LOL35 Writing group for women writers aged 35+


@XimeraGrey - Thank you! That’s very encouraging to hear! :slight_smile:

@KAJordan2 - That’s awesome! Hope it stays charmed and brings you even more good fortune then!

@IrishSally - Ooh…I grew up in Texas. The transition must have been…um…interesting. :grin:


@IrishSally I spent a decade in Huston, Texas one year in the 1980’s. (not a typo) I’ve never been so homesick for NE Ohio.

I’ve got a short shelf of all my ‘almost’ novels. It does take quite a few to get one that’s good enough. I have to say, each has a life of it’s own, once you release them to the world. You never know what will happen.

Okay, Ladies, I posted the new cover for ‘Girls Who Wear Glasses’. Thanks SO much!


@elveloy I didn’t see your name as a round I qualifier for the Novella contest. Did I miss you or did they seriously bump you?


Congratulations to all the lovely ladies who made through round one of the ONC :slight_smile:


Got a question - is voting on a chapter, and un-voting a normal thing for some people? I’ve gotten a number of these ‘votes’ that never show up in my stats.

I’m thinking that these ‘drive-by’ voters are looking for return reads.

Anybody else get these?


Hm, I never bothered to check. It happens a lot with followers, though


It was noticeable, a vote in the middle of a book, no additional reads, no other votes, and it didn’t show up on my stats.


Perhaps an accidental vote of a ghost reader?


Wouldn’t the number of reads for that day be higher than the day before? It didn’t register a single reader for that day. Just a vote in the middle of the book.


I’m not sure, I currently get the impression the read and vote count isn’t very accurate. Also the notifications for comments and reads don’t seem to come in regularly. Perhaps that’s only me, but I stopped to worry about it. But sometimes I find comments weeks later, and normally I check and answer every day.


Or a ghost voter?


I’m all for ghosts… :ghost:




The infamous jellyfish voters of Wattpad? Beware, their touch can sting!


Yes, that’s what I think, too.

I get these odd drive-by votes and readers that don’t ever appear on my stats. It all seems pretty random. Which is odd for a site where the number of reads, readers, votes and follower is something that you live or die by.

@ lhansenauthor I don’t mind writing about ghosts, just don’t want to have to live with them.


Better don’t take the « live and die by » part too literally. Not with the current glitches :wink:


Not a huge change, but a much sweatier, lonelier one. :slight_smile:


That’s the big thing - do you hang on in the hopes an agent will want it because the next one is amazing, or do you swing the bat and put it out in its not quite there state.


You don’t need an agent.

You either send it to publishers yourself or you DIY publish it. There’s no reason to get involved with agents.

Go to or and read about Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing. (If you haven’t already.)

Not me. Some of the kids do.


I’m not there, but it’s my own fault - I made an error on the submission form. However, ONC has looked into it and I’m okay to submit for Round 2. I confess I was a bit upset when I thought I’d been eliminated for poor writing!!! But all’s well that ends well :slight_smile: