it if I had oodles of time, but since I don’t, it’s yet another thing I’m not great at that I have to do.)

P.S. - I love the collaboration on KA’s cover. That’s so great of you all to help out!

Welcome @PDReaderfiction (Linda) - I would love to see a procedural, fanfiction, dystopian story! I don’t know, maybe Law and Order meets the Hunger Games?? But seriously, you’re tackling some really important issues and I commend you.

…and welcome @XimeraGrey (Xi) - Nice to meet you, formerly! I think our paths have crossed in screenwriting threads; although, I don’t think we’ve interacted with each other before. 1) That’d be great to have another Pacific North Westerner in the group. I’m in Portland, OR and @MarilynAHepburn is in Seattle. I think @shalonsims, you’re in Vancouver? Anyway I love the PNW, even with the snow! 2) I’ve been thinking about Instructional Design. I have a Masters in Education, but I’m currently working in healthcare. Not terribly fond of it, tbh. I might ping you with a few questions at some point, if you don’t mind.


Thank you for the welcome! Glad to know there are so many PNW people here.

Feel free to PM me about it. I love the field – so much variety. Having a background in education AND in healthcare is a wonderful way in!


I jumped in without introducing myself. I’m an Irish immigrant living in TX with my husband in an almost empty nest. I like writing nonfiction, fiction, and flash fiction. The nonfiction is mostly Christian self-help/inner healing/supernatural stuff while the fiction is mainly women’s. The flash fiction is mostly vignettes of everyday life, which I post the most.

I’m 51 and in my past lives have been a nurse, homeschool teacher, youth pastor, and secret shopper. Now I’m a freelance editor, author, ghostwriter, self-publicizing coach, workshop presenter, lay counselor, and life coach with three nonfiction workbooks, a ghostwritten memoir, and a book of flash fiction floating around Amazon.

I’ve been working on my fourth novel for years and thought this one was finally the one that was good enough to publish. Apparently not. So back to the drawing board on stronger characterization soon.


Hi, I’m Kat Jordan. I write different genre. I started with Romantic Suspense and Zombie Apocalypse (for kicks). I’m editing and publishing short stories my mother wrote, ‘Luck of the Draw’ is one of hers. She and I were working on them together when she passed. I DIY publish on Amazon and Draft2Digital.

I belong to 3 elderly horses, (the oldest two are 31 and getting frail), 7 alpacas, 3 dogs and a husband.

@paulapdx Honestly, I don’t know. ‘Luck of the Draw’ had a charmed life from the first month. Someone discovered it and loved it…and I hadn’t been here since 2012 and didn’t understand how lightening struck.

I don’t know if it was the algorithm, the story line, the Watties - or Mary from Ireland - it just happened to catch some attention. Now, it’s got a life of it’s own and I’m working on a sequel in case it gets picked for Next.

@XimeraGrey I thought I had you tagged correctly as a Horsewoman. Good to be sure.

@AnnWrites and @BridgesTunnels, and @IvoryInklings and anyone else I missed, Thanks for the cover help. Very educational!!